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Rachel Claudio "Freedom" (Jaffa Music Records CD Promo)

Jaffa Music follow up their massive debut release "Miscommunicate" with "Freedom" by Rachel Claudio which is guaranteed to take dancefloors by storm. "Freedom" features a heartfelt, gospel tinged vocal performance over a ferocious funk flavored house groove that is enriched with wicked keys. Remixes are courtesy of DJ Fudge who reworks the track into a stormin' peaktime affair with an irresistible piano, while Raw Artistic Soul deliver a more laidback, beautifully instrumentated interpretation. Lastly Ralphski takes it to deeper and even more laidback grounds, letting warm melodic chords and a smooth groove create a mellow feeling.

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Rasmir "I know" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Our man Rasmir Mantree returns with a deeply rumblin', funk flavored afro-beat house track that features a sweet and sexy female vocal alongside sweet percussion and harmonic keys that altogether create a laidback feeling. Digital Downloads to be available through Stompy, AfrodesiaMP3 and Wasabeat.

Exclusive Review: A. Dimitri & Dieghito featuring Kika "Work it out" (A.Dimitri's South Soul Vox)(CD-R)

Alex Dimitri together with keyboarder Dieghito deliver an inspirational and uplifting gospel house interpretation of "Work it out" performed by Kika, with lyrics written by Willy Washington. The outstanding vocal performance, handclaps and inrecible organ solo over the smooth funktified backing groove make this a soulful house track that takes you on a spiritual journey into dance music.

FEET featuring Fil Straughan "My Music EP" (Feet Records CD Promo)

Feet Productions will be dropping their album "Hands up for FEET" soon. To shorten the wait, they present the wonderful two track "My Music EP", both featuirng the soulful and sensual vocals of Fil Straughan. First up is "My music", a timeless jazz-funk flavored disco-house production that is beautifully instrumentated. Next is "Move your feet", a funkily groovin' feel-good house track featuring warm melodic keys.

Soulfood featuring Deby "Last song" (AX Music Records CD Promo)

Right in time for summer, Soulfood return with an uplifting vocal track. "Last song" features a mesmerising vocal by Deby over a smooth backing groove that is enriched with a relentless piano alongside classy strings. The 'Club Mix' is the a pumped-up affair that replaces the piano with great keys, while Blue Deep take the original and rework into a groovy dub with a sligthly tougher beat. Lastly there is the downbeat 'Lounge Mix' that is all about a wicked organ solo, lovely guitar and the vocals - perfect for chilin' and dreamin'.

Stefano Noferini & Kortezman featuring Jocelyn Brown "I don't want you anymore" (Deeperfect Records Promo)

Stefano Noferini and Kortezman team up with the legendary Jocelyn Brown on "I don't want you anymore". Jocelyn Brown sounds as great as ever and adds her unique touch to this tracl that comes in a phletora of mixes, most of them orientated towards the more commercial and bigger dancefloors with their electronic and progressive soundings. The choice pick is the feel-good 'David & Ciappy Main Mix', a smoothly thumpin' affair featuring great keys and lovely funky flavors.

BSJ featuring Andrea Grant "Good in my soul" (Zoo Groove Stereo Records CD Promo)

Behind BSJ is the abbreviation for the team of Bobby & Steve and James Ratcliff who together with singer Andrea Grant deliver the fierce "Good in my soul". Their main mix is a powerful yet soulful affair perfect for peaktime play or the bigger rooms. Roberto DeCarlo delivers a soul drenched reworking on an uplifting jazz-funky tip with wicked keys courtesy of Simon Grey and lovely funky ingredients.

Sergio Flores vs. Mitomi Tokoto "Hold on (That Piano Track)" (Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

This catchy track by Sergio Flores and Mitomi Tokoto has already been getting lots of attention since its release in Japan a couple of month ago. Now with a forthcoming release on Purple Music Tracks, this fiercely stormin' track driven by an irresistible piano and passionate vocal creates a hands in the air feeling on the dancefloor. Samir Maslo relaxes things on his interpretation a bit to give it a cooler, more laidback feeling.

The Jinks "Spaced Out" (SoulFunk Digital Records CD Promo)

With "Spaced out", the Jinks present a wicked production that is based around a thumpin' tribalish beat and features great keys alongside unique vocals that givethe track a cool feeling. Danny Clark slightly reworks the original, smoothing things down on his interpretation. Seven Hill Soul's interpretation is on a laidback tip, featuring warm melodic chords over a mellow groove, while Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez delivers one of his distinctive deeply rumblin' reworkings.

Fabio Bacchini "Funk is the Message EP - Part 2" on ReelHouse Deeper Records CD Promo)

With part two of the "Funk is the Message EP", Fabio Bacchini brings us two more funktified disco-house grooves that are nothing else than relentless on the dancefloor. Both "Keep on dreaming" and "Cosmic voyage" are full of funky ingredients, and both are built around fiercely stormin' grooves that will make your feet movin'.

Joshua Heath "The Turnin' Tables EP" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

Salted Music present a massive old-school funk influenced four track release titled "The Turnin' Tables EP" courtesy of Johsua Heath. First up is "My headphones", coming in two versions, both offering wicked horns and keys alongside male vocals over a an infectious funktified groove. Next up is "How it should be done" that is all about a sexy guitar riff and a catchy vocal hook over a funk infused groove, followed by "Strategy" which features seductive vocals and a classy piano over a funk flavored thumpin' groove.

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