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Mustafa "Ginga Brasileira" (Staff Productions Records CD Promo)


Previously only available in Japan, Mustafa's wonderful album "Ginga Brasileira" is finally available around the globe. The album not just offers house - there is much more to discover: a marvelous blend of latin, jazz, house and even hip hop, both down-tempo and up-tempo. All of the songs showcase Mustafa's musical taste and production skills, with many of them including influences from his Brazilian roots and being very inspirational. And with people like Dom Navarra, Groove Assassin, MJ Cole, Anto Vitale and others contributing to this release, its one not to be missed. 

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Vick Lavender featuring Peter Jericho "What a poor boy wants" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Two months after we gave you an exclusive preview of Vick Lavender's "What a poor boy wants", the full package has dropped. The 'Original LP Mix' is a wonderfully crafted down tempo soul production, with Peter Jericho's heartfelt vocal making this a timeless song. Vick Lavender's up-tempo 'Lower Wacker ReTouch' is a driving affair built around a tremendous percussion enriched bassline groove and sweet keys. Finally we have Glenn Underground doing his thing, adding his unique classic sound with a jazzy edge to the song - its GU at his best!

soWHAT "soWHAT Sessions Vol. 1" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)

soWHAT Records present their first ever compilation release titled "soWHAT Sessions Vol. 1", featuring tracks and mixes from the likes of Abicah Soul, United People of Zion (UPZ), Dom Navarra, Avi Elman & Danny J, Jihad Muhammad, Mustafa, Roberto de Carlo, Hillary Sargeant... from laidback over deep and groovy to peak time and tougher grooves, it can all be found on this release. A great addition to your CD wallet.

Exclusive Preview: Shuya Okino featuring Yukimi Nagano "Pieces of you" (Martin Faltin Remix)(CD-R)

We've been impressed with Martin Faltin's work in recent weeks and months, and his latest offering is no exception as he takes the wonderful down tempo song "Pieces of you" by Japanese producer Shuya Okino (which features sultry vocals courtesy of Yukimi Nagano) to the soulful dance floors by adding a smooth yet fierce, funk drenched backing groove.

Love House Movement "Missing U"/ "In love" (NuDeep Music Records CD Promo)

NuDeep Music live up to their name with this release by the Love House Movement, a collective of musicians, DJ's and vocalists from the Baltimore, Washington D.C. and the Philadelphia areas. "Missing U" is deep and laidback, with captivating melodies accompanying the sensitive vocals to create an infectious feel. Deep Y’All aka DJ Rico provides the remix, strengthening the groove to give the track a more fierce outfit. The original version of "In love" is deep and groovy, with beautiful keys going along with the stylish vocals, while the remix intensifies the vibe with a stormin' groove and killer piano.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Man-X featuring Jean "Love war" (Sunset Nights Vocal Mix)(Deep Haven Music Records CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: ReelSoul featuring Damon "What am I supposed to do" (Deep Haven Music Records CD-R)

This label has been impressing us with their high quality output over and over again, and they just do it again! Man-X teams up with singer Jean to deliver "Love war", a wonderfully orchestrated production featuring jazzy keys and chords alongside a stunning vocal performance by Jean over a smooth yet fierce, funk soaked backdrop, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to. ReelSoul's "What am I supposed to do" is one of those tunes that has been rocking selected dance floors for roughly the last two years (and got reviewed by us back in march), now finally this beauty will be released. ReelSoul present a marvelous laidback production built around a smoothly thumpin' groove that is enriched with warm melodic chords and a soulful vocal performance by Damon, with that distinctive ReelSoul sound shining through all over. This is a slightly reworked version that is more infectious than the version previously reviewed and played out by selected DJs.

Andrea Carissimi featuring Orlando Johnson "Lose my mind" (Just 4 Funk Records CD Promo)

What a way to kick off a label! "Lose my mind" by Andrea Carissimi is a marvelous production featuring passionate vocals by Orlando Johnson alongside beautiful flute and horns over a relentless yet soulful, funk infused groove altogether spreading an irresistible feeling in the 'Just4Funk Mix'. The 'Soul Mix' uses a stompin', funk charged groove and adds lovely guitar riffs to create a feel good vibe, while the remix by Funkellers is a tightened disco-house affair with a funky twist.

Exclusive Preview: Alex Finkin & Reverend P featuring Jocelyn Mathieu "Those days are gone" (Animal House Records CD Promo)

Animal House is one of those labels that never disappoints, and with Alex Finkin & Reverend P's "Those days are gone" the success will continue for sure. Featuring a heartfelt vocal courtesy of Jocelyn Mathieu, the track creates an absolutely irresistible feel in the 'Deep Mix' thanks to the mesmerizing keys, virtuoso piano and driving groove used. The 'Shake Your B Vocal Mix' goes deeper, using captivating synths and a chords over a relentlessly rumblin' groove to spread a hypnotic vibe. Greg Gauthier is on remix duty, smoothing the groove down somewhat and making use of lush melodies to give the track a more relaxed feel.

