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Exclusive Preview: Fanatix featuring Dionne Mitchell and Sterling Ensemble "Open your eyes" (BBE Records CD-R)

It has been quiet around Fanatix for some time, but they are ready to return in a big way with a full length album to drop soon on BBE Records. The first single from the album will be "Open your eyes" featuring the Sterling Ensemble and Dionne Mitchell. "Open your eyes" is a powerful yet soulful production based on a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with relentless keys and chords alongside an outstanding vocal performance by Dionne Mitchell, altogether creating an uplifting and irresistible vibe you can't resist to dance to.

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Exclusive Preview: Adam Cruz featuring Flora Cruz "Overcome" (Phil Hooton Tribute to Mel & Larry Garage Remix)(CD-R)

The Adam Cruz produced "Overcome EP" was recently released by Mixtape Sessions Music, with the title track "Overcome" being a wonderful deep house track featuring powerful vocals by Flora Cruz who talks about the struggle of living day to day. Phil Hooton's masterly orchestrated interpretation (which is a tribute to legends Mel Cheren and Larry Levan) gives this song an authentic old-school feeling reminiscent of the classic Paradise Garage sound. Timeless house grooves that will keep you groovin' all night...

Pirahnahead "Music" (WhasDat Music Records CD Promo)

With "Music", WhasDat Music present a stand-out deep house production featuring wonderful harmonies alongside soulful vocals and spoken words courtesy of Pirahnahead and Diviniti, all beautifully arranged over a deeply stormin', percussion enriched backing groove, creating a laidback uplifting feeling. For all the vinyl collectors, there will be a limited edition one-sided 12" release.

Fuzion featuring Temple Dynasty "Lose control" (Fuzion Records CD Promo)

The title track from the magnificent Fuzion album released about a year ago finally gets a full single release, complete with slammin' remixes by Chris Perez and the Fuzion boys George Mena and Franke Estevez. The 'Original Fuzion Dance Mix' opens with a wonderful acapella section before a laidback yet fierce, percussion enriched backing groove topped with wicked jazzy keys kicks in and starts to create an irresistible vibe that gets intensified once the marvelous vocals courtesy of Temple Dynasty (Diamond Temple, Rob 'Da Noize' Temple, Felicia Temple and Christina Temple) come in. The 'DisconFuzion Remix' is firing things up for a groovier, more powerful vibe featuring great chords. Lastly there is Chris Perez interpretation built around a deeply stormin', sweet percussion enriched groove that combines the vocals with delightful chords and keys.

Loop Session featuring Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick "Shadows on the Sun (when you're not here)" (Loop Sounds Digital Download)

This was the debut release for this Japan based label that dates back to December 2004, and now gladly their back catalog is available in digital format through Dancetracks Digital. "Shadows on the sun (when you're not here)" features a guest appearance of Incognito's Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, with the original version being a magnificent soul-jazz jam session. DJ Nori takes the song to the soulful house floors , with a beatless version included that is perfect for chilling. Yukihiro Fukutomi serves a broken beat interpretation that will make you cry for more. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Lee Genesis "Everybody reach out" (Stellar Records CD Promo)

Legendary producer and DJ Victor Simonelli teams up with singer Lee Genesis for "Everybody reach out", a fierce production guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe on every dance floor thanks to the captivating keys by Robin Moore, jazzy horns and uplifting vocals by Lee Genesis that are nicely arranged over a funktified groove. The 'Victor and Luca Dub' puts the keys and saxophone center stage, while the 'Base O Funk Dub' reaches deeper to get more of an underground feel. Also included is a very useful acapella.

Mirco Esposito & Tommy Mads featuring Andrew Robinson "Feeling" (DeepTown Music Records CD Promo)

Mirco Esposito and Tommy Mads team up for "Feeling", an uplifting production featuring a passionate vocal performance by Jamaican born singer Andrew Robinson. The main 'Club Mix' is a soulful affair built around a funk spiced groove and classy keys, while the dub mixes take the track to deeper, slightly techy grounds, being somewhat reminiscent to the classic Red Zone sound invented by David Morales. Mirco Esposito's 'Alternate Mix' goes all funky while Dario D'Attis delivers some real hypnotic deepness on his take that is absolutely relentless. Don't miss out on the acapella which is included in the package as well.

Scott Wozniak featuring Angelica Linares "Automatic" (Funk La Planet Records CD Promo)

Scott Wozniak is going from strength to strength both with his productions and remixes recently, and with "Automatic" he will definitely continue his winning streak. "Automatic" is a hypnotic affair built around a resistless, deeply stormin', funktified groove that is enriched with wicked synths and chords, while Angelica Linares's adds some sexiness to the track with her seductive vocals.

DJ Purple "SARA3" (Original Mix)(Sounds of Subway Records CD Promo)

With "SARA3" by DJ Purple, Sounds of Subway present a lovely piece of deep house music based on a deeply rumblin' beat that is enriched with great percussion elements and a bassline that goes as deep as it gets, with the old school flavored piano and catchy synths creating a resistless feeling on the dance floor.

Marcel Wave "Lower Allston"(Freerange Records Digital Download)

Marcel Wave (aka Tanner Ross) presents a lovely three track EP titled "Lower Allston" which includes the hypnotic "71 aldie", an excellent deep house track featuring lush synth stabs over a deeply stormin', rolling groove. The other track of the EP is "27 holton", a rather minimal tech house production in its original form that is given a minimal deep house reworking by Serafin. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Bos "The Music EP" (Music Plan Records CD Promo)

Bos follows up his successful "Turn Of Phase EP" with the slammin' "The Music EP". The main track "The music" is a feel good affair using both a beautiful jazzy piano and jazzy saxophone alongside male vocals over a smoothly stompin' groove. Fabio Tosti provides two remixes, with his 'Sunshine Mix' giving the track a summery latinesque touch, while his 'In the 80s Mix' takes you back in time to the 80's club sound. Alex Dimitri provides a fierce, percussion driven dub version that is all about the resistless groove and saxophone. "A new approach to life" is delightful jazz-funk flavored house track full of positive energy and power, while "Ey ah" is groovy funk soaking jam.

Spiritual Blessings "Kumasi" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Spiritual Blessings present a wicked production titled "Kumasi" that cleverly combines deep house with afro influences, being served in three different flavors. First is the 'Original Mix' which uses a fierce, slightly afro-tribal flavored groove as base for warm melodic synths, a jazzy piano and hypnotic female African chants. Next is the 'SB in Da Deep Mix' that takes the track to the deep house territory with deeply thumpin' beats and great chords. Lastly three is the afro-centric 'Lost in Ghana Mix' that makes you feel you are in the jungle with its hypnotic vibe created by crazed-out synths, the African chants and a relentless afro groove.

Dr. Drummer "Disco Feelings Vol. 1" (Pino Music Records CD Promo)

"Disco Feelings Vol. 1" features two hot tracks courtesy of Dr. Drummer that bring that timeless sound of the 70's we call Disco back to the dance floors. "All around the world" is a fierce affair featuring great classic strings alongside warm melodic keys over a funktified backing groove, while "Philly Disco" is on a more laidback and jazzy tip, with an undeniable touch of the classic uplifting Philly Disco sound.

Replay featuring Rhalmia "Everyday is saturday" (DJ Circle Remix)(TriCircle Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the original package come these new mixes by label head DJ Circle who offers some slammin' mixes that will take dance floors - especially the bigger rooms - by storm thanks to the absolutely fierce and relentless groove that is guaranteed to keep the crowd movin', with the captivating synths and soulful vocals intensifying the vibe to the point the crowd will turn into a frenzy.

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