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Marlon D "Love is key" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

 Image Marlon D has been around in the New York club scene for a long time, starting as a promoter and DJ before stepping into production. Today he is running both his own Underground Collective nights and Underground Collective record label, and he is responsible for some classics of recent years: "Keys of life" and "Love will save the day" by Jaque, "I appreciate" by Maxine Inniss and "The UC anthem". The recently released "Affection", a taster for the album, got radio airplay and reviews worldwide and has entered several global dance charts.

Now the time has come for Marlon D to release his debut album on Jellybean Records, run by the legendary John 'Jellybean' Benitez. Featuring some of the hottest singers in the house community today - Stephanie Renne, Caroline Peppers and J.R. Morrison - this album will further strengthen Marlond D's reputation for being a versatile producer of soulful house music. It includes instrumental tracks as well as vocal productions featuring the sweet and soulful voices of aforementioned artists, all of them including great keys and grooves destined to rock the dancefloors.

"Love is key" is a brilliant varied debut album not to be missed that will be released both on CD and vinyl. Also watch out for the 83 West remix of "Affection" to be released soon on 12".


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Various "Collections of Moods EP" (RealTone Records 12")

The french based RealTone imprint delivers a hot four tracker. Franck Roger teams up with Alix Alvarez for two tracks: "Dub H" is dub house on a funky tip, spreading a moody feeling. "The mood" is on a deep vibe, featuring sweet percussion and spheric keys together with a spoken word vocal. The two other tracks are by label newmcomer Amnaye is behind the other two tracks of which "Anzar" is on a deeply stormin' tip, coming with acidic tones and spacey keys, while "Afa" takes it even deeper into late nite territory.

Kerri Chandler "The Dark One, The Moon and The Candle Maker" (Deeply Rooted House Records 12")

After the success of "Back to the raw", Kerri Chandler returns with another sure shot winner on Deeply Rooted House. This EP features three tracks including the twelve minutes journey "Six pianos" that is on a detroit vibe, featuring a deep and moody groove that is topped with wicked keys. "Light to the world" sees Kerri Chandler unleash more old school house grooves on a deep vibe, while "Mental moonlight fiesta" has a live latin feel to it, featuring lots of percussion and a lovely guitar.

Quentin Harris featuring Cordell McClary "Got 2 love" (SpaceKat Records 12")

After their successful collaboration on "Travelling", Quentin Harris and Cordell McClary team up once more to present the follow up "Got 2 love" which is a soulful affair with a smoothly bumpin' groove, added with warm melodic keys and a sweet vocal performance. On the dub version, Quentin Harris goes for his signature keys, underlined by a straighter beats, giving the track a tougher edge.

Reggie Watts "So beautiful" (Sound Consortium Records 12")

The latest release on Soul Consortium is Reggie Watts' "So beautiful", coming your way in a nice selection of mixes. Brent Laurence is responsible for both the original and reprise mixes, coming on a smooth and soulful tip featuring a deep bassline and lovely guitar. Harley & Muscle, the dons of deep house from Italy, slow it down a bit and use laminar keys and a moody groove to turn it into a deep house vibe. Olivier Desmet concludes the package with his reworking, comint on a west cost vibe with spacey, almost techy keys.

Teddy Douglas "The path" (Basement Boys Records CD Promo)

If you remember "Bombelaya" from the late summer of 2003, you know what to expect from Teddy Douglas' new production "The path". You won't be dissapointed as this track comes with a driving tribal rhythm based on stormin' beats that is topped with cosmic keys giving the track an absolute irresistible feeling. The alternate 'Sunset Mix' starts off just with the cosmic keys before the tribal rhythm kicks in afer around three minutes, taking you to a journey into late nite sounds.

Cricco Castelli "La casa del Jazz" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

The original version, as featured on the "SoulFuric Miami 2005 Sampler", is destined for either the lounge or the dancefloor with its combination of a fierce groove with a jazzy rhodes and eclectic horns - jazz-house the way it can rock even the biggest dancefloors. New on the package is the 'KTA Mix' that comes with a tougher groove by keeping the musicial integrity intact, creating an even more fierce groove. A beats version is also included.

Kenny Bobien "Right away" (Spiritually Sound Records 12")

Spiritually Sound Records present a fantastic production featuring one of the most outstanding voices in dance music history. On "Right away", Kenny Bobien sounds as great as ever, delivering an emotional performance on this gospel-ish production that features a chunky guitar riff layered over smooth chords and a thumpin' backing groove. The dub is stripped down the track to the guitar and ad-libs from Kenny Bobien, creating an irresistible vibe.

Margus Peterson presents Soulful Sweets Pt. 1 "Look ahead" (Sweets Records CD Promo)

Estonia, who brought us producer and DJ Dave Storm (who had several successful releases on Ceremony, Refunkt and Subliminal Soul), is a place that continues to build its own dance music scene with Margus Peterson being the latest discovery. His first production "Look ahead" is a cover version of the Danny Tenaglia classic from 1995. The main version is a powerful affair with a smoothly stompin' groove topped with a sweet female vocal and jazzy keys, while the 'String Dub' is on a groovier tip with tribalish beats and extra keys, and the saxohpone injected 'Sax Dub' is pumping things up.

S.U.M.O. "Rebounces" (HEYA HIFI CD)

Image  Sweden's S.U.M.O. aka Combo & Alf Tumble made themselves a name for both their production and remix work, always being innovative and staying true to the music. "Rebounces" is a restrospective that illustrates their work for other artists that include Ive Mendes, Trüby Trio, Blaze, Rasmus Faber, Lonesome Echo Productions and Mojo Project amongst others. Beside some of the most memorable moments from the past, new work is also included that will be released on 12" singles on their own HEYA HIFI label.

As S.U.M.O. say: "A remixer focuses on the mixing. We focus on the dancing, thereof the name of this album. All music leaving Heya Studios has the same purpose - to make the dance floor a better place. Every single rebounce is our very best attempt to reach your legs, via your stomach, through your heart . So now, go on, play this record loud and clear. In the kitchen, on the beach, or at your birthday party. We take full responsibility for those moving hips." Right they are, indeed.



Classic Reviews

Kym Mazelle "Was that all it was" (Morales Mixes)(Syncopate Records 12", 1989)

The Jean Carn classic prodcued by Marshall Jefferson for the legendary Kym Mazelle and remixed by David Morales.

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