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Liquid People presents Danism featuring Sean Williams "Trouble in paradise" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The label information reads: "Trouble In Paradise" is a pure testament to the roots of R&B flavored vocal house - we couldn't have said it better. This is the kind of vibe we feel has gotten lost and forgotten in recent times, with an inspirational and uplifting vocal full of passion provided by Sean Williams, while the musical backdrop brings back memories of the classic club sounds from the early 80's - groovy and funky, beautifully orchestrated (just listen to those delightful chords), soulful yet powerful. Both a vocal and dub version of this well received treasure are included in the package.

Next are the modern interpretations. The up and coming TJ Inc. (Jacko aka Giacomo Berarducci, Tony Loreto and keyboarder Antonio DiMauro) transform the song into a deep, slightly dark anthem that is fuelled with dramatic strings, lush chords and a marvelous organ. This one is absolutely resistless, guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. One step further goes the 'Conan TIG Dub', twisting the song into a tougher affair perfect for the bigger rooms and peak time play.

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Exclusive Preview: James Brown "I'm satisfied" (The Ultra-Rare Funky 4x4 Mix)(CD-R)

James Brown's "I'm satisfied" (from the 1976 album "Bodyheat") is a true old school funky gem with that unequaled sound only the man himself was capable of delivering. Scott K takes on the classic in a truly respectful way, with all of the original funky flavors and incomparable vocals by James Brown shining through while the smooth percussion driven 4x4 groove create an irresistible vibe.

Anto Vitale "Majico" (Seasons Limited Records CD Promo)

Seasons Limited follow up the massive "Can't help" by Kemal with "Majico" by Anto Vitale, a laidback track featuring mesmerizing vocals and wicked chants alongside lush keys and synths over a deeply stormin' percussion enriched backing groove. Doruk Ozlen is firing up the vibe on his take, with a mesmerizing deep groove leading the way for the vocals and captivating synths and chords. Boddhi Satva goes deep and hypnotizing, with a distinct afro-tribal touch to be found on this main version, while the dub is a more stripped down affair featuring acidic synths.

Soul Oasis presents DJ Aakmael "Deepermoments EP" (Smooth Mix)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

CyberJamz continue to put out slammin' releases that will take over dance floors by storm, with DJ Aakmael's "Deepermoments EP" being no exception. The title track is a deeply rumblin' affair featuring wicked synths that together with the sweet percussion create a hypnotic feeling, while "Equinox" is a deeply thumpin' track featuring a jazzy piano alongside a lovely chords. "Breathe deep" features a sensual vocal by Eric 'Esquire' Jones over a smooth, deeper than deep groove that is enriched with wonderful melodic chords and keys. This track comes in two equally great variations to choose from.

Kai Alce "The Floating EP" (NDATL Muzik Records CD Promo)

NDATL Muzik is a brand new label that will bundle a coupon to download high quality MP3s with every 12". The first release is "The Floating EP" by Kai 'KRZ' Alce that is kicked off with the wonderful "Feeling" featuring a poetry written and performed by Kemi alongside jazzy keys over a deep yet laidback groove. The other three tracks "Decay", "Floating" and "KZRC Tyme Dub 1" are all beautiful deep house tracks featuring great keys and chords that keep the vibe soulful and laidback.

Bobby Magnifique "Be my number one" (Remixes)(Abicah Soul Records CD Promo)

Here we've got some slammin' remixes of Bobby Magnifique's "Be my number one". First up is Rafael Moraes delivering a tribal-ish re-edit full of percussion elements and great drums that re topped with sultry spoken words and spaced-out synths. Next are BSC with a groovy remix that is build around a smooth tribal-beat that is enriched with lush chords that harmonize nicely with the sexy vocals. A great addition to last years original mixes.

Exclusive Preview: Anaud Strong Project "Into the future" (Deeper Level Records CD Promo)

Washington DC's Anaud Strong presents "Into the future", a true old-school styled underground house track built around a deeply stormin', percussion enriched groove that is topped with catchy synths and chords that together with the sparse male vocals create a hypnotic feeling. The release also includes the 'Big Room Remix' courtesy of C.H.G (The Children of a Higher God).

