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Exclusive Preview: Park Street featuring Diana Waite "That feelin'" (MoD Records CD Promo)

Park Street are on a roll at the moment as they follow up their current club hit "Sometimes" with the equally compelling "That feelin'", again featuring the duties of Diana Waite who provides an outstanding vocal performance on this powerful production based on a fierce groove that is enriched with catchy keys that give the track a relentless feeling. The 'Go Deep Mix' takes the track to deeper grounds, with the captivating chords creating an incredibly intense feeling that will take dance floors by storm. Lastly MoD provide the 'Feelin Dub Mix', a groovy take on the track with a funky edge that features wicked synths and chords.

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Michael Procter & Colonel Abrams "Work it out" (MyChan Records CD Promo)

On "Work it out", Michael Procter and Colonel Abrams - both legends in dance music - team up for the first time ever to present an uplifting production where they showcase their exceptional vocal talents. The original is on an old school house tip, featuring catchy chords over a deeply rumblin groove, while the 'Master House Classic Vocal' uses a jazzy piano over a smooth groove oozing with its funk flavors. The '3010 Dub' is going way deeper featuring wicked keys while not hiding the funky roots, while the 'The Funk N The Nasty Dub' puts the funky elements center stage.

Fuzion & C Perez featuring Pedro Herrera "Save me" (Fuzion Records CD Promo)

Fuzion (aka George Mena and Franke Estevez) team up with Chris Perez (from Blvd East) to present the wonderful "Save me" featuring singer Pedro Herrera who provides an inspirational vocal performance full of soul and spirit, with the fierce yet soulful, percussion enriched groove and melodic keys creating an irresistible feelin' guaranteed to create a frenzy on the dance floor. The 'Club Remix' takes the song to deeper grounds, intensifying the vibe and giving it an underground touch thanks to the wicked chords used.

Asia Lynn "Peaceful journey" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Joe Flame teams up with singer and songwriter Asia Lynn for the beautiful "Peaceful journey", a deep and soulful production featuring a lovely guitar alongside Asia Lynn's sweet sexy vocals/spoken words and a jazzy trumpet that altogether give the track a laidback feeling. The remix replaces the guitar with wonderful keys and strings while deepening the groove to turn the track into a soulful garage masterpiece.

Exclusive Preview: Brian McKnight "Find myself in you" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Retouch)(CD-R)

Yet again Alex Dimitri delivers an amazing reworking of a wonderful soul tune courtesy of Brian McKnight titled "Find myself in you" (lifted from his album "Ten"). "Find myself in you" is given a deeply rumblin' yet soulful reworking that keeps on groovin' from the beginning till the end, with Brian McKnight's incomparable voice shining all over to make this something special.

Deepswing featuring BriJai Harvey "Listen to my power" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)

With "Listen to my power", Deepswing introduce artist BriJai Harvey who has got all it takes to become a diva in the house music scene thanks to her soulful yet powerful voice that is full of passion. The 'Original Market Mix' is a feel good affair built around a resistless stompin' beat, enriched with wicked chords - hands in the air guaranteed. On the 'Airex Groove Mix', Deepswing go all funky while preserving the vibrant feel, with the rhodes adding a jazzy touch. Rob King & Steve Baca deliver an energetic reworking spiced with catchy ingredients making it a choice pick for the main room, while Soularis give the track a laidback vibe on their 'SunSoaked Mix' that is built around a deep yet smooth groove, with beautiful melodies accompanying BriJai Harvey.

Exclusive Preview: DJ Man-X "Miami soul" (Dub Revisited)(DeepHaven Records CD-R)

This is a slightly revisited version of the dub we've exclusively reviewed last week, with the little changes and twists making it sound even better. Compared to the original version reviewed a couple of weeks back, the 'Dub' takes things way deeper, giving the track a hypnotic feeling that is absolutely relentless, with incredible keys leading nicely arranged over a deeply rumblin' groove that goes as deep as it gets. One to watch out for. Can't wait for DJ Man-X's album to drop...

Soul Oasis presents Nef Nunez featuring "Lifted Soul EP" (Cyberjamz Records CD Promo)

Soul Oasis presents a beautiful three track EP courtesy of Nef Nunez that features keys by Anto Vitale and Scott Wozniak. The title track "Lifted soul" is all about the hot fusion of jazzy keys and spaced out chords over a smoothly stompin' groove, while "A new dimension" is a splendid deep house cut featuring wicked keys over a deeply rumblin' groove. Closing down this great package is "Life experience", a deep house gem built around a percussion enriched groove that is topped with beautiful jazzy keys and lovely chords.

No Age Combo "My obsession" (MusicPlan Tracks Records CD Promo)

To kick off the new MusicPlan Tracks imprint, "My obsession" by the No Age Combo trio has been chosen, a rather minimal track built around bouncin' beats, some percussion and catchy chords that altogether create a hypnotic vibe. Around the middle, jazzy keys come in, adding a melodic touch to the track. Fabio Tosti lays the focus to the beats and bass, removing the jazzy keys to give it an even more stripped down feel. A useful beats version is included in the package as well.

Various "Underground Anthems Vol. 2" (Aesthetic Audio Records CD Promo)

Aesthetic Audio present the second installment of their "Underground Anthems" series, bringing us more deep techy sounds from Detroit. Johan Fotmeijer presents "Back in the days" which features incredible spheric keys and strings over a deeply rumblin' groove, while Patrice Scott serves the deeply thumpin' "Visions of Mantada" featuring catchy synths. Lastly label head Keith Worthy delivers the slightly dirty "DV8" featuring crazed-out snyths and chords.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "Sin palabras" (Demo)(CD-R)

Italy's Mr. Mama unleashes yet another slammin' track that is destined to take dance floors by storm with its minimal approach, being built around a deeply thumpin' beat that is enriched with sparse percussion and drums as well as catchy synths that add a hypnotic feeling to the track.

Tuccillo "Manresonanzia EP" (Bubble Soul Tracks Records CD Promo)

Giuseppe Tuccillo (aka Tuccillo) has the honor of being responsible for the debut release on the brand new Bubble Soul Tracks label (sister label to Bubble Soul Music). It is a three track release titled "Manresonanzia EP" that is all about deeply rumblin', resistless grooves enriched with catchy electrofied keys that give the tracks a hypnotic, slightly techy feel. Something for those addicted to real tracky underground house sounds.

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