John Morales - The M&M Mixes Much could be said about this album and the legacy of M&M - and John Morales in particular; for example I could choose a "best of the best" of the over 650 mixes they did, or we could list a "who is who" of the artists they remixed during their illustrious career. But I prefer to keep it simple and short: this album lets you experience what dance music was all about in the 80's, it brings back memories from what probably was the heyday for dance music.

You get two CD's full of previously unreleased exclusive mixes by John Morales, one half of the legendary M&M team (his partner Sergio Munzibai sadly passed away in 1991). CD one is all about "NYC Underground Disco Anthems" - think of "All over your face" by Ronnie Dyson, "I want you (all tonight)" by Curtis Hairston or "Weekend" by Class Action featuring Chris Wiltshire to just mention three out of the ten included tracks. Then there is CD two featuring nine "Exclusive Salsoul Mixes", including such gems as "Ain't no mountain high enough" by Inner Life, "Lay it on the line" by Logg or "Because of you" by Skyy.

In other words, this timeless compilation gives you a history lesson in dance music by one of the most influential remix pioneers. This is a true highlight standing out of the bulk of new releases dropping each week, clearly this is the "Album of the Year" for me, and most definitely this is one of the best releases in years that brings back the sound that helped build and define what dance music is all about these days. And for sure it makes me go down to the basement and dig out some classic records, something I haven't done for a long long time...

For the vinyl collectors, there will be a limited triple vinyl version of this release (1'000 copies only). And the digital releases are likely to feature bonus tracks such as a celestial 17 minute version of "Ain't no mountain high enough".

Don't miss to check out John Morales website, there are some goodies to discover there. For the full track list of the 2xCD release, click on "read more".

CD1: Previously Un-Released NYC Underground Disco Anthems

  1. Class Action feat. Chris Wiltshire "“Weekend" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  2. Tony Adderly "I ain't mad at you" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  3. Ronnie Dyson "All over your face" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  4. Curtis Hairston "I want you (all tonight)" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  5. Julia & Company "Breakin' down" (Sugar Samba) [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  6. Cubie Burke "Down for double" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  7. Universal Robot Band "Wanna be your lover" [Demo Version]
  8. La-Rita Gaskin "Never can say goodbye" [Demo Version]
  9. Bumblebee Unlimited "Lady bug (I Just Wanna Be Your Lady Bug)" [12 Version]
  10. Universal Robot Band "Barely breaking even" [Club Version]

CD2: Previously Un-Released Exclusive Salsoul Mixes

  1. Inner Life "Ain't no mountain high enough" [JM 4AM Mix]
  2. First Choice "Happy love affair" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  3. Logg "Lay it on the line" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  4. Logg "(You've got) that something" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  5. Skyy "Because of you" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  6. Inner Life "(Knock out) let's go another round" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  7. Logg "I know you will" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  8. Funk Deluxe "This time" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]
  9. Instant Funk "No stoppin' that rockin'" [JM After-Session M&M Mix]

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