Fritz da Groove featuring Hubert Tubbs "Its Alright EP" (Pep Sounds Records CD Promo)

This is the debut release for Austrian DJ and producer Fritz da Groove coming through Pep Sounds (run by the Deephousemafia) soon. Two tracks can be found on this EP (both in vocal and instrumental versions), with "It's alright" featuring a powerful vocal by Hubert Tubbs over a fiercely thumpin' groove that is enriched with wicked synths and old-school percussion elements that altogether create an irresistible feeling. "Sunshine" is a lovely deep house track on a groovy tip built around a deeply rumblin' backing, featuring warm melodic keys and lovely chords alongside sparsely used vocals.

Beppe Gioia "Ivory" (SofiTone Records CD Promo)

Here we go with the full promo of Beppe Gioia's "Ivory" (which was an exclusive preview two weeks ago in our Miami Reviews Part 1). "Ivory" is a hypnotic track featuring some hot accordion play and great chords over a deep and smooth, percussion enriched tribal groove. The 'Deep Mix' is taking the track to slightly deeper territory thanks to the added laminar chords, while the 'Sax Mix' adds a beautiful saxophone to add a touch of jazz. Lastly the 'Dub Mix' strengthens the groove and adds extra percussion elements and keys to further intensify the vibe.

Tarek "Desabafo" (Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

You might remember this track as we brought you an exclusive preview last year when we reviewed the "Grooveland Music WMC 2007 Sampler" (see here). The original version of "Desabafo" by Tarek is a wonderfully orchestrated Latin house track combining various cultural influences into a beautiful musical journey. Henrique Fishi relaxes the vibe with a lighter beat and gives the track a funked-up feeling thanks to hot guitar licks used, while Shawn Ward turns the track into a deeply thumpin' late night favorite featuring lush keys and sexy female vocals. The last version of the package is contributed by John Kumahara who reworks the track into a deep somewhat tech-house flavored affair that uses spacey keys alongside the original elements.

Jill Scott "Imagination" (Jersey Soul Remix)(CD-R)

In its original form, "Imagination" by Jill Scott (to be found only on the 'Deluxe Edition' of her album "The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3") is a beautiful ballad that got reworked by Jersey Soul for the dance floors with a smooth yet deep and fierce 4x4 groove and melodic keys added to the original orchestration to create a soulful interpretation that always stays respectful to the original.

Shena "Thinking about your love" (Tempogroove Records CD Promo)

For us this was the highlight of the "Tempogroove Miami 08 Sampler", gladly it took only a couple of weeks until "Thinking about your love" gets a full release. The track is produced by the Audiowhores (Graham Lord and Adam Unsworth) and features a passionate vocal performance by Shena over a relentlessly stompin' groove that is enriched with warm spheric chords and catchy synths reminiscent of the Yazoo classic "Situation". Check the instrumental for a full take on the synths and chords. Soularis provide the remixes, giving the track an uplifting yet slightly more laidback feeling, with a bouncing groove leading the way for phat keys and Shena's vocals.

Reel People featuring Darien "Alibi" (Dennis Ferrer Remix)(Papa Records CD Promo)

"Alibi" is lifted from the marvelous "Seven ways to wonder" long player and follows hot on the heels of the massive "Amazing" (that was remixed by Jon Cutler and Tarantulaz). "Alibi" gets reworked by none other than Dennis Ferrer who takes the track straight to the underground with a deeply rumblin' groove that serves as playground for the passionate vocals courtesy of Darien and lush synth stabs that altogether create a mesmerizing yet soulful feel. The instrumental gets deeper and spreads a more intense vibe by stripping the vocals while adding organ-like chords and extra synths.

Sound Famiglia "Need me want me" (Panevino Music Records CD Promo)

Australia's Sound Famiglia present their debut with "Need me want me", a warm and uplifting vocal production on a classic tip that features melodic chords and sultry female vocals over a funk soaked groove. Panevino supply the remixes (which already got lots of plays during the WMC as it was featured on Purple Music's "Miami Whoomp 2008!" sampler), with their vocal being a wonderful deep house ride featuring mesmerizing keys alongside passionate uplifting female vocals. The dub goes even deeper, creating a hypnotic vibe through the stripped back groove that is topped with captivating synths and chords.

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