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Donna Allen "He is the joy" (The Unreleased Mixes)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

SoulFuric are returning to their roots by resurrecting this 1999 lassic and giving it an update for 2005. Brian Tappert, who together with Marc Pomeroy produced the song, provides a phat re-edit of this gospel stomper featuring all the bells and whistles from the original. This is followed by the Rawsoul Orchestra and MoD remixes that are fireing things up with cool effects and new instrumentation including wicked keys, phat basslines and groovy beats. Both these new interpretations keep the gospelish vibe of the original alive.

Marlon D featuring J.R. Morrison "Affection" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Underground Collective DJ and producer Marlon D presents "Affection", a fierce and driving garage production with an irresistible groove based on kicking drums and featuring an outstanding key section and organ solo courtesy of Scott Wozniak while J.R. Morrison provides an uplifting vocal performance.


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Franck Roger & DJ Roy featuring Chris Wonder "Be what's your soul" (Hustle Music Records 12")

Hustle Music' first release comes from no other than Franck Roger who teams up with DJ Roy for this soulful house production that features Chris Wonder on vocals and an organ play by Olivier M'Sellem. "Be what's your soul" has an old school feeling to it, srpeading an underground vibe. Beside the vocal and instrumental versions, there is also a dub included that got edited by DJ Deep.

Antonio Ocasio featuring Annette Taylor "Shianne" (Shelter Records 12")

Shelter Records going spiritual with this release from Antonio Ocasio that features singer Annette Taylor. "Shianne" kicks off with smooth tribal-flavored percussion before the song gets kicked by a deep bassline and latin beats, with jazzy piano chords and Annette Taylor's strong vocals topping it. Turn to the b-side for an almost beatless 'Sytha-pella' and a purer house dub.

Runner Up: Soul Creation & The Masters "Time warp revisited" (Deepa Grooves Records 12")

Many of you will remember the Eddy Grant classic "Time warp" that gets a revival here by the joined forces of Soul Creation & The Masters. "Time warp revisited" is based on a pulsing, dubby house groove that uses crisp beats, a stellar bassline and great percussion together with a marvellous keys play, giving the track a jazzy edge. The source for the lyrics provided is the timeless "Expansions" by Lonnie 'Listen' Smith.

Juan Hoerni & Yuki Shimotakahara "The 6th & Broadway EP" (Chacha Project Records 12")

This is a lovely three track EP by Juan Hoerni and Yuki Shimotakahara who each present a production on their own as well as a production they did together. First off is "Bomba" by Juan himself, a laidback track with sweet percussion, jazzy piano, spheric keys, flute and saxophone that gets kicked off by a lovely guitar. "Living in today" by Yuki is a jazz track on a downtempo tip, perfect for chill out with its wonderful saxophone solo over the mellow backing music. "6th & Broadway" by Juan & Yuki is a jazzy track with a smoothly bumpin' groove that features a sweet guitar and jazzy keys.

Blaze "Found love" (Remixes)(WestEnd Records 2x12")

One of Blaze' finest moments of 2004 gets reworked to do more damage on the dancefloors. Aaron Ross & Neil Pierce aka Fanatix use a retooled bassline and shuffling beats together with grooving keys to create a sure shot winner on the dancefloor. Their dub keeps the vocals to a minimum while featuring delayed synth stabs to get deeper. Kiko Navarro version is live musicianship featuring a luscious flute line, jazzy sax and jazzy keys over a bumpin' groove. Rounding off the package is the original version.

Da Mooch featuring Chynna "Love is everything" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")

Jellybean Soul have commissioned rising star Quentin Harris to provide remixes to the Mike 'Da Mooch' Mucci prodcution that features Chynna Paige on vocals. Quentin Harris turns "Love is everything" into a stompin' garage anthem with melodic keys and a warm bassline that is spreading an uplifting feeling.

Simon Aston featuring Laura Vane "Can I get" (deVICE Records 12")

The deVICE camp present "Can I get" by Simon Aston, an uplifting prodution that is spreading a soulful yet powerful vibe with its thumpin' beat, deep chords, drifting synths, chunky guitar riff and the stellar vocal performance by Laura Vane. The dub version lets the bassline and drifting synth do the work, with added filtering effects that make this perfect for primetime play.

Nina Jayne featuring Roy Ayers "Circles" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(BMG Records 12" White Label)

Richard Earnshaw is delivering a set of floor storming remixes of this lovely song that features the legendary Roy Ayers together with singer Nina Jayne. These mixes of "Circles" are on a feel-good vibe featuring a warm bassline, stompin' beats and melodic keys.

Carousel featuring Krysten Cummings "Wanted" (SoulFuric Trax Records 12")

"Wanted" by Carousel is a peak time stomper kicking off with tough tribalish beats and a wicked latinesque piano riff, that together with the funky bassline, virbrant horns and vocal riffs create an irresistible feeling on the dancefloor. The dub strengthens the tribalish vibe with extra latin percussion elements and a muted trumpet, giving the track a deeper, jazzier vibe.

Byron Stingily "It's all jesus" (Spiritually Sound Records 12")

Spiritually Sound is a brand new label kicking off strong with this gospel house production. "It's all jesus" sees Byron Stingily providing a spiritual vocal performance in true gospel style, with a choir providing the background vocals. The music is on a melodic tip with a bumpin' bassline, shuffling beats, funky horns and jazzy keys. The 'Church Dub' is focussing on the keys and strips down the vocals. Also included is a vocal edit.

Kerri Chandler "Back to the raw" (Deeply Rooted House Records 12")

The legendary Kerri Chandler presents a killer track on DJ Deep's Deeply Rooted House imprint that is as deep and raw as it can get, bringing back memories of the early days of house when house was purely underground. Also included is a DJ Deep edit of the classic and timeless "Geit it off".

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Lachandra "Just started" (Movin' Records 12", 1988)

Classic New Jersey garage from the mighty Blaze who back then were the trio of Chris HerbertKevin Hedge and Josh Milan.

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