Dennis Ferrer "The world as I see it" (KingStreet/Defected Records CD / Digital Download)

Dennis Ferrer has been one of the driving forces in soulful house music in the past 15 years, with many of his productions and remixes becoming classics. With "The world as I see it", he releases his debut albom that features a selection of recent single releases as well as brand new material, having written and produced (with the help of Selan on "I can't imagine" and Mia Tuttavilla on "Touched the sky") all the songs. The album covers a wide range of genres of house music flavors, ranging from r&b inspired tunes like "I can't imagine", "Touched the sky" and "How do I let go" to deep underground grooves such as "Underground is my home" or the afro-beat ridden "Run free" and "Change the world". But that is not all, there are also the tracks that took the world by storm: "Church lady" and "Son of raw", with "Transitions" and "P 2 Da J" being the next possible crossover monsters. A wonderful album not to be missed. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

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Rick Felix "Solo tu" (Spiritual Blessings in a Afro Oozy Footpath Remix)(Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Spiritual Blessings rework "Solo tu" by Rick Felix which will be available (among other remixes of this track) as digital download on Next Dimension Music Records. The 'Afro Oozy Foothpath Remix' is a mellow affair featuring sweet percussion alongside melodic synth lines and a beautiful jazzy piano line that give the song a laidback feeling.

Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender of Mr Ali "Kaylynns thing" (Unified Records CD-R)

Vick Lavender of Mr. Ali presents the wonderful "Kaylynns things" taken from his forthcoming "Diaspora's Den" album due out on Unified Records. "Kaylynns thing" is a beautfiul jazz-funk track that features a great instrumentation including a marvellous organ solo and wonderful keys over a smooth groove, spreading a laidback feeling that is perfect for any occasion, may it be dancing, lounging or chilling.

Justin Imperiale "Piano daze" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

"Piano daze" by Justin Imperiale is the second release on Cabana Records, featuring Jerome from Paris who contributes a wonderful piano solo to the song. The original version features percussion and timbales solos by Esteban that create an irresistible groove you can't resist to dance to. Stax (from Abicah Soul) remix is a jazz-funk gem that will keep you feet movin', while Dom Navarra's rework gives the track a late night outfit of a deeply yet smoothly stormin' groove with added melodic keys and vocals by A. Chambers.

Kenny Carvajal featuring Lafayette "A higher place" (Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)

The 10th release on Phuture Sole sees the return of Kenny Carvajal with "A higher place", a production that continues to manifest him as one of the top producers of soulful house. Featuring an emotional vocal performance by Lafayette (with background vocals by Reggie Hall and Rich Rhoden), "A higher place" is an uplifting production that is marvellously instrumentated with a wonderful trumpet solo by Kafele Bandele and blissful keys. Ian Friday is firing it up on his take using an infectious groove that serves as playground for the vocals and various layers of synth lines. Ten releases - ten classics - need I say more about Phuture Sole?

Ralf GUM "Easy" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

There is a reason I asked Ralf GUM for a copy of this track as soon as I heard it on the "GO !!" compilation. "Easy" is the sencond single from Ralf GUM's upcoming artist album, featuring a passionate vocal performance by Inaya Day, with Ralf GUM & Cris P providing the irresistibly storming 'Full Vocal Mix' (the compilation includes a slightly different version) that features great melodies that together with the vocals create an anthemic vibe. Their 'Disco Attack Dub' intensifies by stripping down the vocals while adding funky guitar, brass riff and a groovy bassline. Phil Kullmann provides the remixes under his Raw Artistic Soul disguise, smoothing things down for a more subtle experience on the dancefloor that keeps percussively grooving from the beginning to the end, being on a very tasteful and stylish tip.

Corrine Bailey Rae "Like a star" (FallOut Records 12")

Corrine Bailey Rae is a british blues & soul sensation who scored a big hit with "Put your records on". Her other single "Like a star" (both are taken from her self-titled album) is a wonderful accoustic soul song that has been gtiven a reworking by Darryl James & Fred McFarlane. The beats and drums they use here are reminiscent of MAW's "In the real world", and together with the warm melodic keys and synth lines they create the perfect playground for the sensitive vocals of Corrine Bailey Rae.

