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Exclusive Preview: Alfredo Norese featuring Kaysee "Gettin' down" (CD-R)

Argentinean producer Alfredo Norese teams up with Kaysee, a young British singer on the rise. "Gettin' down" is a feel-good production on a funky edge that features an amazing vocal performance by Kaysee over a fierce yet smooth backing groove that is enriched with a lovely flute, classy horns, wicked guitar and melodic keys that altogether create an uplifting feeling that will bring sunshine to your heart. Simply beautiful.

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Exclusive Preview: Randy Brusseto "The inner child" (Unified Records CD Promo)

French DJ and producer Randy Brusseto presents "The inner child", a beautiful production featuring sensitive male vocals over a powerful yet soulful backing groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys. Melchyor A takes the track slightly deeper, reworking the track into a steadily grooving affair enriched with sweet percussion and a wonderful flute - the result is absolutely resistless and uplifting.

Jihad Muhammad "Ascension" / "Expansions" / "Latin Vibes" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

Jihad Muhammad, one of the current true heroes of the underground dance music scene, presents a slammin' three song EP. "Ascension" is a gorgeous jazz house track featuring lovely strings and synths alongside a beautiful jazzy piano riff over a deeply rumblin' groove, while "Expansions" is more on an afro-cuban flavored percussive side, with dreamy piano chords leading the way. Lastly there is the latinesque "Latin vibes (Part 1)" which features a splendid organ ride.

Exclusive Preview: Ronnie Ron "Cold Heat EP" (Unified Records CD Promo)

Ronnie Ron delivers serious dance floor grooves with his latest offering, the "Cold Heat EP". The title track "Cold heat" is a simple yet very effective affair built around a deeply stormin' hypnotic groove that is enriched with wicked keys. "Camanche" is a relentless track driven by kickin' beats that are enriched with sweet percussion, with the synths and organ creating an intense vibe. Last but not least is "Deep house", a seriously deep track featuring wicked spoken words and great chords that together create an irresistible feeling (an instrumental version of the track is also included).

Studio Apartment featuring Blaze "The sun rising" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Japanese outfit Studio Apartment return to KingStreet with "Sun rising", a collaboration with Blaze that already got lots of attention when originally released in Japan. DJ Spen gives the song a clubbier feeling on his reworkings that keeps things soulful and smooth from the beginning to the end, while Mr. V takes the song to deeper grounds with an added hip house vocal that adds sort of an urban flavor.

Soulfood presents Waterfall "Beach Music EP 3" (AX Music Records CD Promo)

Unfortunately, the summery season has come to an end, but AX Music extend it for us with the third (and last) EP in their "Beach Music" series courtesy of Soulfood who present Waterfalls. This third EP brings us three more blissful house productions, all spreading a laidback feeling through smooth grooves and wonderful melodies created by sweet percussion, lovely keys and beautiful chords. The perfect vibes to keep the sunshine in your ears and on the dance floor.

Medusa featuring Leslie Carter "Medusa" (Indeependent Records CD Promo)

If you're familiar with the first two releases on Indeependent Records, you know that the label is all about deep - we'd better say 'deeper than deep' - house grooves. With their third release "Medusa" they present a deep atmospheric production by Kemal that features wicked strings and synths alongside a mysterious prayer provided by Leslie Carter over thumpin' beats that altogether create a relentless hypnotic vibe.

Jordan Rivera featuring Shereetha Campbell "Ghetto" (Ospina Digital Records CD Promo)

While we await Jordan Rivera's debut album "Return of the House Killers", he presents his latest production "Ghetto" featuring sexy vocals by Shereetha Campbell. The main version is on a powerful tip perfect for peak time play, with the tougher 'Callejon Mix' giving it a latinesque tribal feeling. Davidson Ospina reworks the track into a relentless deep house affair featuring wicked keys, while Alex Romano comes up with an electro interpretation. Lastly there is the 'T&A South Bronx Remix' that turns the track into a stormin' tribal house affair.

Nicolas Vautier featuirng Blick "Sala" (Jaffa Music Records CD Promo)

"Sala" by Nicolas Vautier features African soul singer Blick Bassy who provides an inspirational vocal performance over the funkily groovin' afro flavored backing orchestration that features lovely guitars alongside bangin' drums and wicked chords. Domenico Navarro reworks the track into a wonderful laidback latin affair, while Ralf GUM delivers a smooth'n'funky interpretation full of warm melodic sounds. Maz Lunden turns out a summery latin flavored take, followed by a beautiful old school club-funk take by Freakfaze. Rounding the package off is a down tempo version by Crisp.

Yass featuring L.T. Brown "I'm free" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

"I'm free" has been getting lots of attention since it premiered on the "WMC 2007 Master Cuts" sampler by Purple Music earlier this year. It is an uplifting production by Yass that features an inspirational vocal by L.T Brown that is accompanied by passionate female vocals and wicked keys over a deeply stormin' groove. Two dubs to choose from with the first one nicely varying the keys, while the second one (the 'Innersoul Badyard Dub') takes things deeper, with the beats somewhat reminiscent of the timeless "Notice me" by Sandee. As a bonus, an unreleased mix of "He reigns" is included that features a beautiful piano led intro.

Gregory Del Piero featuring Kenny Bobien "Dont you ever get" (Raisani Records CD Promo)

"Don't you ever get" is taken from Gregory Del Piero's upcoming album "I love you more" (a project that took him five years to put together). Featuring a passionate vocal by the incomparable Kenny Bobien, this is a beautifully orchestrated production with a true live feeling on a laidback tip. The Kings of Deep provide a soulful organic interpretation, while DJ Tekin and label head Haneef Raisani team up for a deep techified dub. Lastly there is the 'Fuzzy Baloo Dub', a chunky funktified dub with the beats/drums borrowed from the Flash and the Pan classic "Midnight man".

Exclusive Preview: Hot Hands presents Elisete "Voce e minha fantasia" (CD-R)

Swiss DJ and producer Hot Hands presents a slammin' production titled "Voce e minha fantasia" that features a sweet and sexy vocal by Elisete alongside a wicked piano that gives the track a latinesque edge, all nicely arranged over a relentless tribal flavored groove. Domenico Ferruggia relaxes things on his take, giving the track a smooth feeling by using a deep yet fierce groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys and a wicked guitar.

Scott Wozniak featuring Dirty Turk "Your unconscious mind" (DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

Scott Wozniak presents the deep "Your unconscious mind" that is built around a fierce, deeply stormin' groove, with wicked chords and synths alongside a catchy spoken word by Dirty Turk giving the track an intense vibe that is absolutely relentless on the dance floor. The dub version gives the track a groovier and warmer, more organic sounding. Also included is an instrumental version.

Steal Vybe "Adventurious" / "When worlds meet" (Steal Vybe Sub Grooves Records CD Promo)

Steal Vybe accompanied by the World Orchestra presents a wicked two track EP that should not be missed. First off is "Adventurious", a track that creates an irresistible vibe with its magnificent spheric keys over a deeply rumblin' groove. Second is "When worlds meet", a deeply thumpin' track featuring melodic chords and jazzy piano riffs that create a fierce yet smooth feeling perfect for late night play.

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