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2 Brothers Of Soul featuring Daren J Bell "I can't help myself" (MoD Records CD Promo)

Mod Records present a huge package here with the latest release by 2 Brothers of Soul (aka Miguel Serra and Ruben Alvarez) titled "I can't help myself". The original is built around a deep yet smooth tribal flavored groove that is enriched with melodic keys and a soulful vocal by Darren J. Bell. MoD intensify the tribal feeling and use wicked chords to give it a more uplifting feeling, while Bad Paryll delivers a resistless piano driven version. The Stereo Mutants come up with a laidback afro-funk flavored tribal groover, while the 2 Brothers of Soul contribute a more powerful dub in a similar vein featuring great keys. A deep house version featuring a catchy piano is served by Markus Homm, followed by Alex Martin & Toni Rox who give it a more old school touch featuring jazzy keys and classic strings. A toolapella is included as well.


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Various "Tokyo Calling 2" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Here we have a lovely EP featuring four selected tracks from the "Tokyo Calling 2" compilation series which bring together some of the best Toyko & New York City artists and producers. There is the beautiful 'Kileliye Mix' by Jephte Gullaume of Monday Michiru's "The right time", followed by the deep'n'soulful Frankie Feliciano reworking of "Desire" by Double. Japone Bretheren's "Wave" is included as well as "Another day" by Bliss featuring Juju. The album features additional tracks by the likes of Jephte Guillaume, Studio Apartment, Stephanie Cooke, Mink, Chieko Kinbara, Ananda Project, Vision Questa and Urban Soul.

Ananda Project "Free me" / "Space and time" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

The original album version of "Free me" is one of the most obscure tracks from recently released "Fire Flower" long player, being on a frenetic jazz-fusion tip featuring the vocal talents of Heidi Vogel. Scott Richmond & DJ Ebar give the track a laidback loungey vibe on their jazz and soul drenched take, with the dub having a slightly darker feeling to it. Also included is "Space & time", a perfect example of Ananda Project's signature sound.

Santino Cassanova "Bienvenido" (Estranjeros Afrolatin Remix)(CD Promo)

After blessing us with their own productions, Estranjeros (aka David Montoya and Juan Flores) present a wonderful remix of Santino Cassanova's "Bienvenido" that is on a laidback tip, with a smooth afro-tribal beat and irresistible jazzy piano creating a relentless vibe that is intensified by the rest of the beautifully arranged latinesque orchestration.

Exclusive Preview: Mustafa "Vem quente que eu est fervendo" (Unsigned CD-R)

Currently unsigned, but we are sure this will change as soon as a&r people will hear this wonderful release. The original version of the beautiful "Vem quente que eu est fervendo" is a smooth and soulful latin rock flavored track featuring a sexy female vocal. Steven Stone gives the track a smooth yet powerful latin house outfit with a jazzy touch, while One 51 (aka Richard Earnshaw) uses a bumpin' beat as base for his deep and jazzy interpretation. For the lovers of warm melodic sounds, there is a laidback remix by Mankz included in the package that oozes with soul.

United People of Zion featuring Roy Young "Danger in the city" (Remixes)(Camio Records CD Promo)

UPZ aka Untied People of Zion return to Camio with a massive remix package of their wonderful "Danger in the city" song which features a heart felt vocal by Roy Young. Jihad Muhammad provides a beautiful midtempo take on a laidback tip, while Dom Navarro gives it a smooth latin flavored reworking. H&H, Guy Robin and NJ Project all add their unique soulful touch to the track, giving you a great choice of soulful house interpretations for different occasions. Harry Coade contributes a set of marvelous soul takes that lets you choose between a full vocal version, a sax lead version and a bass and synth heavy take. Not to forget to mention Harry Coade's soulful and smooth house version that takes the song to another level.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama featuring Tony Loreto "Night in NYC" (CD-R)

Italy's Mr. Mama follows up the success of his release on Look-At-You with "Night in NYC" featuring Tony Loreto. "Night in NYC" is a deep and laidback production built around a deeply thumpin' beat, with the funky flavors giving it a groovy edge, while the melodic keys and old-school jazzy piano give the track a warm feeling. This one will catch you with the first listen!!

Big Brooklyn Red "All I want" (DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

The DeepHaven Music train is unstoppable as they pull out one beauty after another, week for week... The latest stop is the wonderful "All I want" by Big Brooklyn Red featuring a lovely guitar alongside marvelous keys and a heart felt vocal over a soulful and deep backing groove, the result being a piece of inspirational and uplifting house music on a truly soulful side - that's the way we love it!

Blue Deep "I need you boy" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

The latest release on Gotta Keep Faith is produced by Franco Martinelli, with sweet vocals supplied by Neja C. Lots of mixes to choose from, with the main version being on a soulful tip that gets taken to deeper grounds on the atmospheric 'Deep Space Mix' and 'Balearic Dub', with the later one spreading more warmness. Spiritual Blessings provide a deeply rumblin' reworking, while Grantorino serve a piece of pure underground. But there is more: an organic take by Carl Michael, a deep'n'bluesy interpretation by Christophe Pagliaroli, a slightly electronic jazz-funk spiced reworking by Jack In Da Box, and lastly OGC provide a lovely deep house variation.

Soularis featuring Norman Anderson "Feelin love" (SunSoaked Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of their beautiful cover of the Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack classic "Back together", Soularis present the funkily groovin' "Feelin love" featuring Norman Anderson who provides a heart felt vocal on this uplifting production. The first remix is provided by Richard Earnshaw who gives the track a laidback old-school flavored feeling, while Central Avenue twist the track into a soulfully stompin' peak time favorite. Lastly there is Euan Mitchell with a deep yet smoothly thumpin' interpretation that is spiced with jazzy and funky ingredients.

