As I mentioned a few weeks back, I'm struggling getting all the reviews done due to lots of things going on at the moment, so this one will be rather short...

The "Noir de Coeur EP" on Aglia Records features a nice selection of deep and dark yet soulful tracks from Krispaglia, Rochdee and Ludovic Allen, with Melchyor A bringing a lovely jazz-funk twist to this release with his contribution (Aglia Records CD Promo). Deepology Records launch their child label Aquamarine Records with the 11 track "Aquamarine Sampler Vol. 1" featuring tracks by Elastic Sound, Pete Gust, Da Funk, Ricky Inch, K-Bana, Ivan Enot, Sendos Fuera, Ocean Gaya, Deep Maker, Mastercris and Herb LF. The label will feature on quality deep house, but has no distinct stylistic boundaries as their debut releases full of luscious grooves proves (Aquamarine Records CD Promo).

Bang Bang is the latest discovery from South Africa's growing deep house scene, presenting sweet deep house vibes with a lovely African touch on their "Bikini days" release. Beside the vocal and the more underground-ish dub, there are cool remixes by Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane, Q-Burns Abstract Message and Gavin Hardkiss included (Eighth Dimension Records CD Promo). The hypnotic "Manhattan wax" by DJ Ino & Jesus Gonsev features atmospheric synths over a deep backdrop in its original form, with Jesus Gonsev giving the track a more melodic deepened feel on his remix. Lastly Kris Wadsworth turns the track into a bass heavy late night anthem (ProgCity Deep Trax Records CD Promo).

"Acid and fresh" by Bonnie Drasko is a lovely combination of acid elements with funked-up old skool house grooves, given a darker sounding in the remix by Manuel Perez. The bonus track "We choose to go to the moon" is a deeper take on the acid vibe featuring cool spoken word samples and warm synth melodies (Lace Records CD Promo). On the exclusive front, we have "Holloween" by Andrew 'Rags' Richardson for you, a deep captivating track featuring mesmerizing key hooks and uplifting atmospheric synth melodies over a percussion enriched fiercely stompin backdrop (CD-R). Yet another exclusive is the intriguing "Tarantism" by Mat Unwin, a deeply groovin' affair on a mellow tip featuring gorgeous chords and stylish string melodies over a thumpin' backing (CD-R).

The third release on Uncle Milty's Whitebeard label is a four track EP titled "Titans Vol. 1" including tracks by the likes of Shifty Sciene, Seraphine, Davey Dave and Uncle Milty & Danny Garcia. What you get a four very effective underground flavored deep house tracks to work the dance floor (Whitebeard Records CD Promo). "Cookys 3" by Jamie Lewis is a simple yet very effective track that is guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy thanks to the ruthless groove, contaminous keys and wicked spoken words. For the purists, there is also an instrumental version Purple Tracks Records CD Promo).

"Devils may cry" by Swiss producer Replika is deep and mesmerizing, featuring phat atmospheric synch stabs and cleverly arranged vocal snippets over a relentless percussion driven backing. Kirby gives the track a driving yet deep tech-soul touch, while Neighbor reworks the track into a funky house groovier. Finally, John Stuart goes bouncy on his deep moody take (Chilin' Music Records CD Promo). The "Breezer EP" by Spin Science features three tracks of deep atmospheric house built around captivating rhythms, lush synth melodies and energetic yet soulful grooves, with each of the tracks covering deep house different grounds (Cabrio Records CD Promo).

Spiritchaser (aka Richard Earnshaw & Mark 'Bamo' Bamford) present the third installment in their "Spiritlevel" series, continuing the success of the previous two releases. Three classy deep house tracks are included, ranging from the uplifting and melodic yet infectious "Taiga" over the laidback and dreamy "Always there" to the minimal, slightly dark and hypnotic "Dancefloor science" (Guess Records CD Promo). With the "Piece of cake EP", Jorge Spania & Billy Howard present three remorseless funky house stompers spiced with killer keys, freaky vocals and ingenious samples guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floors (Seventy Four Records CD Promo).

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