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K Scope "Elektrikiss" / "Faith healer" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

You may remember K Scope (a project by Eric Kupper) from their timeless classic releases on Tribal America Records - now they return  with a massive EP that has timeless written all over it. "Elektrikiss" is a masterpiece of late night house music, being absolutely electrifying with its deeply stormin' bassline groove that is enriched with warm aquatic synths and lovely rhodes that create a hypnotic feeling. "Faith healer" is on a different kind of vibe, being a more minimal track with the techy synths giving it a mesmerizing feel.

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Spiritchaser "Spiritlevel 1" (Guess Records CD Promo)

Spiritchaser drop the first release in their brand new "Spiritlevel" series. Three track to be found on this release, all taking you to deep atmospheric grounds. "As we fall" features a catchy male spoken word over a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with wicked spheric synths, while "Coast" is a more laidback affair featuring beautiful dreamy keys over a deeply rumblin' groove. Lastly there is the irresistible "Blue skies" featuring hypnotic synths over a relentless groove.

Various "In Love with Deepology Sampler 01" (Deepology Digital Records CD Promo)

Deepology Digital is a Russian label founded by DJs and producers DJ Electric (Konstantin Lyubimov) and DJ One (Alexander Dovnar) in early 2007. To celebrate their success story so far, they present the "In Love with Deepology Sampler 01" featuring unreleased tracks by artists such as Daclip, Elastic Sound, Furdak & Inside, Denis Melody, Skazkin, DJ Electric and Shiprinski. It's all about deep electronic dance music here, ranging from laidback deep house tracks perfect for late night / early morning play to electro house perfect for the bigger rooms and peak time action.

Claude Monnet "Voodoo bounce" (SSOH Records CD Promo)

Part three in Claude Monnet's "Back to Fundamentals" series is here, with mastermind Claude Monnet himself on production. He presents the absolutely massive "Voodoo bounce", a resistless track built around a hypnotic African tribal beat that is enriched with wicked voodoo styled Haitian vocals alongside catchy percussion and synths that altogether will let you fall in a trance on the dance floor.

Roland Clark presents Urban Soul "Have a good time" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Roland Clark returns under his Urban Soul moniker with "Have a good time", a track that is guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe on the dance floor every time it gets played with infectious vocals by Roland Clark. The 'Original Mix' is a catchy affair featuring wicked keys over a swingin' backing groove. Mr. V provides the remixes that take the track to deeper grounds, with a great jazzy piano and lovely chords to go along with Roland Clark's vocals. His dub is a simple yet very effective shoo-be-doo repetitive affair that will have the crowd jammin'.

Exclusive Preview: Ledesi "Joy" (Shapeless Lover's Lane Mix)(CD-R)

"Joy" is a beautiful r&b song to be found on Ledesi's current long player "Lost & found", here reworked by Shapeless who gives it a respectful interpretation for the soulful dance floors that keeps the structure and vibe of the original alive while adding a powerful yet smooth four-to-the-floor beat underneath the passionate vocals to create a wonderful slice of laidback r&b house.

Kem "Heaven" (Marlon D & Groove Assassin Remixes)(Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

In May of last year, we've brought you an exclusive review of the Marlon D & Groove Assassin remix of Kem's "Heaven". It took some time, but now this exquisite interpretation on a laidback tip that combines the melancholic vocals with a percussive, jazz-influenced four-to-the-floor groove finally sees the light of the day thanks to Jellybean Soul Records who've picked it up and will release it soon.

Djaimin featuring Crystal Reclear & Buddah Monk "Change" (Part One)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)

After the massive reworkings of "Give you" released last year, Dario Mancini aka Djaimin returns to Purple Music with a brand new production titled "Change", featuring hip hop guru Buddha Monk (of Wu-Tang clan fame) and Alessandra (from Crystal Reclear) on vocals. This is part one of the release, including Djaimin's simple yet effective old school styled 'Very Soul Beat Mix', while Jamie Lewis delivers the soulfully thumpin' 'Moody Mix' featuring wicked keys and a groovy, slightly tougher 'Darkroom Mix' that takes the track to deeper grounds.

Nightrhymes "Chicago" (Reelgroove Records CD Promo)

"Chicago" by the Nightrhymes has already been destroying dance floors worldwide with only a selected few having copies of it, now this massive tune found its way to our desk. In its original form, "Chicago" is  an infectious production featuring a memorable vocal, creating an addictive feeling on the dance floor. DJ Meme provides an anthemic 'Warehouse Mix' featuring classic strings and piano, while Alfredo Azzetto delivers a deep techified dub. Steve (from Soulbasics) reworks the track into a deep atmospheric affair featuring electrofied synths, while the Nightrhymes themselves provide the 'Space Mix' which is the choice for the bigger rooms.

Fabio Tosti "Get the funk" (MoD Records CD Promo)

With "Get the funk", Fabio Tosti presents a groovy piece of funky house music that features a cool male vocal on top of a resistless funktified beat that is enriched with sweet percussion and melodic keys that altogether create an uplifting feeling. The 'Dub Mix' slightly intensifies the vibe, while the 'Under Club Mix' twists the track into a deeply thumpin' affair perfect for peak time play. Lastly there is the broken beat styled 'Break the Funk Mix' which keeps on groovin' from beginning to the end.

Zweiklang "Outro lugar" (Part 1)(Music Plan Records CD Promo)

Music Plan is the brand new digital label by Fabio Tosti, kicking off strong with "Outro lugar" by Zweiklang, a powerful Latin house production with a funky twist featuring wicked vocals. Label head Fabio Tosti gives the track a more relaxed vibe on his take that strips the vocals and intensifies the funky flavors, while Chris Reece turns the track into a favorite for peak time play with its hypnotic big room sound. The 'DJ Tool' is all about the drums and percussion from the original, coming in very handy for the creative DJ.

Greg Kozo featuring Esteban Garcia "Your future" (Place Blanche Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of "Paris city" comes another slammin' production by Greg Kozo, featuring Esteban Garcia who provides an inspirational vocal performance on top of a funkily thumpin' groove that gives the track a driving feeling, enriched with wicked melancholic chords. The dub strips most of the vocals, letting the chords to the talk, while the 'Leftfield Mix' is on a broken beat tip, having a slightly more electronic vibe to it but still keeping things on the soulful side.

Exclusive Preview: Jill Scott "Hate on me" (Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)(Hidden Beach Records CD-R)

"Hate on me" is the first single from Jill Scott's brand new album "The Real Thing: Word and Sounds Vol. 3" that just got released on 12" with house mixes by Mr. V. Here we have exclusively Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn's as of yet unreleased mixes that are absolutely irresistible, using a relentlessly stormin' beat as playground for the passionate vocals and slightly electronic keys that give the track a hypnotic vibe, with percussions provided by Juan 'Papo' Pepin. A real delight is the 'Vampire Riddim', a reggae/dancehall take on the song that is absolutely brilliant.

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