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JoVonn "Do Your Dance Projcect" (UK Basic Records CD Promo)

Four their fourth release, UK Basic have commissioned legendary producer JoVonn who turns out two outstanding productions that keep it real and come on a true soulful underground vibe. "Anybody" is based on a fiercely rumblin' groove and is enriched with laminar keys and a wicked male vocal, with a jazzy xylophone coming in later in the track. "Djoon" makes uses of a stompin' groove that is topped with a rolling acidic bassline and wicked keys that gives the song a retro vibe reminiscent of older JoVonn productions. Both tracks are spreading an irresistible feeling and should not be missed

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Mr. V "The drum" (Vega Records 12")

Long awaited (the original instrumental is a favorite with many DJs for quite some time), now finally released and coming in two different flavors. Mr. V gets seriously deep on "The drum" that features a slowed and dark spoken word vocal over a drum beat driven, sultry deep house groove that is enriched with warm chords and warped effects. The alternate version features extra percussion and "Din da da" styled vocal, spreading a more groovy feeling through the bounced-up beat.

KB "Feelin' U" (Yoruba Records 12")

After the spiritual and organic "Let the record play" by Frank-I, Yoruba return with a soulful piece in its original form that features a deeply rumblin' groove together with jazzy keys and smooth percussion alongside the sweet vocals, creating a laidback vibe. Osunlade provides the remix, enhancing the percussive vibe and adding hypnotic keys that give the song a feeling that is in line with the likes of Quentin Harris and other New York based producers.

Vision Questa "Hold my heart" (Nite Grooves Records 12")

The original is a beautiful downtempo song featuring spanish guitars, latin percussion, jazzed-out piano together with a melancholic vocal by Eiko Obara. Frankie Feliciano takes the song to the dancefloor, keeping the soulful and laidback vibe of the original alive, with the percussion loaded groove leading the way for the jazzy instrumentation, while giving the song a fierce and driving feeling.

The Enigma "Esta noche" (Trackmode Records 12")

"Esta noche" is the first release form The Enigma for Trackmode with Glenn 'GU' Underground on co-production, coming on a moody tip featuring laminar keys and a male spoken word vocal over a deeply stormin' groove. GU provides a tribute to Kraftwerk under his CVO moniker that is a hypnotic electronic interpration, while Rick Miranda adds more power with fatter drums that give the track are more groovy vibe.

Trezmonk "Stacey's skat" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

This is the first release on Stacey Mallory's just started 4 Real label, exclusively available at Traxsource. "Stacey's skat" is produced by Stacey Mallory and features a scatting vocals courtesy of Trezmonk with keys provided by John Crockett from Working Underneath. The track is driven by smooth percussion and warm melodic keys that together with Trezmonk's sweet and soulful vocal performance create a laidback and irresistible vibe on the dancefloor.

Craig Alexander "Afro Ninja EP" (Interstellar Records CD Promo)

Interstellar Records is a new label based in Chicago. Their first release is courtesy of Craig Alexander. The first track "Afromerican 1" is a stompin' track driven by percussion and a guitar riff with spoken male vocals sitting on top. "Afromercian 2" is on a smooth tribalish tip featuring thumpin' beats and laminar keys alongside sampled vocal snippets. Finally there is "Love boat", is a mash-up of the theme from the legendary "Love boat" tv series with a stormin' groove.

Various "The 4  Colors EP" (Deeply Rooted House Records 12")

This is a truly phat four track EP that is kicked off with 'Ruff Instrumental Mix' of Kerri Chandlers massive "Back to the raw". Next up is "Oh yes" by DJ Manoo, a deep and moody track. The flip opens with "Giselle by DJ Bertrand, a deeply stormin track featuring wicked keys and sweet percussion. Finally there is "Bring it" by JoVonn, a driving and deep track based on a rumblin' groove that features slammin' keys.

Patrick Green featuring Rebecca Vaughns "Butterflies" (deVICE Records CD Promo)

We haven't heard from Patrick Green in a while, but now he is back with a big bang. "Butterflies" features a sexy female spoken word by Rebecca Vaughns. The 'Old Skool Vibe' takes you back in time with its smoothly stormin' groove that is enriched with melodic chords and a jazzy xylophone while keeping it deep and soulful. The 'Club Mix' uses a heavily stompin' groove and driving beats to give it a peaktime vibe, with the keys and vocals keeping it soulful. Ryan Mishkin's remix is on a laidback tip, featuring sweet percussion, melodic keys and a jazzy organ over a smoothly thumpin' groove. An acapella rounds this splendid package up.

BackRoomSounds "Deep inside" (SoulTonic Records CD Promo)

The second release on this young label is courtesy of BackRoomSounds (aka Sam Gibbons, one half of the P-Funkateers) and features the voice of Ellen. The original mixes use a stormin' groove that serves as base for the spheric keys and sultry vocals to spread an uplifting feeling. Euan Mitchell is twisting it into a soulful and laidback broken-beat affair, while Lil' Blue's version is the choice for peaktime play with its powerful and driving groove and added laminar keys and guitar.

Direct Disco "Join the disco ride" (Purple Tracks Records 12")

Look no further if you you're into cool and classy disco house, as this track is bring you all this and more. Featuring an irresistible funky guitar riff and outstanding male vocal performance that includes spoken words and is reminiscent of the one and only Barry White, "Join the disco ride" is an uplifting track that is the perfect combination of a modern house groove with the uncomparable sounds and feelings from the passed disco era. The vibe spread by this great producotion should be an inspiration for any dancefloor.

Classic Reviews

Romanthony "Falling from grace" (Azuli Records 12", 1993)

Classic Romanthony production, which got remixed by Tony Humphries. There are Murk remixes available on a separte 12" that is limited to 2'000 copies.

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