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Phil Hooton "When you think your all alone" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)
Phil Hooton "Hard Times EP" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

Phil Hooton and his partner in crime Mr. Gamble continue to release musical masterpieces on the Rapture Trax label. This are just two of four new releases he will release in the upcoming weeks and month. "When you think your all alone" features that unmistakable hook form Herbie Hancock's "Stars", backed up with a wonderful instrumentation composed of lovely strings, jazzy keys, hammond organ, dreamy flute and a subtle bassline that altogether create a musical bliss. The second version features an additional brass section, adding some more more jazz flavors. The "Hard Times EP" features the laidback, old-school tinged deep houser "Everythings gonna be alright" and the uplifting "Don't take love for granted" featuring a marvellous piano over a thumpin' groove.

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Tiago AZ "The other side of the moon" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

Hailing from Portugal, Tiago AZ presents two deep tracks on "The other side of the moon" that will take you on a journey into deep orbital house with their laidback grooves that are enriched with sweet pcercussion, while the outer-space keys crate a laidback feeling.

Rasmir "DaDa Mu Sa" (CD-R)

Rasmir Mantree once more proves his versatility with his latest production "DaDa Mu Sa", a track that opens just with sweet percussion before the beats, bassline and horns come in to create a simple yet relentless jazz-funk track that is spreading an irresistible feeling.

Exclusive Review: Joe Rizla "Mind games" / "Milestone" (CD-R)

Here we have two productions from a young and upcoming DJ and producer out of Canada, Joe Rizla. First up is "Mind games", a stellar production featuring spaced-out keys over a deeply stormin', percussion enriched groove, while "Milestones" is a bit on a more laidback vibe, featuring jazzy keys. Both tracks are spreading a vibe similar to Prescription and Clairaudience releases and have a timeless feeling.

Santi Touch "Eve (never knew)" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

The second release on ReelGroove is produced by Santi Touch who presents a laidback jazzy house track with "Eve (never knew)" that features a funked-up groove alongside jazzy keys and a wonderful horn section, with Kaydee providing a sensual vocal performance. DJ Meme reworks the track into an uplifting piano driven affair, while Nikk Sharpe & Ridney deliver a pumped up mix perfect for peaktime play. A deep and laidback mix perfect for lounging and chilling courtesy of Ridney and a smooth vocal reworking by Bob Hayes are also included.

DJ Circle "My Style EP" (TriCircle Deep Records CD Promo)

Shortly after launching TriCircle Records, DJ Circle launches the TriCicle Deep imprint to release deeper and jazzier productions. The debut release is a versatile four track EP that features three deep and laidback tracks produced by DJ Circle himself, and a stompin' electro remix by Greg Kozo of the title track.

Fabio Bacchini "Funksta Boudoir EP" (White Label 12")

With the "Funksta Boudoir EP", Fabio Bacchini continues to release slammin' funked-up disco-house grooves that are guaranteed to rock any dancefloor. All four tracks are spreading a feel-good vibe, combining authentic disco vibes with solid house grooves.

Matt Sofo "Release" (EM Records CD Promo)

Slated for an early december release is the release of the new 12" by Matt Sofo titled "Release". The track is based around a smoothly thumpin' groove that is topped with male chants, melodic keys and a lovely flute, while some funky flavors are added by a wicked bass guitar.

Juke Joint featuring Thea Austin "Deelight" (Swank Records CD Promo)

The ever busy Juke Joint drop another bomb with "Deelight" which features a vocal appearance by Thea Austin. Their own mixes are a fierce affair, using a stompin' beat as playground for the irresistible keys, funky bassline and the soulful voice of Thea Austin. Remixes are courtesy of Ananda Project who rework it into a moody broken beat affair that is enriched with electronoic keys, while Macam's dub version is a heavily stompin' affair on a west coast tip with rollin' beats and wicked keys.

