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Tiger Stripes "Kayoko" (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo)


We gave you a first glimpse on "Kayoko" in our WMC 2006 Update in April 2006, now this magic track by Mikael Nordgren aka Tiger Stripes is getting a full release with new mixes courtesy of Kiko Navarro. Mikael Nordgren's orginal version is a deeply stormin' affair, built around afro beats and percussion elements, featuring wicked spaced-out keys on top that together with the vocal samples create an irresistible vibe. Kiko Navarro provides a whole bunch of remixes that take the track to the next level, with a relentless tribal beat leading the way for the percussion and throbbing bassline, with a magnificent synth in tribute to Laurent Garnier being featured on the vinyl only 'Tribute to LG Remix' (the other mixes by Kiko Navarro will be available in digital format only, together with an alternate remix by Mark Joyce).


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Phil Hooton "The bigger they come" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

With "The bigger they come", Phil Hooton continues to release only the finest in house music. This time, he blesses us with a deep spiritual prouduction of tribal drumz, mystic keys and beautiful flute alongside a wicked piano line courtesy of Mark Gamble. 'The Bigger Drumz' is all about the drumz, inviting you to play around and add some other track or acapella on top of it. Tony Dennis contributes the 'Living on the Frontline Mix', a splendid interpretation of the track.

DJ Phil Hooton & DJ Camacho "He'll give you shelter" (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo)

Phil Hooton teams up with DJ Camacho for a journey into spiritual house grooves on "He'll give you shelter", a marvellous production featuring lots of jazzy elements including a wonderful piano by Mark Gamble and a fantastic horn section, all of which are beautifully arranged over a smooth organic groove. A vocal version is in the works, featuring some legends... so better watch out for it.

Joe Flame "On the other side EP" (Home Records CD Promo)

Long awaited, now the time has finally come for Joe Flame to release some of his slammin' productions as part of the "On The Other Side EP". The main track on the EP is the feel-good "I neva told you" featuring an inspirational and emotional vocal performance by KT Brooks over a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and beautiful keys. "I got love 4 U" and "On the other side" are two soulful and groovy house tracks filled with jazz-funk flavors that will keep you dancing.

UPZ featuring Shafatyah "Touched by heaven" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)

SoWhat Records kick off the new year strong with their second release titled "Touched by heaven", courtesy of UPZ and featuring a passionate vocal performance by Shafatyah. Four mixes are included on this release, giving your the choice between the 'Deep Mix' that will take you on a ride into old school deep house, the groovy 'Organ Mix' with great keys, the smoothly thumpin' 'Phunky Mix' with its funky flavors or the 'Ultra Mix', a bangin' affair with electro ingredients that is guaranteed to get the crowd moving.

Joseph featuring Daniel "Transformed (Remixed 01)" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

The next release on Next Dimenson Music will be the first part of remixes of label founder Joseph's own production "Transformed" which features a great vocal performance by Daniel. Alpine Son deliver a tech house interpretation spiced with electro flavors, while Moelicious provide a downtempo chill out version. The reworking by Side melts jazzy vibes with laminar keys and elctro sprinkles, while eDeep delivers a deep house interpretation with a slight techy edge.

Balage "Love We Left Behind EP (Remixed)" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)

The two choice tracks from this massive EP - a former Pick of the Week - get reworked in a big way, offering some great new interpretations to choose from. "Love we left behind" gets the makevoer by Bongoloverz who give it an explosive, percussion driven makeover that is nothing than irressistible thanks to wicked keys. Macam offers two variations, with his 'Late Night Jack Mix' being on a stompin' west coast tip while his 'Relaxed Mix' is a mellow and laidback affair perfect for chilling. "How did we get to here" gets reworked by Kemal who preserves the soulful feeling of the original while taking it deeper. Richard Earnshaw comes up with a beautifully instrumented take, while Roberto De Carlo offers a funky'n'groovy take perfect for loungin'.

Gioia Bruno "Why did you call me" (2007 Remixes)(Mix2Inside Records CD Promo)

With "Why did you call me" by Gioia Bruno, Mix2Inside present a versatile release. The first interpretation courtesy of Mix2Inside is a soulfully thumpin' affair featuring classic keys, live bass and live sax accompanying the sweet vocals by Gioia Bruno. Matteo Ionnescu provides a stompin' rework featuring elecotrifed keys, while the 'Cote d'Azur Mix' by Mix2Inside meets M&J Project is on an electro house tip. Seb from Blind Sensation contributes the 'Angelfish Remix' that is on a groovy tip.

Pleasure Bar "What you are" (SoulTonic Records CD Promo)

Andreas Thiessen under the alias of Pleasure Bar presents the stormin' "What you are" featuring sensual female vocals over a stompin' groove that is full of funky flavors, with warm melodic keys making this a soul drenched peak time favorite. Schwartz & Funk provide the remix, relaxing the groove and taking the keys centerstage while keeping it funky - this is the choice for the more laidback moments. More remixes to follow soon.

Deep 6 Syndicate "On and on" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

Ron Allen continues to drop bombs on his Strobe imprint, this time under the name of Deep 6 Syndicate. "On and on" features female vocals and comes with two mixes covering different grounds. The 'Grindin Mix' is on a tech-house tip, featuring hard hitting beats and techy keys, with an organ ride in the middle adding some soulful flavors. The 'Hustlin Mix' smoothes it down and removes the techy elements while the organ ride gets a more prominent place, turning the track into a deep house gem.

Ciappy DJ featuring Angy Partipilo "Ciappy'N'Deep EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

After last years smash "Sexy" on Tony Records (the label of the legendary Tony Humphries), Ciappy DJ returns with the slammin' "Ciappy'N'Deep EP" on Gotta Keep Faith Records. "Deep (everybody dance)" is a deeply thumpin' track featuring sexy vocals by Angy Partipilo and a melodic synths alongside a wicked jazzy organ. The dub strips the organ while taking it to even deeper grounds. "House gum" is on more minimal vibe, featuring electronic drops alongside spacey keys.

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