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Exclusive Preview: Stacey Mallory "My rhythm" (CD-R)

While "What is housemusic..." will be released on Jellybean Soul Records soon, Stacey Mallory has the next bomb ready to drop. "My rhythm" is a wicked instrumental track based on a deeply rumblin' bassline, phat beats and sweet percussion. On top of it are jazzy keys, an organ solo and a fantastic piano line that create an irresistible feeling. This is one of those rare tracks with a groove that won't get out of your head for a long time to come.

Jon Cutler & Michael Watford "Watcha gonna do" (MN2S Records CD Promo)

New York based DJ and producer Jon Cutler delivers a killer vocal production that took this years Winter Music Conference in a storm whenever it got played. Featuring the legendary Michael Watford on vocals, "Watcha gonna do" comes with a raw edge in its original form that is a fierce yet smooth stomper featuring melodic keys and a wonderful vocal. Reel Soul rework it into a deeply thumpin' groover with laidback keys that lets the soulful vibe take center stage, while Kings of Soul accentuate the bass and add some sweet guitar licks and a magical flute, creating a funkier interpretation.


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Bah Samba featuring Isabel Fructuoso "Calma" (BKO Records CD Promo)

"Calma" comes with delicate rhythms and pretty latin guitars as backdrop for Isabel Fructuoso's heartfelt voice in the original version. The 'Bah Samba Beach Mix' strips the instrumentation down to the guitars and laminar keys, creating a lovely chillout vibe, while Louie Vega takes the song to the dancefloor with a wonderfully instrumentated, percussion driven latinesque groove. Quentin  Harris' take is a nice contrast, adding his trademark beats and keys to it, replacing the latinesque sounds.

Juan Hoerni & Keith Jones "Afrique" (ChaCha Project Records 12")

"Afrique" by the team of Juan Hoerni and Keith Jones features lovely guitars, jazzy flute, sweet percussion and wicked drums that create a gorgeous late night gem in its original form, that is reworked by DJ Spinna into a shuffling groover coming with additional keys, spreading a subtle vibe. Jordan Strong & Pescado deliver a dubby rework that comes compete with jazzy keys and nice delays.

Vivian Green "Gotta go, gotta leave" (DFA Remix)(FallOut Records 12")

Darryl James & Fred McFarlane aka DFA return on the FallOut label with a reworking of Vivian Green's "Gotta go, gotta leave" that is spreading a warm melodic feeling through its smoothly tumpin' groove that is topped with lovely guitars and jazzy keys, letting Vivian Green's sexy voice shine all over.

Franck Roger & Olivier Portal featuring Chris Wonder "Me myself & I" (Seasons Limited Records 12")

Seasons Limited secured the rights for "Me myself & I", a classy deeep garage production courtesy of France' hardest working producer Franck Roger. "Me myself & I" features the soulful voice of Chris Wonder over a delicious smooth backing music featuring lush rhodes and courtesy of Olivier Portal, a deep bassline, shuffling beats and stellar guitar.

Exclusive Preview: Stacey Mallory featuring Empress "What is housemusic... (Stacey's House)" (JellyBean Soul Records CD Promo)

With the release on Jellybean Soul imminent, there are brand new mixes of this great tune to be discovered, created by Stacey Mallory himself. They feature soulful and sexy vocals by Empress over a broken-beat styled, smoothly thumpin' groove, topped with jazzy and laminar keys, spreading a laidback and melodic vibe. The instrumental features a lovely guitar that is enhancing the laidback vibe, while the dub is based on a driving 4/4 house groove and features irresistible keys.

The Sunburst Band "He is" / "Fly away" (Joey Negro / Audiowhores Remixes)(Z Records CD Promo)

This limited release features two essential tracks back to back. First up is "He is" that got the Joey Negro remix treatment, featuring wicked synths, atmospheric keys and a spoken word vocal over a fierce funktified groove. The flip features Audiowhores reworkings of "Fly away",  turning the track into a peaktime stomper while keeping the original vibe alive.

Off The Cuff "Shake" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)

"Shake" is an uplifting production, with the 'Solid Purpose Mix' being the choice for peaktime play with its powerful stompin' groove that is added with catchy keys, a funky bassline and wicked spoken vocals. For a more relaxed affair, check the 'Primo Mix' that comes with a smoothed down groove and added jazzy flute and saxophone, adding a lovely laidback touch to the track.

Quentin Harris "Let's be young" (UnRestricted Access Records 12")

"Let's be young" by Quentin Harris is an anthemic and epic instrumental track based on an electroncic groove that get topped with various synth chords, guitar washes and horn stabs that ctreate an irresistible feeling on the dancefloor.

Various "Southport Weekender Volume 3" (SuSu Records 3xCD / SuSu Records 3x12")

 Image The "Southport Weekender" series presented by SuSu Records goes to its third round with a triple-CD release featuring mixes by Dimitri from Paris, Jazzie B and Quentin Harris, each representing his unique style. Dimitri from Paris delivers a nice blend of disco classics with recent and future club smashs, throwing in some of his exlusive edits. Jazzie B goes for a lovely set of classic and morden of r&b, jazz and funk, while Quentin Harris presents a New York styled set with many of  his productions and remixes featured.

The accompanying triple-vinyl pack features selected tracks including the Dimitri from Paris edits of "Another day" by Jasper Street Company, "Live it up" by Sweet Touch and "Don't you want my love" by Debbie Jacobs, as well as the previously unreleased Masters at Work remix of "Back to life" by Soul II Soul.


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James Howard "We can do it (Wake up)" (Emotive Records 12", 1991)

This Charles Dockins production was one of the defining moments for this legendary label.

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