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Urban Dance Institution "I miss U" (Original Mix)(UDI Records CD Promo)

Urban Dance Institution, the project created by Slovenian DJ Dekky a couple of years back, returns with the masterly orchestrated and performed "I miss U", with Shola Phillips providing a passionate vocal over a smooth funk flavored groove that is enriched with jazzy keys, flute, horns and classic strings. The result is simply wonderful, with a groove and vocal hook that will catch you instantly. The Groove Junkies are on remix duty, intensifying the vibe by using a funked-up, deeper groove and wicked synths that together with the original orchestration and vocals creates a relentless feeling.

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Island Groove & Keith Thompson "Soul surrender" Waking Monster Records CD Promo)

Italian duo Island Groove team up with Keith Thompson for "Soul surrender", a wonderful production on a laidback tip that will bring sunshine to your heart with its summery vibe (now if just would get warmer and sunny...) created by a smooth groove, lovely guitar, melodic keys and uplifting vocals by Keith Thompson. Gregory Del Piero's take is on a deep hypnotic tip, while Physics serve a groovy funky oozing rub. Next we have Vincent Kwok who adds a definite west coast touch (don't we love those heavy beats?) to the track, keeping things soulful all over. Lastly the Dolls Combers serve a beautifully instrumentated dub that has got a lovely orchestral touch to it.

Exclusive Preview: Jill Scott "All I" (Martin Faltin's Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Peven Everett "Put your back in it" (Martin Faltin's Remix)(CD-R)

Here we've got two brand new reworkings by Martin Faltin. First he takes on Jill Scott's wonderful slow jam "All I" (taken from her album "The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3") and delivers a respectful interpretation that keeps the vibe of the original intact, while the laidback groove smoothly transforms the track for the soulful dance floors. Next is Peven Everett's "Put your back in it" that is turned into a deep house gem that is based around a fiercely thumpin' beat that serves as playground for the original instrumentation and the vocals.

Steal Vybe featuring Stephanie Renee "High" (Steal Vybe Records CD Promo)

With their latest outing "High", Steal Vybe unleash a monster that is guaranteed to take dance floors by storm. The 'Spiritual Vox Mix' is all about the spiritual spoken poetry and vocals by Stephanie Renee and melodic chords over a deep and laidback, percussion enriched backing groove, while the 'Piano-Synthstrumental' puts the synth layers center stage and adds a jazzy piano to give it a bit of an underground feel. The 'Sub-Electronic Soul Mix' keeps things soulful while adding a fierce electronic touch to it. Various remixes are included as well, with Todd Terry providing some big room madness with his pumping acid and stormin' electro mixes. Conan Liquid serves an irresistible late night interpretation, while June Lopez goes deep and techy on his take.

Exclusive Preview: Manchildblack "Live 4 Love" (DeepHaven Music Records CD-R)

While we eagerly await DJ Man-X's full length album, he presents the wonderful "Live 4 love" by Manchildblack on his DeepHaven Music imprint. On "Live 4 love", Manchildblack provides a sensitive vocal over a laidback and groovy backdrop that is beautifully orchestrated, with the keys and chords creating lovely melodies. The final package that should be available soon will include remixes by Chris Perez and William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez.

Exclusive Preview: Mr. Mama "Thoughts" (DNY Mix)(CD-R)

Here we've got the latest production from Italy's Mr. Mama (aka Mauro Marrazza), a magnificent deep house track built around a deep yet smooth groove that is all about the wicked keys and organ chords that give the track a wicked old-school vibe. A simple yet very effective track that is absolutely relentless on the dance floor.

Exclusive Preview: Soul Oasis "Ancestor (Jibaro)" (Mr. Cubanix Mix)(CyberJamz Records CD-R)

CyberJamz Records revive the massive "Ancestor (Jibaro)" by Soul Oasis with this brand new remix by David 'Mr. Cubanix' Reyero who delivers a resistless interpretation that is on a deep tribal house tip, with the spoken words being accompanied by dark synths that give the track a real underground edge while the tribal beat creates an intense mesmerizing feel.

