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Exclusive Review: Angie Stone "I wasn't kidding" (Original Drum Remix Vox)(CD-R)

"I wasn't kidding" by Angie Stone has been remixed and reedited already a couple of times, but none of the previous versions matches the superiority of this interpretation by King Supreme. His reworking is absolutely irresistible and is based on an infectious groove that uses heavy beats and a deep bassline. This gets topped with stellar keys that create wonderful harmonies, not to forget to mention Angie Stone who presents a passionate and soulful vocal performance full of emotions. Simply magnificent!!

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Erik Rug featuring Dynamax "Tribute to my people" (Les Disques du Telegraphe Records CD Promo)

Les Disques du Telegraphe is a brand new independent label based in Paris that will only press a limited amount of their vinyl releases (in this case: 700). Their first release is a tribute to Hip Hop pioneers Zuli Nation, produced by DJ and producer Erik Rug (aka Dirty Jesus / Daphreephunkateerz). "Tribute to my people" features a rap vocal by Zulu Nation member Dynamax over a stormin', funktified groove that is enriched with cowbells and electro-ish keys. Olschool funk and acid house remixes are in the works as we speak.

Franck Roger "Say you love me" (Seasons Limited Records 12")

"Say you love me" is the first single of Franck Roger's new album "We walkt to dance" that will have its release party in Mami. This track features a classic four-to-the-floor rhythm together with wicked organ chords and horn stabs alongside some slight latin elements and male vocals, creating a groovy and sensual deep house journey.

DJ Pap featuring Cei Bei "You're too close" (City Deep Records CD Promo)

Errick P Spencer aka DJ Pap presents a moody and deep production with "You're too close", featuring a sweet and soulful vocal by Cei Bei that together with the melodic keys gives the track a mellow and laidback feeling. Mr. V is responsible for the remix that comes on a bumpin' tip featuring harmonic keys and deep rumblin' bass played by William' Reelsoul' Rodriquez, while the additional rap is courtesy of Mr. V himself.

Spirit Catcher "Rise and shine" (Rotax Records 12")

Spirit Catcher are Belgium's Jean Vanesse & Thomas Sohet who deliver the disco influended "Rise and shine", featuring dazzling synth lines alongside female vocal snippets, lovely violins and a funky bassline, that together create an uplifting vibe. Pascal 'Mr. Rotax' Rioux' delivers the 'Philly Remix', reworking the track into are more laidback affair that comes with an added old-school feeling somewhat reminiscent of the classic Philly sound.

Larry Pee "Cosa dub fever" (Early Records 12")

With "Cosa dub fever" by Larry Pee, Early Records have a special offering for you, different from what you normally here on a house dancefloor. Larry Pee takes a classic soga-reggae anthem and takes it to another level by adding a deeply thumpin' groove underneath the relaxed reggae vibes, complete with drum elements very reminiscent of classic Ron Trent productions that intensify the deep feeling.

Matthias Heilbron with The Candela All-Stars "Brobombique" (Candela Records 12")

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn gives the Puerto Rican based Candela All-Stars a makeover, turning their "Brobomique" into a tasty house affair features sweet percussion and jazzy keys while keeping the Cuban vibes of the original intact, letting the wicked vocals shine trough. The glorious original is included on the release to get you an idea of the Cuban sound.

Joe DiPadova featuring Ryan 'RB' Brown & Tara Kimes "Papagao morning" (Tribal Winds Records CD Promo)

The former Pick of the Week is finally getting a release soon as it has been picked up by Antonio Ocasio for his Tribal Winds label.

Original Review from June 5, 2005: From time to time, you hear a piece of music that blows you away, like "Papago morning" by Joe DiPadova did when I first heard it. This production features all live instrumenation including lead and rhythm guitar by Ryan 'RB' Brown, rhodes, bass, drums, congas and bongos, and on top of this comes a magnificent vocal performance by Tara Kimes. "Papago morning" is a very organic prodcution based on a funky foundation with the rest of the instrumentation adding a unique flavor to it, a wonderful combination of various styles of music, always sounding live and being full of emotion. Then there is the dub that features an additional trumpet and male vocal, being on a laidback tip, spreading a smooth mellow vibe. Simply wonderful music.

Soul Creation "Time warp revisited" (deepaGrooves Records CD Promo)

Originally release at the beginning of 2005, with the vinyl being sold out the first four days. Now the unreleased 'Guitar Mix' sees the light of the day.

Original Review from January 16, 2005: Many of you will remember the Eddy Grant classic "Time warp" that gets a revival here by the joined forces of Soul Creation & The Masters. "Time warp revisited" is based on a pulsing, dubby house groove that uses crisp beats, a stellar bassline and great percussion together with a marvellous keys play, giving the track a jazzy edge. The source for the lyrics provided is the timeless "Expansions" by Lonnie 'Listen' Smith.

Fanatix featuring Alex Mills "Love connection" (Osiris Records 12")

Aaron Ross & Neil Pierce return under their Fanatix production name with the soulful "Love connection" that features a sultry vocal performance by Alex Mills and beautiful chords over a smoothly stormin' backing groove that comes complete with deep bubbling bassline. The dub is on a more moody tip, taking the track much deeper by giving it a true underground feeling.

Steal Vybe "Cities in the Skyy EP (Part 1)" (Sucasa Records 12")

Sucasa Records have released this slammin' EP by the ever busy Steal Vybe in late january this year, and it's a shame it has not gotten the support it deserves (shame on Michael Fossati for being late with the review!!). Four great track can be found here, three of them are instrumental productions taking you on a journey into the soulful underground of house music with soulful grooves and warm melodic keys - take the spacey "Light years away" that is perfect for afterhours play as an example. Then there is "Superstar" that features wonderful female vocals over a stormin' groove, coming complete with an irresistible piano and lovely jazzy flute. Miss it at your own risk!

Working Underneath featuring Natalie "You are loved" (Haus'Flor Records CD Promo)

Working Underneath aka John Crockett & Charles Gatling team up with singer Natalie Walker for "You are loved", a production based on a smoothly stompin' groove that kicks off with a deep bubbling bassline and sweet percussion before the melodic chords and soulful vocal performance by Natalie come in, with a jazzy piano to follow shortly after. The arrangement of the instrumentation, together with Natalie's vocal, create a laidback and relaxed vibe. Watch out for more mixes to follow.

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