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The Shadow Kings featuring David Walker "Soul music" (Undo Records 12" Promo)

Undo Records bless us with a truly soulful release courtesy of The Shadow Kings and featured vocalist David Walker. The original take is spreading an organic live feeling through the instrumentation that includes guitar and saxophone together with a deep and funky bassline, with the passionate lead and background vocals creating an incredible feeling. Richard Earnshaw's interpretation makes just subtle changes to it by adding a jazzy piano line and a smoothly stompin' groove, while the Native New Yorkers use a deeply stormin' groove together with melodic keys and a wicked guitar riff.


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DJ Romain & Jon Cutler featuring Jeannie Hopper "De ja vu" (KingStreet Records 12")

KingStreet continue to rework gems from their back catalogue. This time, the ten year old "De ja vu" by the trio of DJ Romain, Jon Cutler and Jeannie Hopper has been chossen as and gets a new life with mixes by Mr. V who delivers exquisite deep textures on his take, creating a lush deep house interpreation with sultry keys, soft congas and muted keys over a deeply thumpin' groove that acts as playground for the seductive spoken words.

Sterling Ensemble featuring Sara Devine "Life ain't what it seems" (Vega Records 12")

Not long after the release of the smooth and jazzy "Believe" on Ricanstruction comes the next bomb from Albert 'Sterlin' Menendez & Rico Suarez, featuring vocalist Sara Devine. "Life ain't what it sesms" is a gorgeous deep number remixed by Louie Vega in grand Dance Ritual style, combing a fierce percussive groove with harmonic keys, soulful and sexy vocals and a wicked organ solo.

DJ Jorj featuring Carmen Hendricks "Till I see the sun" (Fanatix Remix)Curious Records 12" Test Pressing)

One of last years summer anthems is back with stunning new mixes by Fanatix. "Till I see the sun" by australian producer DJ Jorj features sweet vocals by Carmen Hendricks that are placed over a smoothly bumpin', funded-up garage groove that is added with a jazzy piano line and melodic keys, creating a harmonic vibe. The dubstrumental on the flip stripps the vocal, letting the music do the talk.

Suges featuring Syreeta Neal "Always be your lady" (Original Version)(Soulstar Records 12")

After last years massive "Slave to the poison", producer Adam "Suges" Sugar returns with the lovely "Always be your lady", featuring the sexy voice of Syreeta Neal. "Always be your lady" is a laidback production featuring a passionate vocal performance by Syreeta Neal together with melodic keys over a deeply stromin' groove, spreading a mellow late nite vibe. Remixes are courtesy of Harley & Muscle who give the song their unique deepness, Davidson Ospina and John Dalback.

Manny Velasquez & Clifton King "Family prayer" (Deepa Grooves Records 12" Test Pressing)

For those of you remembering the "Robinson Wall Project Volume 1" on BlackRain Records from 1993, "Family prayer" will be familar. This updated version is dedicted to John Robinson, a legendary DJ and producer. The main vocal is a laidback affair with a mellow bumpin' groove, topped with an emotional vocal by Clifton King's and melodic keys that create a warm feeling. The instrumental features additional keys, while the Boyd Jarvis' alternate take uses straighter beats and a wicked organ solo together with vocal ad-libs.

Sir Piers featuring Monique Bingham "Fools got nothin'" (Reel People Remix)(Curious Records 12" Test Pressing)

The Reel People remixes are here in time for summer, and they turn the funky feel good anthem into something completely different compared to the original version. These new mixes are based on a soulful broken beat and are enhanced with funky keys and funky guitar riffs, creating a warm and uplifting feeling.

Soul Creation featuring Misu "Sueno en ti" (Deepa Grooves Records 12" Test Pressing)

Soul Creation are busy in the studio these days, putting out one great production after another. "Sueno en ti" is a fantastic track that is based on an irresistible jazzed-up house groove featuring spoken words by Misu together with wicked keys and horns that add a touch of an orchestral flavor to it. The dub version is focussing on the jazz elements, intensifying the irresistible feeling of the track.

Mark Grant featuring Russoul "You r the 1" (Blackstone Records 12")

"You r the 1" is the third release for Blackstone Records, produced by Mark Grant and featuring the talented r&b artist Russoul on vocals. The 'Soul Pass' mixes are on a funky tip, featuring a bass heavy and funky yet very soulful musical backing with big horns and great saxophone together with the wonderful vocals. The 'Re-Funk'd Dub' takes the best elements from the song while stripping the vocals and adding percussion, creating a funky monster jam that will turn the dancefloor crazy.

Copyright presents One Track Mind "Essence of life" (Copyright Records 12")

The long awaited "Essence of life" is finally here, continuing the series of slamming releases for Copyright. "Essence of life" is set to keep the dancefloors moving all over the world, coming in three different flavors. The 'Main Mix' is based around a smoothly stormin' groove that is enriched with a jazzy saxophone and warm acidic keys, giving the track a spacey edge. The 'House Mix' uses old-school styled percussion and piano, adding a Chicago house touch to the song, that is further enhanced on the 'Tantric Mix' that changes the whole groove to sound like an early house production.

Tiger Stripes featuring Simone Moreno "Vem sambar" (Hipp-E Remix)(Look-At-You/Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)

This monster latin track is back to destry once more the dancefloors, this time courtesy of mixes by Hipp-E. The uplifiting vibe of the original is kept alive on these new interpretations, with the strings and vocal shining all the way as they are layed over a fiercely driving, tribalistic groove. Currently only available as online download at Traxsourse, a vinyl release is scheduled later this year on Slip'N'Slide Records.

Various "Deepa Suenos" (DeepaGrooves Records CD)

 Image With four successful releases over the past twelve month, DeepaGrooves Records were celebrating a great party at this years Winter Music Conference in Miami with fantastic live performances. Now a couple of weeks later, they drop this mixed compilation showcasing their past and future releases. From their first release "All that I am" by Lefunken featuring Mina over "Time warp" by Soul Creation  to "Constant elevation" by Lefunken featuring Mina, "Suen en ti" by Soul Creation featuring Misu and "Weekend fever" by George Mena & Franke Estevez - it's all about inspiration and bringing the people together, somthing this compilation accomplishes with ease.

Classic Reviews

Earth People "Reach up to mars" (Re-Issue)(Cabaret Records 12", 1990)

Classic Pal Joey production originally out on UnderWorld Records, now being re-issued on Pal Joey's own Cabaret label. A maserpiece from back in the days that got inspired by Dexter Wansel's classic "Life on mars", featuring monster drums, wicked synth stabs and great vocal samples.

Melanie Williams "Everyday thang" (Columbia Records 12", 1994)

Frankie Knuckles with a classic piano-driven remix in true DEF-style.

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