DaSouL & Hooger featuring Umberto Muselli "Paradise" (Shines Records CD Promo)

Shines Records present something a little different here that will blow fresh air to your DJ set and onto the dance floor. "Paradise" features Davide Esposito on keys and Umberto Muselli on saxophone, with the 'Extation Jazz' version being on a magnificent broken-beat styled jazz oozing vibe that will have you jammin' from the beginning to the end. The 'Extation House' version is a housed-up take of the track that combines the jazz vibes with smooth groove to create a laidback feeling. Gene King contributes the 'Genetix Mix' that is the choice pick for late night / early morning play thanks to the deeply rumblin' groove and lush chords used.

DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul "Life time" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Roland Clark returns as Urban Soul with "Life time" that is presented here in the form of remixes courtesy of Japan's Daishi Dance and Italy's Dolls Combers. Daishi Dance rework the track that features Roland Clark's signature vocals into a fierce dance floor anthem featuring wicked keys over a stormin' groove, while the Dolsl Combers come up with a more relaxed take based around a smooth groove that is oozing with retro flavored, soulful jazz-funk vibes created by a beautiful orchestration.

UPZ "U lift me" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)

The 70's influenced, uplifting "U lift me" is taken from the "United People of Zion II" album and features a passionate vocal performance courtesy of Ben-Khesed and lush chords over a deep yet smooth, funk soaked backing groove. Avi Elman contributes a classy reworking of the track in vocal and dub versions that brings the funky elements and vocals to full effect while slightly firing up the vibe. An instrumental of the original version completes the package.

Dennis Ferrer "Change the world" / "How do I let go" / "Transitions" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

This three track EP is a selection of tracks from the "My World As They Remixed It" album including Jihad Muhammad's uplifting, deeply rumblin' reworking of "Change the world" and Sunshine Jones dark take of "Transitions" that comes complete with sultry male vocals and wicked synths. Also included is the previously unreleased 'Ruff Mix' by Charles Webster of "How do I let go", a soulful interpretation of this wonderful song featuring the late KT Brooks that keeps things deep and raw.

Sacha "I can't pretend" (Shines Records Digital Download)

"I can't pretend" is produced by the team of Sacha Williamson and Dave Campbell, with the sweet sensual vocals being provided by Sacha Williamson over a deeply thumpin', laidback groove that is enriched with beautiful keys and chords. Adam 'Suges' Sugar delivers a remix that takes the track to another level based around a fired up, yet still smooth and laidback groove, with the vocals being accompanied by a lovely guitar and warm melodic keys. Remixes from Dos Almas, Black Keys Music, Joe DiPadova and Gene King coming soon.

Grantorino featuring Sha'ron "What you won't do" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

First lets congratulate Gotta Keep Faith who celebrate their 50th release with this production by Grantorino (aka Mr. Fuzz and DJ Rico). "What you won't do" features the soulful vocals of Sharon Edwards over a deep' and laidback, jazz-funk flavored groove in the 'Mr. Fuzz Main Mix', while the 'Mr. Fuzz Deepness Mix' turns the track into a slightly electronic, deeply stompin' affair. Spiritual Blessings go all funky and groovy on their take, while Georg Neufeld adds his trademark deep sound to the track. Steve Paradise contributes a beautiful deep house take with a funky twist that is all about beautiful melodies. Lastly there is the deep'n'funky 'Underground Brothers Dub' that is a great tool for DJs.

Innerface "Free yourself" (PlusGroove Records Digital Download)

With "Free yourself", Innerface (aka Nick Tolentino and Jason Merced) present a classy deep house track on a jazzy edge that features wonderful keys and chords alongside a beautiful guitar over a deeply rumblin' yet soulful groove. The dub goes deeper, with the spaced-out chords giving the track a laidback feel perfect for after hours / early morning play. The bonus track "Cosmic" is a tougher affair built around a bumpin' groove and dark synths.

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