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Dom Navarra featuring Antonio "A thousand words" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

"A thousand words" is the third collaboration of Dom Navarra with his brother Antonio Navarra who delivers a passionate and emotional vocal performance over a mellow latinesque groove that features a wonderful guitar and harmonic keys that give it a laidback feeling. H&H spice it up by adding funky ingredients and accelerating the groove, making it a definite pick for peaktime play, while DJ Rocco takes it deeper on his interpretation which has a techy feel to it.

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Sudio Apartment featuring Blaze "The rising sun" (New World Records 12")

Japanese production duo Studio Apartment (Masanori Morita and Noboru Abe) team up with Blaze (Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan) for the beautiful "The rising sun" which features a passionate vocal performance and fantastic keys by Josh Milan over a percussion loaded groove that gives the song a laidback feeling.

Praise Report "I feel a blessing" (Acebeat Records CD Promo)

Acebeat Records once more bless us with a uplifiting garage production that features an inspirational male gospel vocal performance over a laidback funktified groove that is enriched with a lovely jazzy piano line and great horns in the beginning before the vocals come in.

Exclusive Review: John Legend "Dont you worry about a thing" (Pedro London Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Review: George Duke "Shine on" (Pedro London Remix)(CD-R)

The dynamic Pedro London duo must have been working day and night recently as they send me a whole bunch of brand new reworkings and interpretations. One of them is a sensitive rendition of John Legend's cover of the classic "Don't you worry about a thing" that keeps the vibe of the original alive while smoothly transforming it for the dancefloor. Another is their take on George Duke's 1982 disco classic "Shine one" which enriches the orginial funky rhythms with a stormin' house beat.

Raw Artistic Soul faturing John Gibbons "Keep On Shining" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

After the excurstion into more electronic fields with "Cutting crystals", Phil Kullmann returns with a journey into soulful dance music that is marvelously  instrumentated including flute, brass and string section and guitar alongside wonderful keys and rhodes, with John Gibbons providing a soulful and passionate vocal performance - pure musical bliss. The dub mixes strip things down, taking it to way deeper grounds with an authentic underground feeling. Also included in the package are instrumental (digital format only) and beat versions of the main mix.

Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier "Do you even know" (Place Blanche Records CD Promo)

The next release on Place Blanche will be a vocal production titled "Do you even know" by Rachel Claudio and Nicolas Vautier coming complete with a nice selection of mixes. The original is on an uplifting tip and has disco-funk vibe to it. Richard Earnshaw is firing things up on his mix, using a wicked guitar riff to create an irresistible feeling. Dom Navarra gives it a laidback vibe on his take that features sweet percussion and warm keys over a deeply rumblin' groove, while DJ Circle comes up with stompin' affair that features wicked keys and lovelys strings. For the  bigger rooms, Greg Kozo delivers an electrofied dub that is sure to please the masses.

Bob Sinclar "Champs Elysees Theme" (Jamie Lewis Remix)(Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

The fabolous title track from Bob Sinclar's 2000 longplayer finally gets a full 12" release thanks to Purple Music head Jamie Lewis who in persona is responsible for the brand new mixes on this release. Featuring a wicked guitar and wonderful strings by the Bob Sinclar Philharmonic Orchestra, "Champs Elysees Theme" is an oustanding piece of modern disco that will take you by storm, with an incredible dub that features an irresistible organ line making this one absolutely relentless.

Chris Forman featuring Miss Patty "Jump'n'shout" (Steal Vybe Music Records CD Promo)

Chris Forman, one half of Steal Vybe, comes up with a hot solo project to be released in early 2007. "Jump'n'shout" features unmistakable hip-house vocal chants by Chris Froman and Miss Patty who adds a sexy touch to the track that comes in two flavors: first up are relentlessly thumpin' and electrofied mixes that will take any dancefloor by storm, with a deeper and more soulful take to follow that is built around a reggae/dub inspired groove and features melodic keys.

Black Liquid "Funky African EP" (Baldeelox Records CD Promo)

The "Funky African EP" by Black Liquid is a wicked EP offering  a variety of irresistible funky house tracks are destined for creating a stir on the dancefloor. Whether you're looking for resistless funktified house grooves, jazz-funk infused tracks or deeply bubbling grooves, this EP brings it all together.

MKDV featuring John Crockett "656 forever" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Master Kev and David 'Vibes' Tobon follow up their massive debut release "Twisted" with another slammin' production, with John Crockett (one half of Working Underneath) once more providing the keys. "6:56 forever" is an irresistible funktified track featuring a relentless groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and a catchy bassline, with the electronic keys and string stabs creating a hypnotic vibe. Later on, an exquisite organ line is added that intensifies the vibe and takes the track to an even more relentless level. With a beats version included, this is a must have in every DJs box.

Mr. Fuzz presents Da Fuzz "The Deep Plan EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Mr. Fuzz aka Frederic Faupin from France presents an impressive EP that incorporates many of his influences (70's soul, jazz, gospel and funk) into four tracks that are deep and jazzy at the same time while each one is spreading its own distinctive funky vibe, with vocal snippets and spoken words thrown in here and there.

Mr. Cubanix "Revelation" (CD-R)

For his latest production "Revelation", Mr. Cubanix gets dark and moody, delivering a track that will send shockwaves to the dancefloors with the hammering beats'n'drums which serve as playground for the laminar synth lines that give the track an ambient-ish feeling. Simple yet effective and absolutely relentless.

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