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Rhody & Kaydee "Release the beauty" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Behind this project are Swedish producer Martin 'Rhody' Eriksson and Nigerian songwriter and singer Kevin David 'Kaydee' Ichekor. Their "Release the beauty" is a wonderful production with a summery vibe that should bring warmth to your heart even in ice cold wintertime thanks to the uplifting vocals, lovely stings and jazzy piano. D3 provides a wonderful retro flavored funky reworking, while Melchyor A comes up with a deep'n'groovy interpretation. OGC give the track deeply rumblin' outfit, followed by Georg Neufeld who serves a sweet chill-house take. Carl Michael comes up with some serious old-school deep house, while Spiritual Blessings relax things on their jazz spiced deep house remix. Be warned, once you listen to it, you'll be addicted!

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UPZ featuring Rasu "Noiz" (Abicah Soul Remix)(Objektivity Records CD Promo)

The original version of "Noiz" - a deeply groovin' funktified affair featuring wicked vocals by Rasu - can be found on the self titled debut album by UPZ (United People of Zion). Now Objektivity present fresh remixes courtesy of Abicah Soul who take the track to way deeper grounds, turning out a set of kickin' mixes featuring fantastic chords and strings alongside the wicked vocals, all nicely arranged over a deeply thumpin' groove to create a hypnotic vibe.

Exclusive Preview: Colton Ford "No one" (Soulflower Mix)(CD-R)

After massive remixes for Chaka Khan, Ledesi and Jill Scott, Matthias Heilbronn delivers a slammin' collaboration with Colton Ford (who's soon to be released album is produced by Quentin Harris) on "No one", their interpretation of  the current single from Alicia Keys. Its an incredibly fierce production that will take dance floors by storm thanks to the relentless groove and wicked keys - and the reminiscence to the timeless Urban Soul classic make things even better. Watch out for Matthias Heilbronn's remixes of Alicia Key's original version coming soon.

DJ Jalal Johnson "Trak Wyze Presents DJ Jalal EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Consortium Muzik are going from strength to strength, and with this massive EP by Jalal Johnson, their success story is guaranteed to continue. Kicking off is "Love and desire", a groovy deep house track featuring a wonderful jazzy piano and melodic chords. Next is "Didn't I" which brings back memories of the early days of deep house with its classy piano and retrospective groove, with the vocals being sampled from the Man Friday classic "Love honey, love heartache". "Heavy" in the 'Organ Mix' is all about a wicked organ ride over a deeply rumblin' groove, with the 'Peaktime Remix' stripping the organ and giving the track a straighter appeal. Lastly Jalal Johnson takes on the original version of Harold Brandon's "Happiness", sharpening the beats to give it a deeply stormin' vibe.

The Blak Beatnik "Change" (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo)

Harold E. Matthews aka Big Ed aka The Blak Beatnik aka BBN makes his debut on ProgCity Deep with the massive "Change", a stormin' deep house production with Bid Ed himself providing the spoken words over a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with catchy keys. Samir Maslo gives the track a deeply thumpin', slightly tougher outfit, while Ralf GUM reworks the track into a melodic, funkily groovin' affair. Newcomer Bernardo Garcia delivers a bombastic sounding deep house reworking with jazzy keys, while Deep K's deeply groovin' take has got a moody edge to it.

Joe Rizla "Spiritual high" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla follows up the release of his not to be missed debut album "World harmony" with the wonderful "Spiritual high", a mellow deep house production featuring sweet percussion alongside magnificent keys and a beautiful flute, altogether creating a laidback vibe that will carry you away into the spiritual sphere of house music. The hypnotic 'Dub Instrumental' is stripped of the keys and flute, while the 'Just Beats' is exactly what it says.

Rasmir "Fertility" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

The mighty Rasmir returns to Spirit of House with a marvelous production titled "Fertility" that kicks off with sweet percussion and Philly Soul/Disco flavored chords before a slightly broken beat flavored, funky as hell groove kicks in, to be enriched later on with jazzy keys. A simple yet very effective and absolutely relentless funky house jam not to be missed.

Eyereel Allstars "Slowdown" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

The Eyereel Allstars present a lovely production featuring soulful male vocals on top of a smoothly groovin', funk flavored backdrop that is spreading a laidback feeling. Richard Earnshaw reworks the track into peak time favorite that is driven by catchy synths that give the track an irresistible vibe, with the dub stripping the vocals and re-arranging things for are more intense feel. K-Bana adds his distinct sound to the track, giving it a deeper slightly electronic touch..

