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Exclusive Preview: Jon B "They don't know" (Martin Faltin Re-Touch)(CD-R)

"They don't know" is from Jon B's 1997 album "Cool, relax", and in its original form this is a timeless r&b/soul production full of heartfelt emotions. Martin Faltin delivers his best remix to date, taking the song to the soulful house dance floors by adding a smooth yet fierce, deeply thumpin' groove beneath the sweet original orchestration, with the lovely guitar and the atmospheric chords together with the outstanding vocals creating a captivating feel.

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Exclusive Preview: Justin Imperiale "Drums of steel" (Cabana Records CD-R)

With "Drums of steel", Justin Imperiale presents a mesmerizing production built around a deep Afro flavored tribal groove that is spiced with sounds from the jungle and features lush steel vibes by Dennis Guevara alongside wicked synths, altogether spreading a relentless vibe on the dance floor.

Martin Mamzer featuring Susanne Alt "When love comes" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

Martin Mamzer (better known as DJ Aphreme) presents the wonderful "When love comes" featuring incredible saxophone play by Susanne Alt, a jazzy piano and lovely chords over a smoothly stompin', percussion enriched backing. Justin Imperiale gives the track a funk-fueled feel with a beautiful rhodes piano accompanying the saxophone, while Eddie Rey (aka DJ Aladdin) enters deeper grounds on his 'Souldub Quartet Afrorub Mix' that uses an Afro tinged groove as playground for the saxophone and delicious chords.

DJ Aphreme featuring Lenny Hamilton "Go" (The Deep For Ur Soul Mix)(Unified Records CD Promo)

"Go" is Martin Mamzer's second new production for the week, featuring passionate vocals by Lenny Hamilton and soothing synths over a deep funk drenched backdrop, with the infectious old-school tinctured bassline assuring jam packed dance floors. A release not to be missed.

Cloudsteppers "Make me shine" (Pesto Records CD Promo)

Ukraine's Cloudsteppers present a deep house masterpiece with "Make me shine" featuring warm jazzy keys and a beautiful saxophone over a deeply stompin' groove. Beside a slightly altered dub, there are various remixes included: the Disclosure Project gives the track an atmospheric outfit, while Scope (aka Ric McClelland) goes for an electronic ride. Chris Udoh pumps up the vibe on this edgy rework which is perfect for the bigger rooms, followed by John Silva's deeper interpretation which features lush spheric chords. Lastly there is the 'Bedroom Beach Remix' which adds a 90's old-school touch to the track.

Halo & Kemal featuring Michelle Weeks "Come together" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

On "Come together", Halo and Kemal team up with the legendary Michelle Weeks to deliver a sure shot club winner featuring outstanding vocals and phat keys and synths over a fiercely thumpin' backing groove on the 'Main Mix' (also included as an instrumental version), with the dub taking the track to deeper more hypnotizing grounds. Lastly the 'Classic Mix' relaxes the vibe for warm jazzy melodies and a funk drenched, groovy backing.

Sandra Lima "Higher" (Scott Watson Remix)(Baldeelox Records CD Promo)

Sandra Lima's massive "Higher" club smash gets licensed to Baldeelox Records, with Scott Watson taking on the track and delivering a fierce rework built around an irresistibly stormin' funk soaked groove that is enriched with wicked keys which, together with Sandra Lima's uplifting vocals, create a resistless feel on the dance floor.

Steven Stone featuring Angie Brown "No other man" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

ReelGroove Records present a real beauty here with "No other man" courtesy of Swiss DJ/producer Steven Stone. The song features a heartfelt vocal by Angie Brown over a soulful, funk soaked backing that is topped with warm melodic keys and classic strings that altogether create a timeless feel good vibe. Christian Hornbostel turns out a deep, dubby remix built around a smooth tribal beat that is absolutely resistless, while Soul Conspiracy take us back in time with their 90's tinged hands-in-theair anthem. Finally Groove'O'Holics serve a stompin' dub perfect for the main room with its catchy synths.

Fabio Tosti featuring Marshall Jefferson "House Music" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Fabio Tosti teams up with Marshall Jefferson to bring the timeless "House Music" vocal to today's dance floors. The 'Original Mix' is all about the uplifting vocals and a captivating piano hook that together create a relentless vibe, while the 'Break Mix' goes underground with a rolling groove leading the way. The 'Deeper Mix' keeps the feel deep while giving the track a bumpin' sound. Lastly the 'Filter Mix' adds some laidback funktified grooves to the package, with the vocals being accompanied by lovely chords.

Rasmir presents Charles Spann "Thankin' the lord" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Rasmir Mantree presents some serious underground vibes with "Thankin' the lord" by Charles Spann, a production coming your way as a resistless affair featuring sexy vocals by Charles Spann over a deeply rumblin' groove that is enriched with mesmerizing synths. The 'Deep House Mix' goes deeper and has got an old skool touch to it while at the same time intensifying the vibe. The release also includes a slammin' dub and a great alteration in the form of "Thankin The Ungrateful Beat".

DJ Dealer "Chicago Love EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

This EP features two more tracks from DJ Dealer's "Joyride" album which bring back memories of the good old Chicago sound of house. "Chicago love" is a homage to the early days of house, featuring a compelling vocal hook courtesy of Charles Dockins. Beside the album version, there are new mixes by Jay West who goes for a slightly tech tinged reworking, Deep Factor who toughen the vibe for the bigger rooms and Lewis Ferrier who delivers a spaced-out interpretation. Also included are the album version and two dance floor killing dubs of "Lake Shore Drive" which has been a secret weapon for many DJ's.

Funky Soldiers featuring K Alexi "Deep in Chicago" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda Records hit strong with their latest offering "Deep in Chicago" by Funky Soldiers which features vocals by K Alexi alongside mesmerizing keys over an irresistibly stompin' backdrop that is oozing with its funky flavors. Central Avenue further intensify the vibe on their driving remix that gives the track a somewhat darker feel, while Phonic Funk fire up the funky ingredients to the climax on their stormin' remix hat is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor.

Davidson Ospina featuring DJN Project "Don't let it stop" (Remixes)(Ospina Digital Records CD Promo)

While the original versions of DJN Project's "Don't let it stop" continue to rock the dance floors, the remixes are here assuring continued club success. Scott Watson turns out a groovy funk drenched reworking that keeps the feeling soulful and laidback, while Javi Lopez takes the track to deeper grounds, with the lush chords creating a captivating feel. Lastly Cortes contributes a fierce funk soaked remix that combines a lovely guitar with warm melodies to the package.

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