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Sequential Soul "Breath deeper" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

This one here is quite special as we yet have to identify the producer behind the pseudonym Sequential Soul (no information was supplied with the release). "Breath deeper" is an awesome piece of soulful house music, featuring sweet'n'sexy female vocals and spoken words on top of a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with marvelous keys and chords. Ralf GUM and Benny Pecoraio just started a new project titled 4 Ears under which they contribute a vocal and dub remix that take the track as deep as it gets, letting the vocals, keys and relentless groove create a hypnotic vibe you won't be able to resist. Following next is Notenshun's (Werner Niedermeier and Lofty) interpretation that turns the track into a classic soulful vocal house tune.

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Yass featuring LT Brown "I go deep" (dunnEASY Remix)(Grei Matter Records CD Promo)

The massive "I go deep" by French producer and DJ Yass gets reworked by dunnEASY (a collaboration between Tortured Soul's Ethan White and 3 Degrees' Ed Dunn) who deliver two different sets of mixes (vocal and instrumental each). The 'Aloha' mixes are a deeply groovin' affair featuring sweet percussion and melodic keys that serve as playground for LT Brown's sexy vocals, while the 'Big Room' mixes fire things up for a peak time favorite with catchy synths leading the way.

Cristian Paduraru "Right side up" (BSC Mixes)(Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

With "Right side up", Next Dimension Music present a quality deep house release courtesy of Cristian Paduraru that got remixed by various people, including BSC aka the Brazilian Soul Crew who give the track a deeply rumblin', slightly techified reworking featuring wicked synths on their hypnotic 'BSC Electric Mix', with the 'BSC Electric Groove Mix' adding some wicked percussion elements to give the track a groovier edge.

Harold Brandon "Happiness" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

"Happiness" by Harold Brandon is finally available as a complete package, with lovely new mixes added. The original is a laidback production built around a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with classic strings, great keys and an passionate vocal. Abicah Soul take the laidback and deep vibe from the original to another level by further smoothing things down to an even more relaxed groove, with the marvelously crafted keys creating a fantastic melodic feeling. Yotam Avni takes it to deeper yet slightly techy grounds, while the 'Monte Carlo Method Remix' is on a deeply rumblin' tip featuring a classy piano alongside wicked chords. Lastly Andy Tamashi gives the track a mellow feeling perfect for chilling.

Boddhi Satva featuring Robert Walker "Get up" (Seed Records CD Promo)

With their third release, Seed Records presents a production courtesy of Boddhi Satva titled "Get up" that features vocalist Robert Walker. "Get up" is an absolutely irresistible production built around a fierce afro flavored groove that is enriched with soulful vocals courtesy of Robert Walker and wicked keys and chords. The 'Afriki Soul Mix' relaxes things for a deeper take that slightly intensifies the afro vibes.

Exclusive Preview: Karl Frierson "10 minutes" (PowderSoul Rub)(CD-R)

"10 minutes" in its original form is a magnificent soul production to be found on the 2006 long player "Soulprint" by Karl Frierson that is beautifully orchestrated including classic strings as they can be found on many house productions from recent months. PowderSoul deliver a powerful yet soulful house rendition built around a smoothly stormin' groove that lets the wonderful vocals shine.

Simon Grey featuring Kylie Auldist "One" (2007 Remix)(DoubleShock Records CD Promo)

Originally released back in 2002 on the German R.O.I. label, this fantastic uplifting track that features a passionate vocal courtesy of Kylie Auldist now returns with a fresh package of fresh mixes. Simon Grey himself provides a beautifully orchestrated reworking on an organic tip, while LeisureGroove rework the track into a soulfully thumpin' piano driven affair. The other mixes of the package courtesy of Kid Massive, Playmaker and Layers of Sound are the picks for peak time play and the bigger rooms as they give the track a tougher, more progressive sounding.

Exclusive Preview: Amp Fiddler featuring Corrine Bailey Rae "If I don't" (Darryl Jams Remix)(CD-R)

"If I don't" is the current single release lifted from Amp Fiddlers 2006 long player "Afro strut" (which just has been getting a re-release with a renewed track listing). Darryl James takes on this beautiful r&b song that features a soulful vocal courtesy of guest artist Corrine Bailey Rae and reworks it into an organic, smoothly groovin' house affair full of wonderful melodies that is spreading a laidback feeling.

Arnold Jarvis "Justified" (DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

This wonderful production by George Mena and Frankie Estevez gets a marvelous reworking courtesy of Blvd East who turn the song into a deeply groovin' affair enriched with sweet percussion and great keys that create lovely laidback melodies, with Arnold Jarvis delivering an unmistakable vocal performance. The dub gets a little deeper, with the extra synths adding a slight electronic touch.

Nikos featuring K'bana "Makin' me high" (Under My Skin Records CD Promo)

Under My Skin Records return with the beautifully crafted "Makin' me high" by Nikos Mavrommatis which features a heart felt vocal performance by K'bana Blaq (this song is also the theme song for the new independent movie "Finding me"). Nikos' original is r&b flavored house oozing with soul that makes you beg for more, while the 'Juju Dub' gives the track a smooth afro-tribal feel with its wicked chants. The 'Unrelated Dub' is a deeply groovin' affair featuring wicked keys that will please every crowd. Rocco delivers one of his incomparable deep yet soulful reworkings, with Lars Behrenroth getting even deeper, giving the track a deeply thumpin' sexy outfit. Lastly there is the 'Tony Noodles Mix' that combines the vocals with a funk spiced rumblin' groove.

Groove Junkies featuring TC Moses "So damn crazy" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

The Groove Junkies team up for the third time with singer TC Moses - the result speaks for itself as "So damn crazy" is pure class, coming your way in three different flavors all guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe and take dance floors by storm. The 'Classic' Mixes feature wicked keys and lovely guitars that alongside the incomparable vocals by TC Moses create an uplifting feeling. The 'Funk Fusion' mixes are powering things up, giving the track a more punchy vibe, while the 'Deep Peak' are on a darker tip that takes the track to irresistible deeper grounds.

Midnite Touch featuring Amrick Channa "Can't hold back" (Metrogroove Records CD Promo)

In July, we brought you an exclusive review of this wonderful track that in the meantime has been picked up by Metrogroove Records. "Can't hold back" by Midnite Touch (aka DJD and Will Dawson) features the unmistakable voice of Amrick Channa who provides a passionate vocal performance on this production. Classy new mixes can be found on this release, with Mark Heinemann delivering a smooth'n'soulful interpretation, while the Groove Invaderz give it an epic reworking orientated towards the bigger rooms. Timothy Allan provides a relentlessly stormin' funked-up dub, while the 'Midnite Touch Dub' is a fierce electrofied affair reminiscent of that timeless Giorgio Moroder sound.

Exclusive Preview: Ms. Lefki "Sunday noon" (CD-R)

Greek DJ and producer Ms. Lefki presents the deeply groovin' "Sunday noon", a beautiful jazz house production featuring a wonderful piano alongside great chords and wicked strings that together with the funky bass create an irresistible vibe on the dance floor. Now just give us more of this kind of flavor please...

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