Steven Stone featuring David B. Whitley "Music sounds so good with you" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

Swiss producer Steven Stone presents the wonderful "Music sounds so good with you" featuring American singer David B. Whitley who provides a passionate vocal on top of a smooth funktified groove that is enriched with warm melodies created by great keys and lovely guitars. Domenico Navarro provides a mellow latinesque interpretation with an acoustic feel, while Anto Vitale gives it a deep underground rub on a laidback edge. French newcomers Floy & Felly provide a beautiful chill out version as well as a classic piano and strings flavored house version. To be available only in digital format is DJ Rork's deeply thumpin re-edit of Anto Vitale's remix.

Justin Timberlake & Beyonce "Until the end of time" (DFA Remix)(FallOut Records CD Promo)

Darryl James and Fred McFarlane once more give a beautiful r&b song a splendid reworking for the soulful house heads, this time being a duet courtesy of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce titled "Until the end of time". Their interpretation keeps the magic of the vocals alive, with the smooth yet driving groove and melodic keys creating an uplifting feeling perfect to dance to.

Keith Thompson "Borders don't matter" (Part Two)(Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

Part one of this release already made this uplifting track that is all about the lyrics a favorite with both DJs and the crowd now part two continues the success story with slammin' new mixes. Central Avenue deliver a fierce reworking built around a driving groove and wicked keys that create a feel good vibe, while DJ Nermin gives the track an irresistible groovy feel on his take that features a lovely guitar alongside marvelous keys and horns, with middle eastern elements giving it a unique flavor. Also included in the package are Keith Thompson's 'Original Mix' and 'Discofied Mix' - and for a limited time you also will get the acapella.

Bos "Turn of Phase EP" (Music Plan Records CD Promo)

Music Plan Records follow up their debut release courtesy of Zweiklang with the "Turn of Phase EP" courtesy of Australian producer Bos who delivers some jazz-funk madness. "Move your feet" features an outstanding organ ride and saxophone over a deeply stormin' groove, with the 'Funk-N-Jazz Mix' taking things to a more funky edged side. "Into the deep" is a funkily groovin' track featuring a lovely guitar and great saxophone, with the 'Hyperbaric Mix' spicing up the groove.

Exclusive Preview: Franck Roger "Rebirth" (JoJo Flores - Anto Vitale - Jason B Re-Edit)(CD-R)

What an illustrious team we have here that takes on Franck Roger's massive "Rebirth" and delivers an incredibly hot re-edit. JoJo Flores, Anto Vitale and Jason B team up to take the track to the next level by a adding some extra synths and drums here and there, intensifying the vibe to create an absolutely relentless feeling on the dance floor that will take the crowd to the climax.

Dennis Ferrer "P 2 Da J" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Two of KingStreet's heavyweights collide on this release, with Sweden's Tiger Stripes taking on Dennis Ferrer' "P To Da J". While the original album version is an infectious track with catchy synths over an irresistibly thumpin' groove in its own right, these remixes by Tiger Stripes rough things up a bit with dirty synth stabs and gritty chords over a deeply bubblin' groove.

Mark Slavin "Meltdown" / "World within'" (ROTD Records CD Promo)

Young Estonian producer Mark Slavin has made himself a name as Drum'N'Bass DJ in the past, now he presents his debut in the tech house scene. Two tracks to be found on this release, with "Meltdown" being on an atmospheric tip featuring dreamy chords over a deeply stormin' slightly techified groove, while "World within'" is a tougher affair that intensifies the techy elements while still keeping things on a dreamy, atmospheric edge.

Da Funk "Nightfall EP" (Cabrio Records CD Promo)

With the "Nightfall EP", Cabrio Records present a lovely release from talented Swiss producer Da Funk. Three tracks are included in the release, all of them guaranteed to take the crowd on a resistless journey into deep house with warm melodic chords and strings nicely arranged over relentless grooves that altogether create a hypnotic feeling.

Dub Clinic "Hey DJ" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

Strobe Records follow up the deep and soulful "My peoples" by Jazil with something different by Dub Clinic titled "Hey DJ", a hypnotic track that has got a dirty funky edge to it on the 'Deep 6 Mix', with the 'Strobofunq Mix' taking the track to deeper grounds while keeping the hypnotic and dirty flavors intact.

Shik Stylko featuring Melissa "Overload" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

German based duo Shik Stylko (aka Sebastian Krieg and Roman Freihoff) showcase their tougher side with this release that features sultry vocals courtesy of Melissa over a deeply rumblin', slightly dark rhythm that is enriched with catchy chords that altogether spread a hypnotic feeling. The 'Dub' is a bit more groovy, with spheric synths leading the way.

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