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Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Vernessa Mitchell "Took my life" (Marlon D's UC Mix)(JVM Records CD-R)

An underground club hit in New York and other cities but unfortunately not released by her label as they decided to go for mixes appealing to a different crowd. This mix by Marlon D is built around a fiercely stompin' groove that is added with absolutely wicked keys and irresistible drums, not to forget Vernessa's powerful yet soulful vocals that give the song an uplifting feeling.

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Vivian Green "Emotional rollercoaster" (Osunlade Remix)(Sony Records CD-R)

As with the above, the label went for mixes that appeal to a different crowd when they released the song back in 2003. Here we have Osunlade taking care of it and serving a wonderful version for the soulful heads that makes full use of the marvellous vocal performance by Vivian Green. He underlays the sexy vocals with a smoothly bumpin' groove with sweet percussion and wicked keys, creating a laidback vibe.

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Lost Grooves 2004: Sin Palabras "Yemeya" (Yoruba Records 12")

John Beltran with a phat remix of this lovely latin house song by the cuban group Sin Palabras, coming complete with afro-cuban vocals. This one simply outshines many of todays latin house productions with its freshness and the diversity it is showing.

Lost Grooves 2004: Incognito "Listen to the music" / "Principles of love" (Pony Canyon Records 12")

The two tracks are lifted from the currrent longplayer "Adventures in black sunshine" that marks the 25th anniversary for the band and also celebrates the return of vocalist Maysa Leak. Both songs are very enjoyable to listen to as they present quality soulful music and they also prove that real musicians are the key to produce timeless music. Sadly this kind of music won't make it to ordinary dancefloors...

Lost Grooves 2004: Lotus & Strauss "Grand masterplan" (Yoruba Records 12")

Deep house vibes with jazz references courtesy of Lotus & Strauss whos original version comes on a truly deep tip while Osunlade smoothes it up and gives it a more laidback feeling with spaced out keys.

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Santos featuring Josef Saddler "Love made for two" (Alix Alvarez Remix)(Yoruba Records CD-R)

This song was originally released on the EP "An Introduction" back in april '04. It features Josef Saddler who perfectly expresses the story the lyrics are telling through his amazing voice. Alix Alvarez provides the backing music coming with a smoothly bumpin' beat that is added with sweet percussion and jazzy keys, spreading a laidback feeling.

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Physics "The most beautiful boy in Brazil" (Soul Oasis Re-Mix)(Deeplay Records CD-R)

This wonderful track from 2002 got remixed by Soul Oasis aka Sammy Acosta who gives the track a more spaced out feeling with spheric keys over a deeply stormin' groove that lets enough place for the percussion and guitar to grow.

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Patrick Green featuing Nicole Graham "You" (CD-R)

Patrick Green presenting a soulful production featuring the sweet voice of Nicole Graham over a percussion loaded groove that is added with jazzy keys, spreading a laidback feeling through its smooth groove. Mellow dance vibes perfect for lounging and chilling.

Exclusive Review / Lost Grooves 2004: Panyard "Drive time" (Soul Delicious Records CD-R)

Soul Delicious is the brainchild of an 80's soul icon who wants to remain nameless. The first artist to appaear on the label is Panyard aka Dave & Jzules who present the first of their planned "Drive time" compilations featuring vocalists Lady J, Rashaan Houston, Marcel (from Khaimar), Master B, James B Coleman, Vincent J Alvis and Soul Sista. The eleven songs cover different areas of soulful house grooves and feature influences from various other music styles. After having released various singles on different labels, Panyard present a great album here that hopefully gets released soon.

Classic Reviews

De'Lacy "Hideaway" (Easy Street Records 12", 1994)

Possibly the biggest classic for this label that has been licensed to various labels. Produced by Blaze, this got remixed many times with the best one coming from Deep Dish.

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