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Kelli Sae "Optimistic (Part 2)" (SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Part one already gave us a selection of slammin' mixes for almost every occasion, now there is part two bringing two great remixes by Fabio 'Fabulous' Fragapane & Robert Jones. They take the passionate vocals and underlay them with a soulful groove that is drenched with funky flavors, with jazzy keys adding a laidback feeling to it. The dub is perfect for peaktime play with fierce keys layed over a relentlessly stompin' groove.

Raw Artistic Soul "Cutting crystals" (Raw Artistic Records CD Promo)

Phil Kullmann kicks off his brand new Raw Artistic label with a release that will most likely surprise you."Cutting crystals" sees him entering new grounds, leaving his usual territory and bringing us a deep ambient-ish track that creates a hypnotic vibe on the dancefloor with its techy floating keys that are arranged nicely over a deeply stormin' groove that has a moody edge.

Soul Source feat Captain G "He knows his place... EP" (Universal Music Records 12")

The album "He knows his place..." was release in april of this year, now finally the 12" EP made it over to Europe. It incluces the organic and orchestral "The real thing" featuring Monday Michiru and Rasmus Faber, the laidback and mellow "In my sleep" featuirng Captain G and finally the deeply stormin' "Mind be free" featuring Megumi Yashiro.

Various "Un.Chained Rhythums Volume 3" (Sacred Rhythm Records 12")
Various "Un.Chained Rhythums Volume 4" (Sacred Rhythm Records 12")

Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell brings us volume three and four in this serices of limited 12" releases on his label Sacred Rhythm Music, availably only as rather expensive Japan import but it is worth the money you've got to pay for it. It's all about spiritual vibes here, featuring all live instrumentation, ranging from melodic chill out tracks over hypnotic drum grooves to outer-space rhythms and afro vibes, with influences of middle eastern sounds to be found as well.

Gira Mundo "Salala" / "Beleza fatal" (New World Records 12")

The japanese New World label has been releasing lots of great stuff by Studio Apartment in the last few month, now they have another beauty in their hands with this remix package of Gira Mundo. Oreja take on "Beleza fatal" and deliver a bumpin brazilian house reworking, while Faze Action's interpretation of "Salala" is a laidback, percussion loaded affair with a great breakdown.

Prescription Vault Series "Hip to be disillusioned" (Prescription Records 12")

The second release in this series that brings back hard to find classics from the Prescription archives features two tracks from the 1994 EP "Hip to be disillusioned". "Shango Dance Edit" is fueled with those signature organ chords, string pads and vocal snippets that altogether send you into a dancing trance. "Space ridims" is a more sparse track built around a rumbling bass and organ pads. If you miss the original release in your collection, make sure you won't miss this one.

Rudy Boy Science feat Trinidadian Deep "Black man's techno" (Future Vision Records 12")

Ron Trent's latest offering comes under his new Rude Boy Science moniker, letting him prove that he is one of the true deep house producers with this journey into the moody grounds of house music. "Black man's techno" features caribbean vocals courtesy of Trinidadian Deep and a wicked organ ride over a deeply rumblin' percussion enriched back. The flip holds a sparser dub and an acapella.

Slowly feat Quasimode "Caveman boogie" (Flower Records 12")

This is a cover version of the jazz-funk classic originally performed by Lesette Wilson. This respectful remake produced by Masato Komatsu stays pretty close to the original on the main version, while the remix by Ikeda Masonari turns it into a housed-up disco-boogie reworking.

Clemens Rumpf featuring Soulice "Ride like the wind" (Delicious Garden Records CD-R)

The Cristopher Cross classic gets a makeover by Clemens Rumpf who keeps the spirit of the original alive on his interpretation while giving it a fresh and modern outfit by using a groovy house beat and warm melodic keys, with Soulice providing a passionate vocal performance. The 'Electrohouse Edit' replaces the famous hook with electronic keys, making it a choice for the bigger rooms.

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