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Nassau featuring Krista "Rebound" (Mutated Music Records CD Promo)

French based Thomas Deschamps and Didier Limone (aka Naussau) get together with singer Krista to follow up their massive remix of Rachel Claudio's "Gotcha" with a production on their own titled "Rebound". The original version a musical gem that features a passionate vocal by Krista, classic strings and wicked chords over an old-school styled, funk drenched backing that is absolutely resistless. The 'New York Vibe Mix' is twisting the bits around for a monster Jazz-Funk live jam starting off on a broken beat tip before a fierce 4/4 beat comes in. The Stereo Mutants take the track to deeper grounds, using a stompin' groove and captivating keys and chords to create an irresistible vibe, with their dub featuring extra acid tinged synths. Keith Thompson takes the main parts from the original and combines them with a fierce yet smooth house backing to create a groovy rendition.

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Feel The Cat "Feel the cat" (Sobra Records CD Promo)

Sobra Records describes itself as the "b-side of Gotta Keep Faith Records", a label that want to be a gate "from past to future living in the present" - expect them to cover styles from chill out to breaks moving through various musical genres. Their debut release is courtesy of Italian band Feel The Cat who present a wonderful production coming in various tasty flavors. The original version is based around a slightly broken beat flavored, funk soaked backing groove that is enriched with wicked African chants and sweet vocals alongside lush keys and chords, while the 'Sunset Version' is perfect for lounging with its laidback chill out vibe. Next is the 'Feel the House Remix', a deeply thumpin' jazzed-up house interpretation, followed by the 'Begdown Extended Remix' that turns the track into a smooth breaks groover, with the 'Begdown Trumpet Remix' being a jazzy variation of it.

Exclusive Preview: Mustafa featuring Alice "Aqui se faz aqui se paga" (Staff Productions CD Promo)

What a magnificent release to look out for courtesy of Mustafa who presents "Aui se faz aqui se paga" featuring a sensitive vocal courtesy of Alice over a smooth mid tempo groove that is enriched with melodic keys, sweet guitar and jazzy saxophone. Groove Assassin reworks the track into a smooth yet deeply groovin' affair featuring melodic keys and a lovely guitar, while RyB go deep on their take and use atmospheric chords to give the track a warm feel. Lastly Da Funk serves a laidback, funk drenched interpretation that drops most of the vocals to let the melodic keys and jazzy saxophone do the talking.

Exclusive Preview: Vick Lavender featuring Peter Jericho "What a poor boy wants" (Glenn Underground Remix)(CD-R)

It has been a while since we've heard from Vick Lavender, but now the release of his long awaited album is only a few weeks away. The album will include four tracks that feature Peter Jericho, a very talented and gifted singer as "What a poor boys wants" proves where he provides a heartfelt vocal performance over a smooth yet deep, percussion enriched backing courtesy of Glenn Underground that is topped with marvelous jazzy keys alongside wonderful melodic chords. We can't wait to get our hands on the full album, and we've been promised that there will be various single releases including slammin' remixes.

Beppe Gioia & Thomas Toccafondi "Togetherness EP" (SofiTone Records CD Promo)

On the "Togetherness EP", Beppe Gioia and Thomas Toccafondi, two very talented producers, team up to bless us with three lovely tracks. First up is the title track "Togetherness", a deeply rumblin' track built around a smooth groove that is enriched with mesmerizing hooks and lush atmospheric chords that give the track a melodic feeling. Next is "Being alone", a laidback deep house track featuring sweet percussion elements alongside great accordion riffs and melodic keys and chords. Lastly there is "Ethereal drums", a deep track that is all about hypnotic drums and percussion serving as playground for a jazzy piano, captivating guitar and great synths.

Various "All Jazzed Out EP" (Camio Records CD Promo)

Camio Records present an outstanding Jazz-House release with the "All Jazzed Out EP" that features four tracks from different artists, with Jihad Muhammad's "Movement soul" kickin' things off, a smoothly stormin' track featuring dazzling flute, piano and sax play. Next is "Organ ride" by the Collective Spirits, a deeply thumpin' yet laidback affair featuring phat organ play and sexy vocals, followed by the deeply rumblin' "Hit shorts" by Benedict that is all about the infectious synths. Finally there is "Havana" by NJ Project, a Latin house track featuring a masterly live instrumentation.

