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Stereo Daze featuring Black Shampu "Jam jam jam (all night long)" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The third release on Tony Humphries' label is a cover of the People Choice classic from 1976 courtesy of Stereo Daze, with vocals provided by Black Shampu. Staying true to the original, keeping it close to the feel and drive of the good old days of funky disco music while adding todays sounds is what make this a standout production. The 'Club Vocal' is a perfect combination of a solid four-to-the-floor groove with funk elements, giving prevalence to the funky elements, letting the guitar licks, piano solo and the incredible vocal by Black Shampu shine all over. In contrast, the 'Akustik Mix' is a very organic take of it that sounds like it was recorded in the 70's. On the 'Deep Guitar Mix', the four-to-the-floor groove gets a more prominent place, while the guitar keeps the funk in it. The two dub mixes add an 80's electro sound to it by using a synth bassline reminiscent of Yaz. An inredible release not to be missed.

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Moses McClean "Dream" (Original)(Still Music Records CD Promo)

Mitch Moses and Vince McClean form the duo of Moses McClean that present the wonderful production "Dream" that features a stunning vocal performance by Nedra. The original version is a beautiful late night joint on a smooth tip featuring sweet percussion and warm harmonic keys. Italy's ISOUL8 delivers a stunning deep house interpretation that is reminiscent of Glenn Underground's production and features wonderful keys. Patchworks reworking slows it down a bit, being on a laidback and mellow tip. Lastly there is the DJ 3000 remix that uses just the chorus of the vocals over an infectious groove that is enriched with wicked keys, creating a hypnotic vibe. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Campsoul featuring Tanya Stephenson "Fallen" (Remixes)(Home Soul Records CD Promo)

The premiere release on Home Soul gets a heavy remix package that takes this wonderful track by soul production team Campsoul to different territory. Trackheadz & Kaje take it deep on their take, using a wicked strings hook alongside the sensual vocals over a smoothly thompin' groove. Pablo Martinez opts for a deeply stompin' groove that uses a deeply rumblin' bassline, with lamiar keys accompanying the vocals. Lastly there is Ron Carroll who gives it more of a big room outfit using catchy keys while keeping the soulful flavors alive.

E.Deep "Afrika" (Remixes)(Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Grooveland Music is a brand new label out of Brazil that presents its first release "Afrika" by co-founder DJ E.Deep (the other founder is DJ Edground). "Afrika" is a brilliant deep house production featuring african chants and wicked keys over a deeply stormin groove in its original form. John Kumahara provides the first remix with the help of Martino (keys) and Tyrone Solomon (who's done the mixing). His interpretaton uses a sweet tribal groove as base for the various layers of keys and a wicked organ solo that add a hpynotic soul-tech flavor to the track. The second remix is courtesy of Bradford James (with keys by Peter Martinez) who adds brazilian flavors to the track, creating a laidback and extremly groovy reworking that features a long intro.

Darryl D'Bonneau & Groove Assassins "So free" (Home Records CD Promo)

Home Records bring us another one of house music most respected vocalists: Darryl D'Bonneau who delivers an inspirational interpretation of the lyrics on this Groove Assassin (aka Nick Moss) production, with keys played by Anto Vitale. The main mix is an irresistible affair based on a fierce groove that is topped with marvellous keys and an incredible vocal performance. The 'Afrotech Mix' takes the track to afro house territory using a heavily thumpin' groove. Completing the package is an instrumental of the main mix that brings the keys to full effect.

John Crockett "Knowing sunshine EP" (Twirlspace Records CD Promo)

With the "Knowing sunshine EP", John Crockett presents a very versatile and wonderful EP that is kicked off with the title track "Knowing sunshine", a thumpin' track featuirng sweet percussion and summery keys that create lovely harmonies. Next is "America has been stolen", a deeply stompin' track that features spacey keys and and infectious saxophone, perfect for late nite play. "Kesi onward" is on a laidback tip, featuring an acoustic instrumentation that creates sweet melodies. Finally there is "A time to scatter stones" that is starting as a smooth affair with warm melodic keys and turns into a deeply stompin' track with added disco flavors.

Fresh 27 featuring Robina "Butterfly" (Double Shock Records CD Promo)

In its original form, "Butterfly" by Fresh 27 is a wonderful laidback production featuring lush keys and sexy vocals courtesy of singer Robina that is spreading a relaxed feeling. Elektro Organik rework the track into an uplifting affair that is built around an organic funktified groove, while Twisted Rhythm turn it into a pumped up jam for the dancefloor. Lastly Noiseburst delivers a complete different story with his cunky electro interpretation.

Keith Thompson & Scott Wozniak "Don't wanna believe" (Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

"Don't wanna believe" demanded to be officially released (for the moment only in digital format, available at Traxsource) as it created a big buzz on bootleg vinyl. While Scott Wozniak is reponsible for the music and production of the track, Keith Thompson wrote and performs the lyrics. "Don't wanna believe" is a feel good track that is spreading an uplifting feling through the warm and melodic instrumenation that includes lovely keys and horns alongside a great vocal performance.

Masterbuilders "Showbiz" (Masterbuilder Records CD Promo)

Creating a buzz on the dancefloors since its has been handed to a selected few earlier this year, "Showbiz" is now available as digital download (see their website for details). This track is full of funky flavors and features a soulful and emotional male vocal over a laidback, deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion, warm melodic keys and a wicked guitar, creating an uplifting vibe on the dancefloor. The dub features a pumped up groove that adds an irresistible feeling to the soulful instrumentation and vocals, turning into a peak time favorite.

Full Intention "Soul power" (Kurd Maverick Remix)(Peppermint Jam Records Promo CD)

Full Intention's smash hit from 2002 gets a new life with this bangin' reworkings courtesy of Kurd Maverick. Featuring a passionate and sexy vocal performance by Thea Austin, "Soul power" comes as an irresistible funkitfied track that features wicked funky guitars, a deeply rumblin' bassline and hypnotic keys. The dub is a on a more crazed out tip, featuring additional sounds and effects.

Keith Thompson "Break 4 love 2006" (Booker T Rremix)(Monster Bang Music Records CD Promo)

In 1987, "Break 4 love" by Raze, one of the defining tracks in house music was released, produced by Vaughan Mason and originally sung by Keith Thompson. Now the time is ready for a remake by the original vocalist, with the newest remix added being courtesy of Booker T who delivers a deeply stormn' interpretation with beats reminiscent to the classic original, while the wicked keys create a sexy melodic vibe on the dancefloor.

Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi featuring Kim Cooper "So sexy" (Purple Music Tracks Records Promo CD)

It took some time  for the trio of Jamie Lewis, DJ Pippi and singer Kim Cooper to present the follow up to their 2002 anthem "Impress me", but the wait is over and "So sexy" is here - right in time for the summer. The fierce tribal groove that is enriched with hypnotic keys and an erotic vocal performance by Kim Cooper guarantee this track will take over dancefloors by storm. To be released on two separate 12", the first disc features the Jamie Lewis while the second disc features DJ Pippi's interpretations. Both Jamie Lewis and DJ Pippi create a set (vocal and dub) of irresistible mixes that bring the beats and keys to full effect, while Kim Cooper adds the sexy flavors.

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