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The Temple Dynasty "Keep rising" (DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

Undoubtedly, "Keep rising" is a future classic!! Listen for yourself and you will agree with us. The positive energy spread by the uplifting vocals and the beautiful orchestration will catch you in an instant, with the melodies and rhymes not to be let gone from your mind. The Temple Dynasty (Diamond Temple, Rob 'Da Noize' Temple, Felicia Temple) teamed up on this release with Louie 'Lou' Gorbea and Chris Perez to deliver one of the best gospel house songs in years - nothing more needs to be said beside that the package offers a variety of mixes for different occasions - such as an alternate vocal, two dubs and the 'Sunday Morning Mix' that takes you straight to church with just a piano accompanying the vocals . Listen and enjoy.

Exclusive Preview: Riverside Soul featuring Chuck Love and De'Monica "That party feelin'" (Vino Records CD Promo)

Monte Hillemann and De'Monica are behind the massive "That party feelin'" which features Chuck Love on synth and saxophone play courtesy of Jeff Horowich. "That party feelin'" is a feel good anthem built around a stormin' funktified groove that is absolutely resistless, with the synths and beautiful vocals by De'Monica further intensifying the vibe. The 'Sax Dub' replaces the vocals with a saxophone that adds a jazzy touch to it. Packed dance floors with hands in the air guaranteed.

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Soul Oasis presents Beppe Gioia "Aqua kyara" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

"Aqua kyara" by Italy's Beppe Gioia is a wonderful laidback deep house production that combines beautiful sounds of the sea with sweet percussion and lovely piano riffs, all nicely arranged over a smooth yet deeply stormin' backing groove. The dub is a great addition to the package, offering you an alternate take of the track on a slightly deeper, more tracky edge.

Joe Rizla & Marcelo Cruz featuring Natasha Koss "Sunday afternoon" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

With "Sunday afternoon", Joe Rizla and Marcelo Cruz present a marvelous deep house production perfect to chill after a long party night (or any other moment you just want to relax) with its mellow groove, lush chords and sweet female vocals courtesy of Natasha Koss. The dub strips the vocals to give the track more of a hypnotic feel, letting the chords do the talk.

Abicah Soul "Remix EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Consortium Muzik bless us with a lovely remix EP where Abicah Soul takes on three previous releases of the label - "Strength of a man" by DJ Jalal featuring Carolyn Victorian & Ovina Gregory, "Happiness" by Harold Brandon (it's a new Abicah Soul mix, not the one included in the original release) and "Black is the color" by Klearvision featuring Nina Simone. All three songs are given a beautiful makeover with that distinct laidback deep house sound Abicah Soul is renowned for shining through, taking the songs to a new level.

Deep Y'All aka DJ Rico "The Family Of Funk Paradise EP" (Razana Prod CD Promo)

DJ Rico presenting an EP full of deep'n'funky tracks, with "Funk good mama" featuring sexy spoken words over a funkily groovin' beat, while "Sun for life" features a passionate male vocal and wicked jazzy flavors while not neglecting the funky elements. Lastly there is "Spiritual of dance", a deeply thumpin' track featuring catchy synths alongside wicked male vocals and a lovely guitar riffs. Funky vibes destined to turn the dance floors into a frenzy.

DJ Fritz aka Soul Child featuring Keith Nunnally "Life is a melody" (MusicPlan Records CD Promo)

Chicago's DJ Fritz aka Soul Child teams up with the legendary Keith Nunally for "Life is a melody", a deeply groovin' percussion enriched track that is spreading an uplifting feeling through the wonderful vocals by Keith Nunnally and the melodic orchestration that includes a lovely flute alongside marvelous keys, classic strings and jazzy vibes. DJ Rico provides two remixes, both turning the track into groovy funk soaked monster gems - one with a distinct retro touch, while the other one is more on a dirty edge.

Various "Deepy Grooves Vol. 1" (Gotta Keep Fait Records CD Promo)

To celebrate the second year of existence and their 40th release, Gotta Keep Faith Records release a compilation titled "Deepy Grooves Vol.1" that features ten tracks, half of them being previously unavailable. Kicking off is the Spiritual Blessings remix of Randy Brusseto's "Naked melody", followed by Joseph Mercado's brilliant edit of "Reach 4 U" by Lem featuring Tara J. DJ Nermin presents the lovely "Head up high" featuring Ayaah, while Jeremias Santiago teams up with KT Brooks on "Keep pressing". Next you'll find a former Spirit of House exclusive: "Nights in NYC" by DNY featuring Tony Loreto. Going further, there is the brand new "Let's dance" by Steve Paradise, a warm funkily groovin' production with a slight electronic touch. Joseph's "Transformed" is included in the Spiritual Blessing deep'n'techy remix, while with "Barcelona" by Dual II you get a lovely guitar house track. The last two tracks are "Rise" by Joey, a classy deep house track with warm chords, and "Eye soul" by Krispaglia that is fusing influences from jazz, afro and house.

