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Erik Rug featuring Dynamax "Tribute to my people" (Remix)(Les Disques du Telegraphe Records CD Promo)

Following the original version of "Tribute to my people" that features a wicked rap vocal by Zulu Nation member Dynamax are funky remixes by L'Aroye &Ky. These mixes are a complete reworking of the original that enrich Dynamax' rap with a children choir singing in french. Music-wise, L'Aroye & Ky use a new school boogie beat with a fender live bass and furious keys that give the remix a funked-up vibe. The result is an old-school styled, disco-flavored track that is spreading an uplifting and summery feeling. Beside the epic extended version the package includes a dub, acapella and edit.

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Nu Tropic "Suave" (Soultronik Records CD Promo)

"Suave" by Nu Tropic is an uptempo electro bossa jazz track featuring sweet female vocal chants alongside great horns and keys over an infectious groove. Bruno Hovart aka Patchworks provides a jazzed-up affair that is built around a wicked breakbeat groove. The flipside features "Circus" where Steven J from Steppah Huntah joins Nu Tropic for a twisted brazilian broken beat track with psychic athmospheric keys.

Manchild Black "Awake in a Dream EP" (WestEnd Records 12")

This is the fourth edition in the "WestEnd Blue" series (the first three releases are courtesy of The Kings of Late Night, Ian Friday and Anderson Soares) courtesy of singer Manchild Black and Shelton Garner who plays all the instruments. It's all about the gorgeous vocals and the beautiful instrumentation here on the included four tracks, coming on a deep and soulful tip.

Exclusive Preview: SoulBasics featuring Juned "Mesmerised" (Demo CD-R)

SoulBasics got themselves a name for marvellous music with their releases on SoulTonic Mono and SoulFunk Digitial. "Mesmerised" comes fresh out of the studio and is unsigned as of this moment, featuring a sensual and passionate vocal performance by Juned. It is a funked-up producton, with a beautiful instrumentation that includes a funky bassline, lovely guitar riff, melodic keys and an incredible jazzy piano. This is a beautiful song that will grow on you.

Lefunken featuring Stephanie Renee "Knowing" (Seasons Limited Records 12")

Seasons Limited presents a great vocal production produced by Duron Tarik & Tyrone Payton (aka Lefunken) that features Big Moses on keys, with Stephanie Renee being the lead vocalist that is supported by background vocals courtesy of Staci Smith. "Knowing" is a smoothly groovin' affair featuring a wonderful piano, deep bassline, great organ and shuffling beats, with the vocals adding a beautiful soulful touch to the track. Both the instrumental and dub let the instrumentation shine for most parts, with the organ hookline taking the lead on the dub. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Darryl D'Bonneau "A better way" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

In its original form, the George Mena and Franke Estevez produced "A better way" is a soulful gem that here gets reworked by 83 West (aka Tyrone Solomon & Martino Lozej). The 83 West reworking takes the track to another level by giving it a more underground feeling thanks to deeply rumblin' groove and hypnotic keys used, with the soulful vocals enahncing the irresistible vibe. The dub features an additonal organ replacing parts of the vocal.

Jellybean featuring Marlon D "New York House" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

Legendary producer and DJ Jellybean Benitez teams up with Marlon D for the infectious "New York House". The track is on a deep underground tip and features a thumpin' groove that is topped with wicked keys and a fantastic organ solo that gets to full effect on the instrumental 'Groovy Mix'. The track tells the story of house music in New York and what makes it different from other cities.

Balage featuring Dolores Peterson "Got you on my mind (I remember)" (Generate Music Records Promo CD)

Producer Balage Antal is hailing from Budapest/Hungary, but now lives in Los Angeles where he met jazz singer Dolores Peterson and decided to form a jazz duo. Their first release is the beautiful "Got you on my mind (I remember)", a very melodic production featuring a sensual jazzy vocal performance by Dolores Peterson over a smooth and laidback backing music featuring wonderful keys, a lovely guitar and sweet drums that together create haunting melodies. Justin Paul & Darwin Paul are spicing it up on their remix by adding a funky flavor to the song, but keep it on the laidback side. Deepswing flip the mood on their 'Jazzy Affair Mix' to a brighter side, using a smoothly stormin' groove as base for the jazzy instrumentation to create an uplifting vibe.

Quentin Harris featuring Cordell McClary "Power of love" (Jellybean Soul Records CD Promo)

While we wait for Quentin Harris debut longplayer, he presents "Power of love" that features a wonderful vocal performance by Cordell McClary over a heavily stompin' groove that is enriched with Quentin Harris' incomparable keys that add a hypnotic edge to the song, while the vocals add the soulful flavors. The result is a powerful yet soulful vocal track that will rock the dancefloors.

Keith Thompson "Break 4 love 2006" (Monster Bang Music Records CD Promo)

In 1987, "Break 4 love" by Raze, one of the defining tracks in house music was released, produced by Vaughan Mason and originally sung by Keith Thompson. Now the time is ready for a remake by the original vocalist, with various remixers adding their sound to it. DJ Romain delivers a slammin' deep house interpretation that keeps the beats reminiscent to the classic original while the keys add an irresitible vibe to it. The mixes by David Vendetta and Moussa Clarke are the choice for the bigger rooms and commercial orientated dancefloors. More mixes from Booker T and Keith Thompson will follow soon.

Edzy "Retrofective EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Look-At-You keep everybody busy with an almost weekly release schedule at the moment. Their latest offering is a four track EP by London based producer Edzy. This EP offers four different track showcasing the versatility of Edzy. "Do it til you burn" is a disco infused stompin' house track, while "1six7nine1" is a laidback deep house cut with moody keys. "The groove (so funky)" kicks off as a hip track before turning into a funky house track. Lastly there is "Dig it", a stormin' track featuring laminar keys over a deeply rumblin' groove that create a hypnotic vibe.

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