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Hanna Hais "I love America" (ATAL Music Records CD Promo)

The first single taken from Hanna Hais' upcoming album is a cover of the 1978 disco classic "I love America" by Patrick Juvet. With DJ Meme on production and a 14 piece orchestra in the studio, the result is simply stunning, having that distinctive old-school orchestration to it will love those classic disco productions for, while sounding fresh and crisp as if that sound just has been invented. Patick Juvet's timeless classic is back in this magnificent interpretation by Hanna Hais that has anthem written all over it.

The Thompson Project featuring Gary L. "Messin' with my mind" (Remixes)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

Ten years ago, Keith Thompson teamed up with Gary L. for "Messin' with my mind" which became an instant classic. Now right in time for summer 2008 this anthem returns with a phat remix package. First up are London's The Layabouts who rework the track into an absolutely irresistible, deeply thumpin' affair featuring lush keys and chords that perfectly accompany the vocals. Their dub mixes go even deeper and give the track an intense hypnotic vibe. Up and coming producers Guy Robin contribute a wonderfully orchestrated classic interpretation to the package that is all about a soulful groove, classy strings and jazzy keys, while Phonic Funk fire things up on their take that features catchy synths over a powerful, relentless groove. Completing the package are the classic UBP and Jazz'N'Groove mixes, making this an essential package not to be missed.

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Various "Good Fellas EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Another week, another slammin' package from the Consortium Muzik camp... This time they present the beautiful three track "Good Fellas EP" which includes the fierce "Smile" by David Brown which features sensitive male vocals and lush keys over a funkily stompin' groove. Next is the sweet "Freedom is" by Harold Brandon which is built around a deeply rumblin' groove and features passionate vocals alongside jazzy keys and lovely strings. Lastly there is the DJ Aphreme remix of Sire's "It must be you" that takes the neo soul gem to the soulful dance floors with the added smooth groove and melodic keys.

Various "Baldeelox 2008 Tour Album" (Baldeelox Records CD Promo)

Baldeelox Records have put together a great compilation here that goes along with their 2008 tour (expect part two at the end of the year), including some recent club smash hits as well as future classics and some exclusives not yet out. You'll find such gems as the yet to be released "Surrender" by Chicago Soul Underground (one of our Miami Picks) or the massive Scott Wozniak remix of "Friend of mine" by Deep Factor featuring Carroll Thompson, "Lets stay together" by Des Mitchell featuring Sharon Agati, "Seduction" by Jedset, "What U like" by Davidson Ospina featuring Linda Clifford, "Tight summer" by Scott Watson or "Rhythm is our business" by Ross Couch to name just a few.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter introducing Ricoh "Am I invisible" (BlakInk Music Records CD Promo)

The team of Wil Milton and Rodney Carter brings us the soulful debut single from Ricoh, an icon in the New York City nightlife. "I am invisible" is written by Ricoh, with Wil Milton and Rodney Carter acting as co-writers and producers on this wonderful song that features uplifting hooks and lovely melodies created by a jazzy piano, beautiful chords and a groovy bassline, while Ricoh's sensitive vocals are full of passion. Beside the 'Vocal', 'Instrumental' and 'Padapella' versions there is the 'Wil Solo'd Out Mix' that takes the track to deeper grounds and features hypnotic synths, with the 'Beat and Bass' version stripping things down for an even more intense affair.

Exclusive Review: Man-X featuring Albert Menendez & Carolyn Harding "Heaven" (Sunset Nights Dub)(DeepHaven Music Records CD-R)

Here we have one of the songs to be featured on DJ Man-X's upcoming full length album where he teams up with songstress Carolyn Harding and keyboard wizard Albert Menendez. This is the 'Sunset Nights Dub' of "Heaven" that is all about a deeply bumpin' groove and incomparable uplifting keys and chords courtesy of Albert Menendez, while Carolyn Harding contributes sexy vocals to the song with the result being a resistless deep house jewel.

Dalminjo featuring Lenny Hamilton "I'll wait" (Papa Records CD Promo)

Norwegian Ole Roar Granli (better known as Dalminjo) presents his debut "I'll wait" for Papa Records, with Lenny Hamilton providing a heartfelt, r&b styled vocal performance. The original version is a sublime affair on a laidback tip, featuring a smoothly thumpin' groove as base for warm melodic chords and keys. The 'Remode Mix' is firing things up with a deepened groove and cool keys that result in an intensified vibe. On remix duty we have Ian Friday who turns out an irresistible reworking that is all about his trademark organic sound that gives the track a spiritual vibe, with the dub making use of a deeper, stripped down groove that turns the track into a hypnotic late night affair.

Rasmir Mantree "Keep House Alive EP" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

With the "Keep House Alive EP", Rasmir Mantree presents a phat package full of slammin' tracks. The title track "Keep House Alive" is a funktified, deeply groovin' ode to the souls out there that sacrifice themselves to try to keep House Music alive (an instrumental is also included). "The lights are out" is pure deep house madness with a jazz-funky twist that features wicked chords and somewhat crazed synths, followed by "Umeus" which is built around a deeply thumpin' groove that is topped with warm melodic keys alongside male vocals and lunatic synth lines. Lastly there is "Just B4 dawn", a track creating a mesmerizing feel with its deeply rumblin' groove, lush keys, lovely chords and jazzy horns.

Oscar P vs Marco Petralia "Don't stop" (Groove Junkies MoHo Rub)(Open Bar Music Records CD Promo)

The notorious Groove Junkies take on Oscar P and Marco Petralia's "Don't stop" and rework the track into a relentless dance floor thumper featuring catchy male vocals, wicked synths and a captivating saxophone that altogether create a hypnotic vibe you can't resist to dance to.

DJ Le Roi & Ray Jones featuring Pierre Piccarde "Get up" (DeepTown Music Records CD Promo)
G-Rillo featuring Karol "Allright" (DeepTown Music Records CD Promo)

These two upcoming releases on DeepTown Music Records have been presented here on Spirit of House as part of our massive Miami 2008 (P)Review. Now the release of these two beauties is imminent, and we are happy to feature them again. DJ Le Roi & Ray Jones team up with singer Pierre Piccarde who provides a heartfelt vocal over a piano led, funktified backdrop on the 'Classic Mix', while the Club Mix' is all about mesmerizing synths over a fiercely stormin' groove. Then there is the 'Deep Mix' which takes the track straight to deeper territory. Next there is "All right" by G-Rillo (aka Cyrill Hostettler) which features a sweet and sexy vocal by Karol over a deep backing groove that is topped with catchy synths, with the dub going for a more hypnotic vibe. Beside the 'Club Mix' and 'Dub Mix', there is the 'Jackin Mix' that lives up to his name.

DJ Minx "Midnite Bullet E.P." (Women on Wax Records CD Promo)

With the "Midnite Bullet E.P.", DJ Minx takes us on a memorable journey with deeper than deep house grooves that are guaranteed to create a stir on the dance floor. "Just make it deep" is built around a full-on funk groove and features sexy female vocals alongside captivating acid twinged keys. "Just make it a Dub" is s stripped down version of the track that creates an even more intense, hypnotic feeling. Lastly there is "Crack'd House", a rough'n'raw sounding, marvelous piece of funktified deep house on a slightly dirty tip.

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