Exclusive Preview: 4 Ears and Lady Bird "Cant be without you" (Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

"Can't be without you" by 4 Ears is a beautiful production featuring sweet vocals by Lady Bird over a smooth, funk drenched backdrop that is enriched with warm jazzy keys, altogether spreading a laidback feel. Jihad Muhammad adds a lovely jazzy piano and gives the track a groovier outfit on his fired-up remix, while Suges deepens the vibe and uses lush chords to create a mesmerizing feel. Ralf GUM's 'Love Dub' is a deep and smooth yet compelling affair featuring lush keys and chords, while Benny Pecoraio's 'Must Be Sax Dub' is deep and features an infectious saxophone over a relentless groove.

DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz featuring Sheila Ford "Always" (Code Red Records CD Promo)

Sheila Ford teams up with DJ Spen and his MuthaFunkaz to deliver the uplifting "Always" where Spen lays out another one of his hypnotic grooves that serves as playground for Sheila Ford's incomparable vocals and gorgeous melodies created by masterly keys. The 'Rock Da House Mix' adds old-skool beats to the track to give it more of an underground feel. Instrumental, reprise and beat versions complete this wonderful release.

Mark Di Meo featuring Kaysee "Always" (TriCircle Soul Records CD Promo)

The laidback "Always" by Italian newcomer Mark Di Meo features sweet vocals by Kaysee alongside classic strings, jazzy piano and lush keys over a deep yet soulful backing groove. Tony Loreto takes the track to deeper grounds on his 'SS Remix' that toughens the groove just a bit and uses phat keys. The 'Underground Mixes' by Mark Di Meo & Tony Loreto go even deeper and use edgy chords and added percussion elements to give the track a lovely dark twist, with the dub featuring additional synths that further intensify the vibe.

Mood II Swing presents Lem featuring Tara J "Reach 4 you" (Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)

Legendary production duo Mood II Swing return to Strictly Rhythm with the massive "Reach 4 you" featuring sensual vocals courtesy of Tara J. "Reach 4 you" is a mellow yet energetic production coming in a beautiful varied selection of mixes to choose from, all keeping the vibe groovy whilst featuring the beloved Mood II Swing keys and synths, with the only exception being the dub that is on a deeper electronic tip. Also included is the 'Urban Lounge Mix', a gorgeous acoustic down tempo version.

Riverside Soul featuring Chuck Love and De'Monica "That Party Feelin' EP" (Vino Records CD Promo)

Vino Records are blessing us with a massive three track release, of which the title track "That party" feelin'" features Chuck Love on synths and Jeff Horowich on saxophone, with the track being a feel good anthem built around a stormin' funktified groove, with the synths and beautiful vocals by De'Monica further intensifying the vibe. The 'Sax Dub' replaces the vocals with a saxophone that adds a jazzy touch to it. Monte Hilleman's "Walk with the wind" is included here in remixed form, having a distinct disco-funk sound to it that is absolutely resistless on the dance floor (you can choose between two comparably great versions). The third and final track is "Thinkin' 'bout you" featuring De'Monica's sexy voice, a lovely flute by Jeff Horowich and wicked synths over a powerful electrofied groove that is spreading an infectious vibe.

Thomas Toccafondi featuring Kaysee "I've changed" (Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Thomas Toccafondi presents the dreamy "I've changed" featuring sensual vocals by Kaysee alongside lovely strings and wicked synths over a fiercely stompin' groove. DK Jones tweaks and reconstructs the main elements to give the track a more uplifting feeling, while DJ Lazz's interpretation is on a deeper slightly moody tip. Richard Earnshaw and DK Jones then team up for some serious dance floor heat based around an infectious groove and captivating synths. Lastly there is Richard Earnshaw's piano driven dub that is the perfect choice for the bigger rooms.

The Blak Beat Niks "Free to be" (Tony Records CD Promo)

"Free to be free" by the Blak Beat Niks was introduced by Tony Records on their "WMC 2007 Sampler", now finally the full package including slammin' remixes is available. The original version is built a around a kickin' beat that is absolutely relentless, with the combination of keys, horns, male spoken words and female vocals creating an incredible uplifting and intense vibe. The 'Minimal Dub' takes the track to deeper grounds, with the techy keys used giving it a moody feeling, while the 'Free to Dub Mix' features jazzy keys and organ rides and relaxes the vibe while giving the track a more organic sounding. The remixes are courtesy of Tony Loreto & Jacko (aka TJ Inc), using a monstrous funk infused bassline alongside spacy keyboard and synth patterns on a techy twist to create an absolutely irresistible dance floor monster.

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