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Back To Fundamentals by Torre "Higher" (SSOH Records CD Promo)

"Higher" by the team of Claude Monnet, Jean Marc Torre, Patrick Torre and Jay Sebag is an incredibly uplifting production built around a powerful groove that together with the contaminous vocals and phat keys creates an irresistible vibe on the dance floor. The 'Uptown Mix' relaxes the vibe for a smoother yet funkier feel. Those Usual Suspects contribute a fierce reworking based on a deeply thumpin' groove and relentless chords, while The Muthafunkaz serve an incredibly sexy set of remixes that combine lush keys and chords with a fierce yet smooth backing groove.

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UPZ "Noiz" / "Ki sa ou di" (Yotam Avni Remixes)(soWHAT Records CD Promo)

Tel Aviv based producer Yotam Avni on remix duty for UPZ here, with both "Noiz" and "Ki sa ou di" being reworked in an outstanding way, taking the tracks to deeper than deep territory on a slight techy edge, but never letting down the soulful touch that characterizes the original versions. Even when you're not into deep tech-soul house, you need to check this innovative remix package out.

Wil Milton "Direct me" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

Taken from Wil Milton's forthcoming "On the Road" album, "Direct me" is an irresistible deep house track that combines a kickin' funk soaked groove with soul-electro synths to create an irresistible vibe on the dance floor you can't resist to dance to. The 'Alternative Mix' is a great alteration that features some lovely tweaks here and there alongside a wicked synth solo. Also included are two very useful beats versions that are guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy.

Jalal Johnson "The Pilgrimage EP" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

Jalal Johnson follows up his release from last November (the "Trak Wyze Presents DJ Jalal EP") with "The Pilgrimage EP" which features a wonderful selection of productions. Kicking off is "It's jazz", a ten minute journey deep jazz house vibes. Next is the deeply thumpin' yet smooth "Love you all night", a melodic track featuring great spheric chords and vocals by Jalal Johnson himself. The 'Pads & Purcs' mix drops the beat and drums to turn the track into a beautiful reprise. With "Masseusse" and "Spanish fly", two superb deep house tracks follow, with the former featuring a lovely guitar and jazzy keys while the latter features spaced-out synths. Finally there is a brand new remix of "Strength of a man" (which features vocals courtesy of Carolyn Victorian and spoken words by Ovina Gregory) that takes the track to deeper grounds.

DJ Aphreme featuring Lenny Hamilton "Go! (feel my love)" (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo)

"Go! (feel my love)" by DJ Aphreme features a passionate vocal by Lenny Hamilton over a smooth and soulful backdrop that is beautifully instrumentated. A great selection of mixes is included in the package, with DJ Aphreme himself contributing three great mixes that all keep it soulful while letting you choose between laidback, deep and funky vibes. Terron Darby and Esteban Fernandez rework the track into a deeply rumblin' affair with a funky twist, while Moody Groova's deep dub is on a fiercely thumpin', old-school styled tip.

Melchyor A "The next best thing" (Soulful Sessions Records CD Promo)

Melchyor A presents some dope deep house music with "The next best thing", a production that is using a funktified groove as base for wicked spoken words, jazzy keys and melodic chords that altogether create an irresistible feeling. Two sets of mixes included in the package, both taking you on a journey into blissful deep house on a funky edge that is wonderfully orchestrated.

Sebastian Gamboa "Muevelo" (Purple Music Tracks Records CD Promo)

Sebastian Gamboa follows up the 2006 hit "La vida" (a collaborative work with David Penn) on Purple Music with "Muevlo" where he has chosen Giuseppe Tuccillo to be his partner, with Rafael Carreras providing the hot'n'sexy spoken words that are accompanied by wicked synths, all perfectly arranged over a smooth, percussion enriched Balearic flavored backing groove that is oozing with lovely funky flavors. You can choose between vocal and instrumental version, both are guaranteed to spread a feel-good vibe on the dance floor.

Arnaud D featuring Emroy "I won't last" (MoD Records CD Promo)

"I won't last" by Arnaud D first appeared on the "WMC '08 Sampler' from MoD Records, now the full package is ready for a release. "I won't last" features a captivating vocal by Emory over a deeply stormin' techified groove that is enriched with spaced-out synths in the original version, while Tom Conrad smoothes things down for a laidback take on his remix. Richard Earnshaw adds his trademark groovy yet absolutely resistless touch to the track, while MoD serve a fierce interpretation featuring lush chords over a thumpin' groove.

Fabio Tosti & Logicalgroove featuring Randy "I got love" (Stop & Go / Music Plan Records CD Promo)

"I got love" sees Fabio Tosti teaming up with Logicalgroove to present a funkily groovin' track that features a passionate vocal by Randy alongside a lovely guitar. The 'Summer Mix' and 'Summer Dub' add great melodic keys and give the track a smooth tribal feel, while the No Age Combo contributes a beautiful old-school tinged reworking. Lastly Pablo DJ serve a magnificent deep interpretation featuring a jazzy trumpet that brings back memories from the days when deep house was invented.

DJ Circle featuring Nicole Tyler "Diggin' it" (Part 1)(TriCircle Records CD Promo)

TriCircle Records celebrate their 10th release with a new sparkling production by DJ Circle titled "Diggin' it", featuring a soulful vocal by Nicole Tyler over a groovy backdrop that is oozing with its funky flavors, while the analogue bassline create a resistless vibe. Raul Moros provides the remixes which are on an uplifting Balearic tip, being the perfect accompaniment for the coming beach season. Watch out for part two coming soon.

Des Mitchell featuring Sharon Agati "Let's stay together" (SoulHeat Records CD Promo)

"Let's stay together" by Des Mitchell premiered on the "SoulHeat Miami Sampler 08" and is an uplifting and groovy affair featuring a passionate vocal performance by Sharon Agati alongside a catchy piano line. Lots of remixes included in the package, with the '1992 Remix' taking you back in time with its classy old-skool flavors. JedSet contribute three different mixes: their funktified re-edit gives the track a deeply thumpin' vibe, while the 'Enchanted Day Mix' replaces the piano with melodic chords and strings. Lastly their 'Enchanted Evening Mix' is a wonderful reprise. Colin Sales provides a soulful afro-beat driven reworking as well as the deep yet smooth 'StreetRave Tribute Remix'. U-Ness keeps things deep while adding some lovely middle eastern sounds. The 'Ambigua Remix' is a tougher affair for the big rooms, while the 'Audio Affinity Remix' is an energetic affair featuring a happy piano.

Arduini & Pagany "Show me how good" (Distar Records CD Promo)

One of the highlights from the "WMC 2008 Promo" by Distar Records finally gets a full release. "Show me how good" by Arduini & Pagany is spreading an uplifting feeling through the soulful vocals and classic strings that are nicely arranged over a funked up house groove in the 'Philly Mix', while the 'Anthem Mix' features a catchy piano over a driving groove. Newly added to the package is a remix by Fabio Tosti that intensifies the vibe with a powerful groove and lush chords.

Todd Terry All Stars featuring Tara McDonald "Get down" (Remixes)(Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)

Todd Terry's 2007 smash hit gets a new life right in time for the upcoming summer with slammin' remixes. First up is Warren Clarke who delivers a fresh reworking that is driven by a funktified groove and features a resistless piano that together with the uplifting vocals by Tara McDonald creates a feel-good vibe. Woody Bianchi contributes a choice mix for the bigger rooms full of great breakdowns, catchy synths and a cool guitar, while Mousse T adds a deep dub on a techy edge to the package. Hot of the press come the Shapeshifters remixes that turn the track into an electro monster for the main floors.

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