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Rasmus Faber "Giant leap" (Farplane Records CD Promo)

"Giant leap" by Rasmus Faber is a freebie sent out to those on the Farplane newsletter, and everyone having received it should be grateful. This is a beautiful atmospheric production featuring delightful chords alongside classic strings and Neil Armstrong's voice that altogether give the track an orchestral touch, with the overall vibe being on a soulful laidback tip.

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dunnEASY featuring Tricia Angus "Ready to love" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

Ed Dunn (3 Degrees Global) and Ethan White (Tortured Soul) are behind dunnEASY who present their debut production "Ready to love" featuring a sultry vocal performance by Tricia Angus over a deep yet smooth backing groove that is enriched with melodic keys and sweet percussion. The 'Deep Flute Mix' replaces most part of the vocals with a wonderful flute play courtesy of Jay Rodriguez (a founding member of Groove Collective), while the 'Spring' mixes (vocal and dub) feature a wicked organ ride and take the track to more laidback grounds.

Rita Quintero "Quiero saber" (DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

James Rivera & Christian Perez aka Blvd East are behind this fantastic production that features lyrics performed by Rita Quintero. Their version of the song is a deep and laidback affair with a beautiful instrumentation including marvelous keyboard play, lovely guitar and mellow beats, while Rita Quintero delivers a sensual and sensitive vocal performance. The 'Sterling' mixes fire things up with a smooth yet deeply rumblin' tribal groove serving as base for the vocals and warm melodic keys which give it an orchestral touch.

Exclusive Preview: Angie Stone "My people" / "Play with it" (Groove Assassin Remix)(CD-R)

Angie Stone's new long player "The art of love & war" just got released, and what a pleasure for the fans of nu-soul this this is. Two of the albums stand out songs have been given a respectful remix treatment by Groove Assassin who takes on "My people" and "Play with it", keeping the original flavors alive and letting Angie Stone's voice shine while taking them to the dance floor by adding a smooth yet fierce backing groove.

Ken Scott featuring Jimmie Wilson "Down in my soul" (White Lotus Club Records CD Promo)

"Down in my soul" by Ken Scott features a passionate vocal performance by Jimmie Wilson over a deeply rumblin' backing groove that is enriched with lovely chords and jazzy keys. Central Avenue provide the remixes that turn the track into a peak time favorite with a powered up groove alongside catchy keys and great horns. More remixes of this wicked track are in the work as we speak.

Joseph "Shout praises" (Spiritual Blessings Compressor Remix)(Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Spiritual Blessings deliver a smokin' remix of Joseph's "Shout praises" here, with a deeply thumpin' groove leading the way for the partially looped vocals, spheric keys and jazzy piano that give the track a warm atmospheric feeling perfect for after hours or early morning play.

Jazil "My peoples" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

With "My peoples", Jazil drops a truly deep and soulful follow up to his massive "Sugar" which became an underground favorite. "My peoples" is built around a deeply thumpin' funk spiced groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, melodic keys and spoken male vocals, with a lovely spanish guitar added after around five minutes that intensifies the soulful vibe of the track.

Bangana "Oh my mind" / "Mrs. Moore" (HEYA HIFI CD Promo)

Bangana return on HEYA HIFI with another slammin' release that is guaranteed to rock the dance floors. Both "Oh my mind" and "Mrs. Moore" are deep house jewels on a slight techy edge, featuring hypnotic ambient-ish synths that give the tracks sort of a mysterious sensation. Enjoy and explore the mystic side of deep house music with this wicked release from Bangana.

Various "TriCircle Deep Sampler 2" (TriCircle Deep Records CD Promo)

TriCircle Deep present a wicked sampler peppered with a selection of tracks that are destined to rock the dance floors. Stan Curtois & Felly kick things of with their slightly techy "The opening" which features wicked synths over a deeply thumpin' groove. Slim & Swift present two tracks, with "Who gotti" being a deeply groovin' funk-house gem, while "Wanna dance?" is a slice of old school flavored disco-funk. "Out of kontrol" by Andy Sant is a resistless deep house track with mesmerizing keys, while "Need you around" by Jr. Rex is wonderful down tempo lounge track featuring sensual female vocals.

Exclusive Preview: Fabio Bacchini "Bounce back" (CD-R)

We haven't heard from Fabio Bacchini in a while, but with "Bounce back" he returns in a big way. "Bounce back" is a deeply stormin' funktified disco-house flavored track topped with catchy hip hop styled vocals that is nothing else than absolutely relentless on the dance floor. Keep on dancin' to the funky groove...

Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz "Coming on strong" (CD-R)

Its that time again we present you some resistless funky house grooves courtesy of the Filta Freqz guys (Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique). "Coming on strong" features a hotter than hot sample from a disco classic over an irresistibly groovin' funked-up backing beat to create a hands-in-the-air anthem. Now if I just would remember what track got sampled here...

Exclusive Preview: Jackson 5 "Let's have a party" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Re-Touch)(CD-R)

This might not be the most obvious Jacksons track to pick for a remix, but let me assure you that this is a splendid choice as "Let's have a party" with its feel good vocals and timeless disco flavors that are nicely arranged over a deeply stormin' funktified groove will spread an uplifting feeling on the dance floor.

Melchyor A "Fonk muzik" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Melchyor A's slammin' "Fonk muzik" getting the remix treatment here, coming your way in four brand new mixes. First up is Georg Neufeld who gives the track a deep'n'funky hypnotic vibe, followed by Alex Dimitri who lets loose hot funky guitars on his take. Carl Michael is next, delivering both the deeply rumblin' 'Favour Mix' featuring great keys as well as the deep yet smooth 'Newbian Mix' that is on a jazzy tip.

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