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Enjoy the latest batch of reviews full of the deeper tracky stuff...

"Shadows of the dawn" by Kyka & Chris Mil is a tasty slice of melodic deep house featuring sensitive vocals by Katy Meyer and lush synths over a deeply thumpin' backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of Seva K (deep techy tribal), Jesus Gonsev (deep spacey dub), Kyka (slightly tougher main room vibe), K-Bana (dreamy and laidback) and Ricky Inch (uplifting peak time stomper)(Deepology Digital Records CD Promo).

Italy's Mr. Mama presents the "Shake IT EP" featuring four tracks of mesmerizing ruthless deepness as only he can do, featuring spacy chords and lush synths over relentless beats and contagious percussion elements, with all of the tracks guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy. No more words needed, let the rhythms do the talk... (CyberJamz Records CD Promo). "A day in Bahia" by Louie vs. Todd is a cool mash-up by Mauritzio of Louie Vega's smooth tropical tribal stomper "Bahia" with Todd Terry's mid 90's classic 'Street Mix' of "A day in the life" (CD-R).

Statra Records celebrate their ten years anniversary re-launch with "10 Years of Statra - Volume 1" featuring selected tracks from the labels back catalogue, with a total of four EP's to be released in this series. "Afro science" by Alexi Delano is peak time afro-tribal, while "Aphrodisiac" by Nu Mood Orchestra is a piece of sensuous deep house full of mysterious melodies. The moody "On a patch of devotion" by Denver McCarthy is dark and hypnotic, while Jeff Sharel's innovative "Nyabinghis" fuses tech-soul with dubby house as well as reggae vibes (Statra Records CD Promo).

With the lovely "Playin' deep", Enrico Mantini presents a mellow deep house gem featuring luscious atmospheric synths and occasional spoken words over a groovy backdrop driven by resistless beats and an electronic bassline (SweetLeaf Records CD Promo). Sebastian Davidson & Estroe present "Swabian pancakes", a deep tech flavored house track featuring contaminous synth melodies over a stormin' backing. The 'Estroes Raisins Remix' has a much warmer organic feel to it, while Jorgensen's remix gives the track a progressive edge. The bonus track "Wohlgemuth" is a deep laidback atmospheric affair (Conya Records CD Promo).

The remorseless "Primetime" by Chris Ronson features Yvel & Tristan is a deeply rumblin' track featuring phat synth hooks and chords creating a mesmerizing feel. Ricky Inch deepens the vibe on the 'Sax Mix', while the 'Dub Mix' relaxes the feel for an ambient-ish journey. Finally Forteba give the track a groovy late night feel on their juicy interpretation (Cabrio Records CD Promo).

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