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Steve Paradise featuring Kiara S. "Carnival" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

"Carnival" is a beautiful samba-flavored latin house production featuring seductive vocals courtesy of jazz singer Kiara S. (aka Chiara Santagiuliana) and wonderful keys over a deeply stormin' groove. Spiritual Blessing give the track a deeply thumpin' tribal-ish outfit on a smooth edge, while Melchyor A. reworks the track into a deep'n'groovy, funky ingredients spiced monster jam (don't miss to check out his sexy bonus beats). Also included is the bonus track "This is house jazz" performed by Kiara S. which features a beautiful jazz piano that is leading the way for the smooth 4/4 beat and sexy vocals.

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Exclusive Review: The Temptations "Papa was a rolling stone" (Friskybeat Re-Edit)(CD-R)

It was only a matter of time until somebody took the brilliant DJ Jazzy Jeff & Pete Kuzma interpretation (to be found on the album "Motown Remixed" released back in 2005) of the timeless "Papa was a rolling stone" by The Temptations and reworks into a soulful dancefloor anthem. Our props go to DJ Luis whose 'Friskybeat Re-Edit' keeps all the magic flavors alive while transferring it into a laidback house groover that is built around a smoothly stormin' beat.

Erik Rug featuring Dynamax "Tribute" (Remixes)(Les Disques Du Telegraphe Digital Download)

Reviewed a year ago when released as limited vinyl pressing only, these great remixes by L'Aroye &Ky are now also available as digital download through Dancetracks Digital. These mixes are a complete reworking of the original (available digitally as well) that enrich Zulu Nation member Dynamax' rap with a children choir singing in french. Music-wise, L'Aroye & Ky use a new school boogie beat with a fender live bass and furious keys that give the remix a funked-up vibe. The result is an old-school styled, disco-flavored track that is spreading an uplifting and summery feeling. Beside the epic extended version the package includes a dub, acapella and edit.

Various "Mix The Vibe: Mixed By Louie Vega EP Part 3" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

The "Mix the Vibe" series went into its 16th incarnation earlier this year with Louie Vega presenting "Mix the Vibe: For the Love of King Street", a double CD featuring some of the best classics and recent hits from the labels catalog, with Kenny Dope adding live sounds and effects. This is the third EP, featuring four selected cuts: Kerri Chandler's smooth take on Basil's "City streets", the legendary Sabrynaah Pope with "Hold on" (produced by 95 North) which is features in the timeless Masters at Work remix, "Closer" by Mood II Swing featuring Carol Sylvan and the uplifting Dennis Ferrer remix of "Most precious love" by Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker.

Various "The Twillight Traxx" (Groove Sense Records CD Promo)

Italian based Groove Sense Records was established back in 1993, with their first release "Uneasy EP" being courtesy of Enrico Matini and Pietro DeRosa. The label went digital recently, now offering their first compilation "The Twillight Traxx" which features tracks selected by Enrico Mantini. The music keeps it on a laidback vibe that is perfect for chillin', letting your senses drift away (think of a sunset on the beach and you got the idea...). Among tracks from Arnold Jarvis, Blue Deep, Black Liquid and Moba Sound, there is also one of the oldest Groove Sense recordings included: "Who's  better" by Enrico Mantini (released as part of the "Groove Sense returns to Life" EP in 1993).

Andrea Carissimi & Fabio Bacchini featuring Brent St. Clair "Love spin" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

With "Love spin", Barcoda present a beautiful production by Andrea Carissimi and Fabio Bacchini that features the sexy soulful voice of Brent St. Clair. The vocal mix is a funktified affair featuring a lovely guitar and warm melodic keys over a smoothly thumpin' groove. The dub slightly intensifies the funky flavors and adds extra jazzy keys. Central Avenue provide the remix, turning the track into an uplifting affair that features wicked keys over a stormin' groove.

Christian Alvarez "Siempre pra sol" (Mutated Music Records CD Promo)

Now that summer is here, we need some vibes that let us dance into the sunset (or even sunrise)... "Siempra pra sol" is such a track with its latinesque instrumentation that includes a wonderful flamenco guitar and lovely flute, alongside sweet vocals by Tyrah Morena. The original lets the flute and guitar create a laidback feeling, while the 'Afro Shuffle Mix' gets more energetic by using a smooth afro-tribal groove. Davidson Ospina & Oscar P rework the track into a mellow affair on a classic tip that features a wicked piano, while Kid Massive comes up with an electrofied afro-tribal dub. The Stereo Mutants deliver a bumpin' interpretation with somewhat electrofied keys, while their dub is a hypnotc piano driven affair.

Ralf GUM featuring Akira Dee "Everything U R" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

For the inspirational "Everything U R", Ralf GUM and his production partner CrisP team up with New York native Akira Dee who provides a passionate vocal performance over a deep'n'moody groove that is enriched with melodic keys and sweet percussion. The dub creates a hypnotic vibe by taking it to deeply rumblin' grounds, with irresistible keys leading the way for the thumpin' beats. The alternate mix is a 13 minute journey built around a relentless groove and wicked keys, with the vocals creating an intensve vibe - and there is an incredible break around the middle that will set a frenzy on the dancefloors.

Fanatix & Sterling Ensemble featuring Don-E "Good thing" (Fanatix Records Digital Download)

Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce have been working together under the name of Fanatix for over three years now, and now they decided the time has come to set up their own label. For the first release, they work together with keyboard wizzard Albert Menendez (from Sterling Ensemble) and UK soul legend Don-E. "Good thing" is an uplifting production featuring a soulful vocal by Don-E and marvellous keys by Albert Menendez over a deeply rumblin' groove. The dub slightly toughens the groove while putting the piano centerstage. Digital downloads available through Dancetracks Digital.

Filta Freqz "Crush on U" (Remix)(CD-R)

Here we've got some more funky dancefloor madness from the Filta Freqz guys (Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique). "Crush on you" cleverly uses Sylvester's "You make me feel (mighty real") and the accapella from "Crush on you" to create a groovy and sexy funky house jam that is spreading a feel-good vibe and will take dancefloors by storm with its great breaks and build-ups.

Rene Hewitt "Budda dance" (Mantree Mix)(Mantree Records CD Promo)

"Budda dance" by Rene Hewitt is the latest addition to the  Mantree Records catalog, a smooth tribal house track built around a deeply rumblin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and warm melodic keys. The 'Budda Bang da Drums Mix' puts the percussion and drums centerstage, let them create a more intense tribal feeling. Rasmir Mantree reworks the track into a thumpin' affair with additional keys and added vocal ad-libs. Digital Downloads are available through Stompy, AfrodesiaMP3 and Wasabeat.

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