Serge Negri & Yasin Abdur "Wondering why" (Plus Groove Records CD Promo)

In December 2007, we gave you an exclusive preview of this production by Serge Negri. Plus Groove have now picked up this beauty and release it complete with slammin' remixes. The original is an organic affair featuring Yasin Abdur's sultry voice alongside melodic keys and chords over a deeply thumpin' groove that altogether give the track a laidback feel. Remixes are courtesy of Gene King who contributes a marvelous interpretation that is all about dramatic synths over a smoothly stormin groove, while Suges serves a fierce rework that features wicked keys over a driving, slightly tribal-ish groove.

Love Over Money "Keep on" (Tone Control Music Records CD Promo)

Behind the Love Over Money project are Simon Finnegan (one half of Tone Control) alongside Nathan Thomas and singer Amanda Posener. The original version of their debut "Keep on" is a smooth affair featuring the gorgeous voice of Amanda Posener alongside phat jazzy keys and elements of classic Philly Disco over a 70's flavored backing, altogether making this something special. Phil Asher contributes a brilliant remix on a chunky tip to the package that features electronic bass and lush synths, with the deeply bumpin' groove creating a resistless vibe.

Martin East Project & E-Man and Charlie Charles "Some people" (Kapa Music Records CD Promo)

Producer Martin East teams up with spoken word artist/DJ E-Man and South African native vocalist Charlie Charles to deliver an irresistible slice of deep house titled "Some people" that is built around dirty beats and dreamy synthscapes. The 'Afro Acid Rub' puts Charlie Charles' afro flavored vocals and the acid tinged synths center stage, while Ralf GUM twists the track into a relentless afro centric groover on his remixes. Next is Demarkus Lewis who gets all chunky on his take, while Simeon Belle's version is a deep tech-soul interpretation featuring wicked synths. For an electrofied rework look no further than the ETOL's 'Little Big Room Mix'. Finally there is a 'Emanpella' DJ tool.

Shobha "Letter to a friend" (Soul-Fi Records CD Promo)

Shobha hails from Toronto/Canada and presents the beautiful "Letter to a friend" where she inspires us with her sensitive voice and strong emotional lyrics. The package includes a selection of classy mixes covering different tastes, with Richard Earnshaw providing a soulful remix on his trademark bumpin' tip, while Funk Balls intensify the vibe on their funk dripping, powered-up mixes. Soul-Fi relax the vibe on their sun-kissed interpretations, while Newtrix gives the track a progressive-tinged outfit perfect for the more commercial dance floors.

Marc Evans "Reach out for love" (Defected Records CD Promo)

While his album "The way U love me" just got released, here is one of the album tracks reworked for the dance floor. The MuthaFunkaz deliver a stunning extended version that is all about Marc Evans incomparable vocals and Disco-fantastic strings over a deeply stompin' groove, while their 'Out of Reach Remix' makes use of a relentless tribal beat and wicked techified synths to create a mesmerizing feel. DJ Spen's 'Sneak Tribute Track' is a smoothed down instrumental take of the extended version, while Karizma adds his unique percussion/drum driven touch to the track to turn out an absolutely irresistible rework. Lastly ATFC take the track to the main rooms.

Danny Clark & Jay Benham featuring SuSu Bobien "Wondrous" (David Penn Remix)(Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)

Since the initial release, "Wondrous" has been a favorite with DJ's, and with these new mixes by David Penn the track is guaranteed to take dance floors by storm a second time. SuSu Bobien's incomparable vocal shine on these captivating, deeper mixes that are full of energy and have a stripped-down feel to them, with the vocal version featuring a brilliant break. Also included is the 'Deep Dub' by Danny Clark & Jay Benham that is all about a resistless organ ride over a heavily thumpin' beat.

Beatz Kinetic "Push the fader" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Duffnote unleash another one of the track that premiered on their "Miami 2008 Sampler". "Push the fader" by Beatz Kinetic (Jim Urquhard and Jim Shimmer) gets remixed by Richard Earnshaw who teams up with Danny Jones for a powerful rework that is spiced with soul, funk and disco flavors to create a mesmerizing feel. DK Jones' version (this one was featured on the "Miami 2008 Sampler") is a resistless big room shaker, while DJ Shimmer's comes up with a twisted eletrofied rub. Also included are various instrumentals and a piano-led dub by Richard Earnshaw.

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