Michael Procter "Rise up" (MyChan Records CD Promo)

Image Michael Procter, one of the true legends of house music returns with a slammin' release that he wrote, arranged and produced by himself. And of course, this exceptionally gifted singer does bless us with his unmistakable voice that is full of emotion and soul. "Rise up" is an uplifting song full of energy, with Fabio Bacchini delivering an incredibly funky interpretation that features a marvellous interpretation. On the dub, he is firing things up, creating an absolutely relentless vibe that will take dancefloors by storm. Santiago Cortes delivers a deepeer and smoother interpretation that is spreading a more laidback vibe while keeping the uplifting feeling alive. This track is exclusively available over the internet for the time being.

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Tyrone Ellis "Music in the air" (Home Records CD Promo)

"Music in the air" features the soulful voice of Tyrone Ellis whose interpretation is best described as being seductive and sensitive. The first set of mixes is provided by Will 'Reel Soul' Rodriguez who adds a deep bubbling groove and warm melodic keys to the vocals that give the track a laidback feeling. On a different vibe come the Martino (83 West) mixes as they twist the track into a deep moody affair that feature wicked spaced-out keys, letting them spread an irresistible vibe.

Patrice Scott "Atmospheric emotions" (Sistrum Records 12")

Detroit based Patrice Scott presents the debut release for Sistrum Records that features the entrancing "Atmospheric emotions", a deep and moody track in classic Detroit style featuring wicked synth lines and a beautiful string section. The flip side features "Inside my mind", a blissfull mellow track with a jazzy piano line and laminar synth lines while "Blessings" is a bass heavy affair featuring spaced-out keys on a moody tip.

Omar S "111" (FXHE Records Double-Album)

This double album release from Omar S features six tracks spread over two discs. The album includes the mellow "The maker" that features emotional female vocals - we've reviewed this beautiful track at the beginning of September (check Fresh Grooves 360 for a listen). A highlight of the album is the moody "FOE Show" that combines a deeply bubbling Detroit house groove with melodic chords. On a different vibe is "Blade runner", combining a thumpin' beat with acid elements and atmospheric keys.

Frederico Y Vincenzo "Distant star" / "Too" (Lazy Days Records CD Promo)

This release is a collaboration between Frederico Todos and Vincenzo Dynamite that goes back to last year. The moody "Distant star" features a seductive vocal by Nikol Kollars over a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with wicked synth lines and catchy chords. Fredericos' dub reworks the track to give it a fuller sounding that is spreading an old school electronic feeling. The second track "Too" is built around a deeply stompin' groove that is topped with great laminar melodies that make this track perfect for late night, early morning play.

Exclusive Review: DSF "Cover letters" (Demo)(CD-R)

By now you should be familiar with the name DSF as has been blessing us time after time with this great productions. Our friend from Greece just sent me his latest track a couple of days ago, and I just could not stop listen to it. "Cover letters" is built around an irressistible beat that is enriched with sweet percussion, lovely strings and wicked spaced out keys, with an outstanding organ droppin' in after around two minutes that will drive you crazy. Once this track got you, its absolutely relentless and your feet can't stop dancing.

Anthony Nicholson "Universal EP" (Clairaudience Records 12")

Anthony Nicholson unleashes two glorious tracks with this EP. "Cosmic fusion" features sweet percussion, incredible synth lines and a beautiful jazzy piano alongside live bass, a lovey guitar and subtle vocal chants that altogether create a mellow deep house epic, while "Starchild" comes with spaced-out keys and astral vocals over driving rhythms.

Various "Raw Tune Cuts Vol. 4" (Bootleg 12")

The record does not list who has the done the mixes, but judging by the sound and the letters RGD printed on the label, this likely is the work of Franck Roger and DJ Deep. "Rock the boat" by Aaliyah has been given a deep dubby makeover, while Destinys Child's "If you leave" is on a deep and laidback garage tip.

Kem "I'm in love" (Underground Access Records 12")

Detroit soul singer Kem once more gets a subtle Shelter touch-up by the team of Timmy Regisford and Scott Wozniak who take the smooth vocals and use vintage beats and wonderful keys to create a laidback, uplifting house intepretation. The dub mix on the flip is a more driving affair that gets all percussive.

Jamiroquai "Tallulah" (Restricted Access Records 12")

"Tallulah" is a slow jam off Jamiroquai's "Dynamite" longplayer released last year that has been reworked by Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris. They take the song to a whole new level by adding a deep'n'smooth percussion loaded house groove and great keys, with 70's souls style string backings that add an old-school touch.

Reggie Hall "Something better" (Stingily Music Records CD Promo)

For the second release on  his label, Byron Stingily has choosen artist Reggie Hall to bring the classic sound of house music back (his first appearance dates back to the late 80's). On "Something better", Reggie Hall provides an inspiring vocal performance that has been taken by The MuthaFunkaz (aka DJ Spen) and placed over a stormin' house groove that is reminiscent of the Ceybil Jeffries classic "Love so special", with a lovely organ ride accompanying the vocals. The dub mixes replace the organ with electronic keys and add a wicked rock guitar. Ron Carroll delivers an uplifting interpretation that features a great piano and strings over an old school groove.

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