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Jazil featuring Kolor Brown "Sugar" (Strobe Records CD Promo)

Strobe Records was one of the leading and most influencial deep house labels in the early 90's, founded by DJs andp roducers Ron Allen and Hayden Andre. Unfortunately, after a few years only, it got quiet around the label. Gladly in last October (see our news article here), the label resurfaced and has been putting out both classic releases as well as new music since then. One of the labels future releases to watch out for is "Sugar" by Jazil featuring a soulful and passionate voal performance by Kolor Brown over a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with various layers of melodic synth lines and techy keys. A wonderful track perfect for after hours / early morning play, with mixes by Matt DeMario, Uncle Abner and Ron Allen to follow.

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Blue Deep "Underground Tracks EP" (Groove Sense Records CD Promo)

Italian producer Franco Martinelli presents the lovely "Underground Tracks EP" on Groove Sense Records that will bring back memories to all of those into house music since the early 90's as the three featured tracks are on an old-school deep house tip featuring wonderful melodic keys over deeply stormin' grooves. A great EP that keeps it real to the underground.

Upper Street "The one" (Terrence Parker Remixes)(Superb Entertainment Records CD Promo)

Upper Street is a new pop group from the UK including Dane Bowers (Another Level), Danny Wood (New Kids On The Block), Jimmy Constable (911) and Bradley McIntosh (S Club 7). Their debut single "The one" has been given the remix treatment by Terrence Parker who delivers a fierce reworking using an irresistible piano line and wicked keys that harmonise perfectly with the soulful vocals, all beautifully arranged over an infectious backing groove.

Demarkus Lewis featuring John Griffin "Tell me why" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)
Q-Burns Abstract Message featuring Lisa Shaw "This time" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)
Liquid People presents Danism featuring Heidi Vogel "Love is on its way" (Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

Since Slip'N'Slide released the magical Mr. V remixes of Tiger Stripes' "Missing you" last summer, it has been rather calm around them, but now they are ready to return in a big way in 2007 with plenty of releases ready to drop, among them some truly hot vocal productions. Demarkus Lewis delivers "Tell me why", a splendid deep house production that features warm melodic keys and a soulful vocal performance by John Griffin over a laidback funktified groove, with the 'Deez Revamp Mix' taking it to a rougher and deeper level.

The next two tracks have both been released last year on the "Klubbjazz Sessions Seven" compilation and should now get a full single release. First up is the Charles Spencer reworking of the 2001 classic "This time" by Q-Burns Abstract Message, a heavily thumpin' rendition with melodic keys and a passionate vocal by Lisa Shaw. The dub smoothes it down a bit and adds some extra deepness. Second is "Love is on its way" by Liquid People presents Danism, an uplifting production that uses a smooth groove as playground for a sweet female vocal courtesy of Heidi Vogel and lovely keys. The dub takes the keys centerstage, adding some additional layers to let them do the talking.

Dj Circle featuring Simon Green "Had enough" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

"Had enough" by Fabian Wondrak aka DJ Circle features a soulful vocal performance by Simon Green over a smoothly thumpin' house groove that is enriched with melodic synths and a jazzy piano on the original version. The 'Belvoir Mixes' twist the track into a deeply rumblin' funktified affair, while Davor Devcic aka D3 uses a smooth tribalish groove together with warm jazzy keys to give it a laidback feeling. The Stereo Mutants use a stompin' beat as foundation for their interpretation that comes with lovely keys and great horns. On the dub, they add some cool acid elements and extra keys to make it a peaktime favorite.

Robert Strauss featuring Richie Hennessey & Saidah Baba Talibah "Mr. Feelings EP 1" (Earth Corporation Enterprises CD Promo)

Earth Corporation Enterprises is a brand new media company run by London based talent and booking agency Best Kept Secret. Their debut release is the first of a total of five "Mr. Feelings" EP's to be released by Robert Strauss. Volume one features two wonderful tracks: "Close your eyes" is a beautifully instrumentated, soulful house production featuring a strong vocal performance over a deep and warm backing music that will keep you groovin' all night, while "Miami jammin'" is a nostalgic r&b production, bringing back memories of the time when the likes of Evelyn 'Champagne' King topped the charts and filled the dancefloors.

Pepper MaShay "Pray for tomorrow" (Central Avenue Mixes)(Inevitable Records CD Promo)

Andy Lee aka Central Avenue on remix duty for Pepper MaShay as he takes her "Pray for tomorrow" and reworks it beautifully for the dancefloors, delivering a set of slammin' mixes. The 'Main Mix' keeps it soulful while being powerful enough for becoming a peaktime favorite with the wicked keys and funky bassline groove used. The 'Soulful Mix' is sligthly softer, giving it more of a laidback feeling with a relaxed groove and jazzy keys opposite to the dub that is firing things up with a powered-up groove and electro keys.

Emanuel featuring Georgia Hardinge "See U moovin'" (M.o.D Records CD Promo)

M.o.D is the label of swiss based DJ and producer Juan Sunshine that is going from strength to strength since its launch not to long ago. Right in time for 2007, they have the massive "See U moovin'" by Emanuel ready which features vocals by Georgia Hardinge. 2 Brother of Soul deliver a fiercely stormin' version that is enriched with sweet percussion and catchy keys which together with the sexy vocals create a relentless feeling. Their 'See U In Miami Surprise Mix' smoothes it down just a bit, featuring melodic keys and a great slowdown of the track in the middle. That very version gets re-edited by MoD who turn it into an incredibly groovy affair. The 'Raw Deep Orgy Mix' by Higher Ground is more of a laidback affair, featuring a great organ line over a smoothly thumpin' groove.

Fabio Tosti "Free Spirit EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Look-At-You Records kick off the new year with a hot EP by italian producer Fabio Tosti. The title track "Free spirit" is a relentlessly stormin' track featuring a catchy piano line coming in two flavors, one built around a tribalish-beat while the other one is on a thumpin' tip. "One world" (co-written by Pierluigi Balducci) features vocals by Giorgio and a lovely guitar over a funktified groove, while "Jazzy" (co-written by Guiseppe Massara) is a deeply groovin' jazz-funk track.

Monte Hilleman "Walk with the wind" (Vino Records CD Promo)

Monte Hilleman is hitting us with a surprising release, departing from the soul drenched productions and turning out an electro house stomper that features a preacher man vocal and lovely strings over an electrofied beat that keeps groovin' and groovin' from the beginning to the end.

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