Leela James "Good time" (Groove Junkies Remix)(Warner Bros Records CD Promo)

"Good time" ist taken from Leela James' longplayer "A change is gonna come" (released in June 2005) and has been given the remix treatment by the Groove Junkies who turn out a brilliant jazzed-up and funktified interpretation that features a brilliant gospel breakdown that will drive you crazy. The dub is all about the horns and the funky bassline groove that together create an absolutely relentless vibe on the dancefloor.

DJ Leon El Ray presents Georg Neufeld featuring Agnieszka Gorgon "Who I truly am" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Germany based Leon El Ray presents the uplifting "Who I truly am " by Georg Neufeld, featuring Agnieskza Gorgon who delivers a sexy vocal performance on this release that comes in four tasty flavors. The original is the choice for all of you that look for a bumpin' house groove with catchy keys and clever breakdowns. Cadatta takes the track to afterhours grounds with a deep groove and moody keys, while Franco Martinelli reworks the track into a fierce yet soulful stormer for the dancefloor. Closing down the package is the OGC remix that keeps it bumpy while adding some sweet electro ingridients and twisting it toward broken beats territory.

Solo "Groovin tonight" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)

Hermosa Records follow up the splendid "Love we left behind EP" by Balage with New York native Solo who presents "Groovin' tonight". Featuring a narration by vocalist Louis Hale, the original is a wonderful blend of a heavily thumpin' beat with jazzed-up keys and a funky bassline. Fabio Bacchini turns back the clock of time by adding some unmistakable disco flavors to the track, while Justin Michael goes for a tribalised, deep afro-beat that is absolutely relentless. Lastly, Blake Reary takes on the track to deliver a soul drenched interpretation.

Abicah Soul Project "That 80's Freak Show" / "Versatility" (Eargasmic Digital Records Digital Download)

This release by the Abicah Soul Project is the first release on Eargasmic Digital, and its kinda different from what is around elsewhere as Abicah Soul Project intertwine sounds from the past, present and future to something fresh and new. "That 80's freakshow" is a techy affair with spaced out keys over an old school techy groove, while "Versatility" features wicked keys over a percussion enriched groove, being somewhat reminiscent of classic Prescription releases. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Alfred Azzetto "Voyager" (Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ and producer Alfred Azzetto has been around in the house music community since the 80's, presenting his latest production on the highly acclaimed Purple Music label operated by Jamie Lewis. "Voyager" is a relentless track created around a deeply thumpin' groove with a driving organ not dissimilar of Jaydee's "Plastic dreams" residing on top. DJ Fopp gives it a smoother feeling by relaxing the groove somewhat, while the 'Keller vs Broggio Dub' adds an electronic touch.

Brett Johnson featuring Dave Barker "On the highway" (Lazy Days Records CD Promo)

This track would have almost been lost if it would not have been played regularly by Diz so that Frederic 'Fred Everything' Bais got the chance to hear it - the rest is history. "On the highway" is the collaboration of Brett Johnson and Dave Barker who present a groovy track featuring catchy vocodized vocals and laminar keys over a moody electrofied groove. Fred Everything gives the track a fuller sounding by expanding the groove and adding additional keys.

Ronnie Ron "King kong" (NY Soul Records CD Promo)

With "King kong", Ronnie Ron presents a raw tribal house track full of intensity that is built around a percussion enriched deep house groove. The 'Empire State Mix' is a nice variation of the original mix, while Marlon D adds an irresistible organ ride that turns the track into a peaktime favorite.

Fabio Bacchini vs Redsoul "Nighfunk Voyager EP" (Starfunk Records CD Promo)

The "Nighfunk Voyager EP" features two tracks by Fabio Bacchini and Redsoul each, with both of them delivering relentless, phat'n'funky disco house grooves that are spreading a feel good vibe on the dancefloor, guaranteeing the crowd will shake their limbs whenever these tracks get played. And before I forget: listen closely, and you will find influences by various disco classics on the tracks.

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