Souldynamic featuring Brent St. Clair "Slow it down" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Souldynamic (aka Lukyno and Steve) is a young production duo out of Italy who present the beautiful "Slow it down" that features a passionate vocal by Brent St Clair and lovely sax solo on top of a laidback soulful jazz-funk flavored groove. Central Avenue pump up things on their take to turn out a peak time favorite, while their two dub versions are taking the track to deeper grounds. A great addition to the package is the Twisted Rhythm remix, a fierce yet smooth reworking that gives the track a jazz-funk spiced groovy feeling.

Funk Manouver featuring Amaya Amaya "Wait for me" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

"Wait for me" is an uplifting production by Funk Manouver featuring Amaya Amays (better known as Alex Cartana) who provides a soulful and sexy vocal on top of the infectious disco-funk flavored groove. Stereofunk smooth things slightly down on their take while not letting loose on the uplifting feeling, while Roed Svensk delivers a sweet and seductive dub with a jazzy sax leading the way. Next up is Colin Sales who reworks the track into a heavily thumpin' funktified deep house affair. Completing the package is a pumpin' disco styled dub by Carl Hanaghan.

Domu presents Pete Simpson "Look a little further" (Papa Records CD Promo)

"Look a little further" is the follow single to the highly successful "Won't give up", with the album version being a magnificent piece of soul music that is reworked by none other DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz for the clubs. The remix is pure class, featuring that distinctive sound Spen/Muthafunkaz are renowned for - relentless soulful dance music that will rock dance floors any time, any place. Beside the vocal and instrumental versions, there is also an alternate vocal remix with beautiful reprise styled intros and outros.

Miguel Migs "Let me be" (Salted Music Recods CD Promo)

Fred Ross (currently the lad vocalist for the legendary Family Stone band) provides the soulful vocal on this latest single lifted from Miguel Migs' "Those things" album. The 'Petalpusher Vocal' takes the album version to the next level, being a funked-up affair featuring a sexy sax alongside a lovely guitar and wicked synths over a deeply thumpin' beat. For an intensified take of the vocal, check the dub which strips part of the vocals while spreading a more hypnotic vibe. Karol XVII & MB Valence provide two slammin' remixes, with their 'E-Dub' giving the track a resistless techy edge with wicked keys leading the way, while their 'Remigs' is a massive funky banger perfect for the bigger rooms.

Beaten Soul featuring Robina "When the sun comes up " (SoulFunk Digital Records CD Promo)

Colum Hustler aka Beaten Soul teams up with singer Robina for the absolutely fierce "When the sum comes up" that features a jazzy piano alongside wicked keys on a dirty edge over a deeply thumpin' beat that altogether create a relentless vibe. The 'Soulful Mix' gives the track a more relaxed feeling, with the jazzy piano taking center stage, while the 'Spiritual Movement Alternate Mix' is an earth shattering bass driven affair built around a broken beat styled groove.

Roberto de Carlo & Mirco Esposito featuring Colin Corvez "It's all on you" (DeepTown Music Records CD Promo)

The duo of  Roberto de Carlo and Mirco Esposito returns with the uplifting "Its all on you" by Colin Corvez who sings his heart out on this beautifully orchestral production that has a classic jazzy-funky orchestral touch to it. The 'M&T Remix' is firing up things to give the track are more powerful feeling while keeping it soulful from the beginning to the end. The 'Goes Dub Mix' takes the track to a deeper level, giving it a groovy sexy feeling, while the 'RDC Salento Funk Mix' is a rumblin' disco-funk flavored interpretation. Next is Steven Stone who provides the old school styled funkily bubblin' 'Funky Room Mix', followed by DJ Le Roi who uses his highly infectious formula from his previous DeepTown Music release to create an irresistible deep house reworking.

Exclusive Preview: James Brown "Get up offa that thing" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Re-Touch)(CD-R)

When House meets Funk - this is what you get on this wicked reworking of James Brown's "Get up offa that thing" out of the hands of Italy's Alex Dimitri. Not much need to be said, the funky flavas will take dance floors by storm, with the heavy house beat simply intensifying the already resistless vibe of the original to create an absolutely relentless funk-house gem.

Soul Oasis featuring Jaysun "Screaming preacher" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Soul Oasis (the brainchild of Sammy Rock) and Jaysun (from Plusgroove) team up for "Screaming preacher", a deeply rumblin' track that features a spanish spoken prayer alongside melodic chords and sweet percussion that altogether create a hypnotic feeling. The 'Stomp Your Feet Dub' strips the vocals, adds wicked keys and tightens the beat to create a irresistibly stompin' dub, while the 'Holy Spirit Remix' is a rougher affair on a moody edge.

Markus Homm "Electric Soul EP" (Deeper Sounds of Raisani Records CD Promo)

The "Electric Soul EP" by Markus Homm is the debut release on the brand new Deeper Sounds of Raisini imprint, a sub label of Raisini Records that will focus on deep, tech and ambient house releases. This EP features four tracks from the album of same title to be released in early November, all nicely combing deeper than deep house grooves with wicked keys and chords, some of them with a slight they edge, but always keeping things on a soulful side, creating a relentless vibe.

K-Bana "K-Life Vol. 2"(Guess Records CD Promo)

K-Bana drops the next installment in his "K-Life" series, bringing three tracks that are all destined to create a frenzy on the dance floor. Kicking off is the epic "Illicit mood" with spheric chords over a heavily thumpin beat, while "It's my life" takes things to the underground with a deep groove and wicked keys and synths. Lastly "Loose change" is a tougher affair, featuring a catchy piano alongside electrofied synths over a stomping backing groove.

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