Exclusive Preview: John Legend "PDA" (PowderSoul House Mix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview:
Angela Johnson "All I need" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Retouch)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview:
James Brown "Get up off thata thing" (Luis Machuca Ext. Edit)(CD-R)

Here we have this weeks bunch of 'bootleg' reworkings for you. First up we have PowderSoul taking on John Legend's "PDA", delivering a tasty interpretation that takes the song to the soulful dance floors while staying respectful to the original. Next is Alex Dimitri who takes on Angela Johnson's "All I need" and gives the track a groovy outfit that is oozing with its soul and funk flavors. Last but not least we have Luis 'Friskybeat' Machuca taking on James Brown's "Get up off thata thing", turning the track into a monster funky house gem.

Lez "When I fall" (Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

"When I fall" by Lez was originally released in South Africa last year and became instantly a huge underground hit, now Waking Monster present brand new remixes of this beautiful track which is produced by rising star Demor. Wookie takes Lez' r&b laced vocals and combines them with a stormin' groove and melodic keys that altogether create a resistless deeply rumblin' vibe, while Booker T. uses a groovy, deeply thumpin' beat together with wicked synths to give the track an uplifting summery vibe.

Demarkus Lewis featuring Marissa Guzman "Get yourself together" (SoulStar Records CD Promo)

SoulStar Records welcome Demarkus Lewis with the mighty yet soulful "Get yourself together" featuring a passionate vocal performance courtesy of Marissa Guzman over an irresistibly stompin' funktified backing groove that is enriched with melodic keys. Genetix take the track to deeper slightly techy grounds by keeping the energetic vibe alive, while Harley & Muscle serve a masterly crafted deep house interpretation on a laidback tip. Closing the package is DJ Lazz' funktified dub that keeps groovin' from the beginning to the end.

Musical Solution presents BPM "Dance with me" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Behind Musical Solution are Fabrizio Marra and Paul Wiltshire who present the delightful "Dance with me", a fierce production built around a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with passionate female vocals and wicked synths that altogether create a resistless feeling. John Mateo (from Mateo & Matos) goes deeper on his take with catchy synths leading the way, wihle Tony Loreto reworks the track into a hypnotic peak hour jam full of strings and irresistible chords.

Jamie Lewis featuring Keith Thompson "Body music" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

Purple Music kick off 2008 with "Body music", a collaboration between label head Jamie Lewis and Keith Thompson. "Body Music" is spreading a feel good vibe through the funktified groove that is topped with jazzy horns and catchy keys that together with Keith Thompson's powerful vocals create an irresistible vibe. The dub version strips most of the vocals to put the funky groove and keys center stage.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "Love's drop" (Demo)(CD-R)

Mauro Marrazza under his Mr. Mama moniker returns to Spirit of House with his latest production "Love's drop", a slammin' track kicking off with a simple yet hypnotic groove that is built around deeply thumpin' beats that are enriched with percussion elements and drums. Around the middle of the track, an absolutely irresistible piano and spacey chords comes in to take the track to the next level, amplifying the already intense vibe.

Omar S "Psychotic photosynthesis" (FXHE Records CD Promo)

With "Psychotic photosynthesis", Omar S returns with a killer Detroit house production that has got all it takes to become an anthem. From the deep beats over the ultra phat bassline to the wonderful layers of synths, it all cumulates into an almost eleven minute long hypnotic opus that builds and builds. Let yourself be taken onto a journey into timeless Detroit house grooves.

Rasmir "At ease, child please" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

"At ease" by Rasmir features spoken words courtesy of Charles Spann over heavily thumpin' beats that are enriched with percussion elements, a phat bassline and wicked keys that altogether create a relentless feeling. The 'House Mix' relaxes things for a laidback affair with smoothed beats and melodic chords that accompany the spoken words.

Exclusive Preview: Filta Freqz "Girls 2 hype" (CD-R)

With "Girls 2 hype" by the Filta Freqz guys (Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique), the funky house vibes are hitting hard on the dance floor, with the sexy female vocals sitting on top of a resistlessly groovin' funk spiced backing groove supporting the creation of an intense vibe that will take dance floors by storm. The dub version strips the vocals to let the funky vibes do all the damage on the dance floor.

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