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Exclusive Preview: Heather Headley "I wish I wasn't" (Tony Loreto Spirit Sound Remix)(Consortium Muzik CD Promo)

Here we have a magnificent remix of Heather Headley's "I wish I wasn't" - yes we know there exist almost countless remixes of this track already, but this fresh one by Italian DJ and producer Tony Loreto will blow you away once you hear it. It's deep and groovy while keeping things soulful from beginning to the end, and it features marvelous keys and an organ ride that will bring tears to your eyes. This is the kind of r&b meets house that keeps soulful house alive forever. Watch out for Tony Loreto's upcoming release "The Spirit EP" on Tony Records as well as other remixes he did - we've heard some of them, they are absolutely slammin'.

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Steve SoulBasics "Kuchwa" (Seed Records CD Promo)

Steve from SoulBasics blesses us with a beautiful piece of funk flavored afro house titled "Kuchwa" (which means "dusk" in the Swahili language"). The original is on a mellow tip featuring a sweet percussion enriched afro house beat, with great vocal chants and lovely chords creating a resistless feeling. Boddhi Satva gives the track a deeper, more tribalistic feeling, with wicked synths creating a more intense vibe. Lastly Bradford James with the help of Chaz Bronz on keys and vibes creates a relentless deep house vibe that nicely incorporates the African elements.

Exclusive Preview: Alex Dimitri South Soul "Africa" (CD-R)

Alex Dimitri welcomes you to the jungle with this production titled "Africa", a track based on an irresistible afro house beat that is accompanied by sweet percussion, with the jazzy horns, African chants and sounds from the fauna letting you think you're in Africa. Close your eyes and let your imagination take care of the rest...

Exclusive Preview: Jamiroquai "Love foolosophy" (Jersey Soul Remix)(Consortium Muzik Records CD-R)

Jersey Soul (aka Dave Lalla and Big Logan) take on Jamiroquai's "Love foolosphy" to turn it into a smoothly tumpin' affair built around a slightly tribal flavored, percussion enriched groove that is topped with wonderful melodic keys and a lovely guitar, altogether serving as playground for Jamiroquai's unmistakable voice, with the result being on a beautiful laidback vibe.

Arnaud D featuring Ama "Mi amor" (Funk La Planet Records CD Promo)

French producer Arnaud D'Aleo (who goes by Arnaud D) presents a slammin' production featuring sexy vocals courtesy of Ama. The main version is an irresistible affair, with a driving beat leading the way for the vocals and hypnotic chords (an instrumental of this is included in the package as well). The 'Elek Mix' gives the track a slightly techy feeling thanks to the electrofied synths used, while the 'Deep Mix' takes the track to deeper grounds, with both versions preserving the resistlessness.

Anto Vitale featuring Heidi Vogel Levo "Taxi nights" (Camio Records CD Promo)

Anto Vitale teams up with renowned singer Heidi Vogel Levo for the wonderful "Taxi nights" coming in various tasty flavors. The original is a marvelous latin flavored production on a broken beat tip featuring a beautiful trumpet by Jon Milsom alongside delightful vocals by Heidi Vogel Levo, while the 'Shabu Music Jazz Mix' gives the track an authentic jazz feeling, making you think you witness a jam session. Deep Inc rework the track into a smooth affair featuring melodic keys and a great organ over a laidback groove, while M-Sol uses lovely strings alongside wicked chords over a deeply rumblin' groove to create an uplifting yet fierce vibe.

Jihad Muhammad "The dawn" (Camio Records CD Promo)

Camio's debut release gets retouched by rising star Guy Robin who delivers an outstanding interpretation featuring a wicked scat vocal by Anthony Moriah alongside a beautiful jazzed-up saxophone solo and magnificent keys and chords that are perfectly arranged over a deeply thumpin' yet soulful groove that is nothing than absolutely resistless and hypnotic. One not to be missed.

Alicia Keys "No one" (Guy Robin Remix)(Raw House Records CD Promo)
Jill Scott "Hate on me" (Guy Robin & DJ Leo Remix)(Raw House Records CD Promo)

Alicia Key's "No one" seems to become a favorite among house music producers, with some dope remixes popping up as of recently. Guy Robin delivers a slammin' interpretation giving the song a deep and soulful reworking, with wicked keys accompanying the incomparable voice of Alicia Keys. His 'Vocal Remix' is a soulful yet fierce affair built around a driving beat, with his 'Underground Mix' taking the track to way deeper grounds. Together with partner DJ Leo, Guy Robin also reworked Jill Scott's "Hate on me", turning out a deeply groovin' interpretation featuring great keys nicely accompanying Jill Scott's unmistakable vocals, with the dub mixes creating a hypnotic feeling thanks to the catchy synth hooks and deeply stormin' beat.

Redsoul featuring Andrea Love "Heat you up (melt you down)" (Playmore Records CD Promo)

The first digital release on Playmore Records sees label head David Wearing (aka Redsoul) teaming up with singer Andrea Love to cover the all time dance classic "Heat you up (melt you down)" by Shirley Lites. Redsoul's own version stays true to the original while nicely adapting it for today's dance floors to turn it into an absolutely relentless banger. Deep Swing deliver a cool organic interpretation, using a deeply thumpin' beat as playground for the passionate vocals, lovely guitar and great chords. Jay Vegas delivers a deep funktified interpretation, with a slight touch of electronic flavors added. Lastly Hugo Puntito delivers a tougher interpretation.

Anthony Romeno "I won't let you go" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

With "I won't let you go" by Anthony Romeno, Purple Music present a wicked piece of disco house featuring all the elements it takes to create a frenzy on the dance floor: a resistless groove, catchy orchestration and feel good vocals that altogether create an irresistible feeling. The 'Sax Club Mix' is all about the magnificent organ and saxophone solos, while the 'Extended Club Mix' makes use of the full vocals and features a lovely guitar riff and great chords.

Yogi and Husky "The Random Soul EP" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

Here we've got some funky house vibes coming straight from Australia courtesy of Yogi and Husky aka Random Soul. Their "It feels alright" is a feel good anthem featuring a catchy vocal hook alongside wicked keys over a funked up groove. Miguel Migs is firing up the vibe of the track on his 'Petalpusher Rework' by intensifying the groove and adding some slick electronic flavors. The electrofied "Let it go" is a chunky affair based around a bumpin' groove, while "PJ sessions" combines a jazzy saxophone with a soulful funk flavored groove.

Alex Dimitri & Fabio Tosti "Disco" (MusicPlan Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ's and producers Alex Dimitri and Fabio Tosti join forces for a massive disco-funk production aptly titled "Disco". From the stompin' groove over a funky-as-hell bassline to a hot guitar riff, sexy vocals courtesy of Sara and classy horns - everything can be found on this irresistible track that will take dance floors by storm. Five tasty and versatile versions, all putting the funky vibes center stage, are included in this release, giving you plenty of choices to tock any party.

Phil Asher presents Phlash & Friends "Political 06" / "Revolution = solution" (Archive Records CD Promo)

This double sided single release by Italian label Archive is a taster for the forthcoming album by Phlash & Friends due in early spring 2008. First up is "Political 06", a deep tech-soul track featuring an inspirational speak from the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. over a stormin' groove that is enriched with incredibly hot spheric chords and acidic synths giving the track a resistless hypnotic vibe (an instrumental is included too). "Revolution = solution" is a deeply rumblin' track enriched with catchy percussion elements and warm melodic synths, with the alternate 'Deeper Mix' having a more underground feel to it.

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