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Reel People featuring Tony Momrelle & Imaani "Amazing" (Papa Records CD Promo)

"Amazing" is the second single taken from Reel People's forthcoming "Seven ways to wonder" long player. In its original form, "Amazing" is an updated take on the beloved, classic 80's soul sound, featuring outstanding vocal performances by Tony Momrelle and Imaani. Jon Cutler contributes a marvelous New York styled deep house interpretation, adding his distinct style to the song. Tarantulaz (Sir Piers and Tony Economides) are next, delivering a powerful yet soulful interpretation that is wonderfully orchestrated, with beautiful chords leading the way for the vocals, all nicely arranged over a fierce funktified groove. A classy remix package that manages to keep the magic of the original alive while transforming it for the soulful dance floors.

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Cesar Ramirez "Blue light special" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

Smooth Agent kick off 2008 with this lovely three track EP courtesy of Cesar Ramirez who delivers three beautiful tracks. First up is "Blue light special", a lightly swingin' jazz house track featuring a catchy piano over a deeply rumblin' groove. Next is "Center of my mind" that is built around a deep'n'smooth tribalish afro house groove and features jazzy keys on top. Lastly there is the fierce "Latin vibes" that is spreading a latinesque vibe through its orchestration.

Alex Dimitri featuring Dieghito "My jazz" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Alex Dimitri and Dieghito team up for the jazz house masterpiece "My jazz". Their original take is on a swingin' jazz house tip - think of the timeless "Jazz it up" by the C.F.M. Band to get the idea, but here we've got more of a live atmosphere. Limo adds some great drum pattern and acid sounds while keeping it jazzy all the way, whereas Gaty Lopez goes for a deeper, funk filled approach. Tommy Largo relaxes things to give the track a laidback feeling perfect for lounging, while Steve Paradise delivers a classy deep house interpretation featuring beautiful keys.

Ananda Project "Where the music takes you" / "Stay as you are" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

These remixes are taken from Ananda Project's upcoming remix album "Night Blossom" that looks to be massive judging by this package here. First up are Italy's Pasta Boys (aka DJ Rame, DJ Uovo and Dino Angioletti) who take on "Where the music takes you" and turn it into a relentless, deeply thumpin' affair featuring catchy synths that create a hypnotic affair. Their dub gets a little bit more percussive while keepings things deep and delightful. The Rurals take on "Stay as you are", giving the track a deep loungy outfit that is oozing with beautiful melodies. Lastly Tomo takes on "Stay as you are", delivering a heavily thumpin', tougher dub filled with spacey synths.

Bobby Magnifique "Be my number one" (Abicah Soul Records CD Promo)

Bobby Magnifique presents the wonderful "Be my number one", a soulful production based around a soulful, percussion enriched groove that is topped with melodic keys and sweet vocals that altogether create a laidback feeling. The Brazilian Soul Crew takes the track to deeper grounds on their interpretation, putting the percussion enriched beat center stage while adding wicked synths to give the track a hypnotic vibe that is absolutely irresistible.

Deep Factor featuring Carroll Thompson "Friend of mine" (Scott Wozniak Remix)(Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)

Deep Factors' "Friend of mine", one of the must successful releases for Feelin' Music to date, is getting the remix treatment by Scott Wozniak who gives the track an irresistible deep, slightly techy feeling built around a relentlessly stormin' beat that is enriched with lush keys and wicked strings that create sort of a dramatic vibe, with Carroll Thompson's passionate vocals further intensifying the feeling. A perfect choice for late night / early morning play.

Exclusive Preview: Leela James "Prayer" (Tony Loreto SS Remix)(CD-R)

You should be familiar with the name Tony Loreto by now as he has been getting lots of attention recently for his production and remix skills. Over the past few months, he has done slammin' reworkings of r&b/soul songs (some of them got played on the Spirit Of House mixshow on MixTheGroove radio recently), and the release of "The Spirit EP" on Tony Records is imminent. One of his latest works is a remix of Leela James' "Prayer", taking this wonderful slow jam to the soulful dance floors by adding a smoothly stormin' groove that is enriched with wicked keys and an outstanding organ.

DJ Floy "Over the hills" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

TriCircle Records present French newcomer DJ Floy (aka Florent Mestre) who debuts with the lovely "Over the hills", a driving deep house track on an atmospheric edge featuring sweet percussion and great chords. Various remixes to choose from, with Jordan Rivera twisting things into a tribalish afro house direction, while Kuningas deliver a funktified broken beat interpretation. The 'Sambox Deep Mix' is a stormin' deep house affair featuring wicked keys, while the 'Felly Mix' is a more relaxed take on a jazzy edge featuring a beautiful piano. Lastly there is the 'Logan Dataspirit Mix' that gives the track a more electronic, almost techy sounding.

Danny Clark featuring Nicole Tyler "Fading to grey" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda present the beautiful "Fading to grey" by Danny Clark, a deeply groovin', funk spiced production on a soulful tip that features sensitive vocals courtesy of Nicole Tyler alongside jazzy horns and wonderful keys. The dub takes the track to stompin' grounds and intensifies the funky flavors to create a resistless vibe. Central Avenue's reworking is on a deeply rumblin', slightly electronic tip featuring wicked hypnotic keys, while Davidson Ospina goes for a fierce interpretation that is all about an irresistibly stormin' groove that serves as playground for the funky ingredients.

DJN Project featuring Rick Galactik "Feel for you" (Open Bar Records CD Promo)

The DJN Project is the brainchild of Ruben Vidal and Ricardo Wilkinson who team up with vocalist Rick Galactik on "Feel for you", a soulful deep house production featuring warm melodic keys and passionate vocal over a smooth yet fierce backing groove. Their own remix gives the track a groovier, more laidback feeling. Davidson Ospina & Oscar P fire things up by adding funky flavors to their groovy take, with their 'Vocal Dub' being a stripped down minimal affair. Lastly the 4 Tune Twins more commercial mixes destined for the main rooms.

Jed Set featuring Robina "Never enough" (SoulHeat Records CD Promo)

French DJ and producer Jed Set presents the uplifting "Never enough" which features a sweet and sexy vocal performance by Robina over a powerfully thumpin'' backing groove that is enriched with wicked keys and chords that altogether create a resistless feeling. The dub is a nice alteration taking the track slightly deeper (an instrumental is included as well). Various remixes are part of the release, with U-Ness and Jed Set teaming up for a wonderful laidback chill reworking, while the remixes by Vertical Smile, Layers of Sound and Nick Tohmes all take the track to tougher grounds, making it suitable for the bigger and more commercial dance floors.

MidiDropMusic "The Movement EP" (Guess Records CD Promo)

Behind MidiDropMusic are Matt Masters and Mr. Cenzo who present the four track "The Movement EP". First up is "Hypnotize" which is starting of on a minimal tip, featuring sexy vocal ad-libs and catchy synths that altogether create a hypnotic feeling. Next is the deep yet smooth "We can do this" which features beautiful melodies created by lovely chords, followed by the heavily stompin' organ led "My trip". Lastly there is "Reene's words" which features spaced-out melodies over a smoothly thumpin' beat.

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