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Exclusive Preview Scott Grooves "Journey Collection Part One" (Studio of Scott Grooves Records CD Promo)

Scott Grooves, who has been regularly featured on this website over the past few years with his fantastic productions, will release the long awaited longplayer "Journey Collection" this year, divided in two parts: part one focusses on instrumental productions, while part two will be all about vocals. Part one features six track, kicking off with "The journey", a percussion driven track with strings and spheric keys that create an anthemic feeling. Next is "Moog sensation", a deeply stompin' track featuring spaced out keys together with an outstanding moog solo. "Riddum" features wicked piano lines over a percussivley bumpin' groove with phat drums, while "Room to breath" is a thirteen minute extravaganza taking you on a journey into deep house grooves with warm keys over a deeply stormin' groove, creating a harmonic vibe. "Lights out" is a lovely track featuirng spacey keys over a deeply rumblin' groove, while the closing track "Old skool" smoothes things down, featuring a wonderful jazzy piano line over an old school styled groove that features jazz-funk flavors, bringing back memories of the disco era. Don't miss to check out Scott Grooves own music show where he takes you on a ride through various styles of black music.


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Karizma featuring DJ Spen "4 the love" (Unreleased Mixes)(CodeRed Records CD Promo

The massive club anthem gets a new life with brand new mixes by DJ Oji and Karizma himself. DJ Oji is taking the powerful original and turns it into a laidback affair based on a smoothly thumping groove that comes complete with sweet percussion and jazzy keys, while Karizma keeps it powerful yet smoother than his orginal takes, using a deeply stormin groove together with harmonic keys.

Solu Music featuirng Kai Martin "It ain't love" (Solu Music Records 12")

Lifted from her current longplayer "Affirmation", "It ain't love" is an outstanding garage production featuring wonderful saxophone and tumpet together with a sweet and sexy vocal by Kai Martin. Remixes are courtesxy of Joey Youngman and Quentin Harris, with Quentin Harris' reworking being the choice with its irresistible bumpin' groove and the marvellous spheric keys.

The Rhythm Slaves "Music in my soul" (Knee Deep Records CD  Promo)

Behind The Rhythm Slaves is Richard Gow who presents "Music in my soul", a classic garage production coming on a laidback vibe in the 'Knee Deep Original Edit', featuring melodic keys, jazzy piano line and a wicked organ together with a soulful vocal over a smooth groove. Copyright fire things up, adding a peaktime flavor to it by using a tribalish percussivley stompin' groove and irresistible piano line. Richard Gow himself provides the 'DBR Mix', a broken beat affair with a funky edge.

M.o.D "Moonshine" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

Swiss duo M.o.D aka Masters of Disasters are ready to drop "Moonshine", a latin flavored production perfect for the summer. The original version features chilled chords, synth solos and sultry spoken vocals over a  fierce yet smoothly stompin groove, while the 'Latin Flava Mix' heats things up with a tougher groove and more prominent guitar. Wether you prefer to play this at sunset or sunrise, it is set to rock the cancefloor.

African Twins "Thieves in the night" (Marquito Mixes)Globe Records CD Promo)

After his slamming mixes for Kenshyro's "Sky city", Marquito returns with another equally good set of reworkings. The main mix is built around a soulfully stompin' groove that is enriched with a funky bassline, lovely guitar and warm melodic keys serving as base for the female vocals, while the dub (done together with Pane) is pure peaktime heaven with its tougher, irresistibly stompin' groove.

Hanna Hais "De toi à moi" (Atal Records CD Promo)

The next 12" release from the highly acclaimed "Rosanova" longplayer will be the Sergio Flores (aka Scientific Soul) produced "De toi à moi". Sergio Flores, who was responsible for Hanna Hais' worldwide smash "Rosanova", creates an irresitible dancefloor shaker featuring a lovely guitar and wicked electro keys that accompany the incomparable voice of Hanna Hais. His 'Scientific Soul Deep Sea Dub' replaces the smoothly thumpin' groove used on the main mix with a percussion enhanced, fiercely stompin' groove, being enriched with great keys.

Shawn Christopher "You can make it" (Part 2)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)

This massive tune returns for another round with fresh mixes by Brian Tappert and Audiowhores. Brian Tappert combines the gospel vocals with a new inspirational spoken word courtesy of Ron Carroll, creating a hands in the air anthem, while the Audiowhores add fresh beats and some nice twists and turns, enhancing the feel of the original, taking it to another level. As a bonus, Ron's 'Preacher-Pella' is included, giving you something to play around with.

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Luther Vandross "Never too much" (Epic Records 12", 1981)

Sadly, Luther Vandross, a legendary r&b artist and lead singer of the group Change, died on july 1 this year. May he rest in peace.

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