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Exclusive Preview: Panevino featuring Xavior "Don't waste my time" (CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Panevino "The way I am" (CD-R)

Swiss duo Sandro Endrighetti and Renato Abate aka Panevino present two new productions that are so fresh they have yet to be signed. "Don't waste my time" is an uplifting track featuring an inspirational vocal by Xavior over a thumpin' groove that is enriched with a funky bassline and old-school keys (there is a slight reminiscence to the David Jospeh classic "You can't hide" in some parts) alongside a wicked organ. The dub varies the keys to turn it into a peaktime favorite. "The way I am" features an incredible hot spoken word over a fiercely stompin' groove, with the wicked keys augmenting the irresistible vibe created by the vocals.

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Vanessa McMillan "Stay" (RausonMusic Records CD Promo)

Larry P. Rauson takes us back to 1992 with this Zanzibar classic, bringing the essence of this magic era back to the dancefloors as "Stay" features the classic early 90's deep and soulful New Jersey garage sound, with a pasisonate vocal performance by Vanessa McMillan. The big surprise on this release is the laidback and timeless 'R&B Mix' that is built around phat beats and features Larry Rauson on soprano sax. Exclusive digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Roland Clark "Sunshine" (Need 2 Soul Records 12" Test Pressing)

The label that brought us the wonderful "Happiness" by Ron Trent & Quentin Harris blesses us with another soulful treat, this time courtesy of the legendary Roland Clark. "Sunshine" is a soulful and laidback production based on a smooth groove that is enriched with a deep bassline and harmonic keys, while Roland Clark delivers a superb emotional vocal performance. The remixes are courtesy of Ron Trent who delivers a sublime interpretation that takes the song deeper, giving it a spiritual vibe.

Kenny Carvajal featuring Reggie Hall "Life is" (Habitat Records CD Promo)

With "Life is", Habitat Records present a wonderful debut release produced by label founder Kenny Carvajal. "Life is" is a beautiful production featuring a marvellous instrumentation including a jazzy trumpet courtesy of Kafele Bandele, with smooth afro-latin beats and sweet percussion serving as playground for the melodic keys and the passionate vocal performance by Reggie Hall. The release features a great selection of mixes (vocal, instrumental and reprise) that lets you enjoy this laidback masterpiece to the fullest.

Jarrier Modrow "Rare soul" (Julian Bendalls Afternoon Soul Edit Mix)(Grooveland Music Records CD Promo)

Grooveland Music present a wonderful remix of their upcoming release ""Rare soul" that will only be available on the CD single. The brand new take is courtesy of Bah Samba's Julian Bendall who gives the song a jazzy laidback feeling, using Carlos Mena's spoken words and taking them to another level.

Boddhi Satva "Bria's offering" (Yoruba Soul Records CD Promo)

Boddhi Satva who is best known for his many collaborations with detroit house don Alton Miller, presents the percussion driven "Bria's offering", a deep and mellow production featuring an excellent guitar play. The 'Roots Mix' is a more dancefloor take of the song. Exclusive digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Santos "Time of our lives" (AtJazz Remixes)(Yoruba Soul Records CD Promo)

Santos is following up his lovely "An introduction..." EP (that features the wonderful "Love made for two" with vocals provided by the sadly passed away Josef Saddler) with "Time of our lives" that got the remix treatment from the AtJazz crew. Their main mix is a smooth and laidback four-to-the-floor affair with smooth beats, sweet percussion and magnificent keys, while on the dub they turn the song into a broken beat style groover. Exclusive digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Exclusive Preview: Napi Hedz "The blessed blissed EP" (Women on Wax Records CD Promo)

Behind Napi Hedz are Pirahnahead and Reggie Dokes who presents something different with this EP that combines house grooves with the sounds of India. The EP opens with the twelve minute "Raga paramananda", a percussion driven track with chants by Sachin Chitnis and lots of Indian musical elements. The 'Minx Queen Beats' is a deeper take of the track with a funky edge that uses throbbing basslines and tripped-out beats. "Appreciation (give thanks)" is a downtempo production with sweet vocals courtesy of Pirahnahead and smooth percussion alongside a great guitar.

Rasmir "1 child" (CD-R)

Rasmir continues to both surprise and impress us with his unique productions. With "1 child", he presents a deeply rumblin' track with a sweet tribalistic edge that features a wicked rock-ish guitar alongside a funky bassline, percussion elements and melodic keys. This song has a very important message for all human beings that Rasmir transports through his incomparable voice.

Kerri Chandler and Monique Bingham "In the morning" (Bigga Sounds Records CD Promo)

With "In the morning", Kerri Chandler presents a deeply thumpin' production the way only he can do with heavy beats, laminar keys and a jazzy piano line. While Kerri Chandler himself provides a Barry White like spoken word performance, Monique Bingham adds a sensual touch to it with her sultry vocals. Two vocal versions are included in the release (explicit and clean) as well as a groovy dub version.

Norman Weeks "Hold on" (Sonar Kollektiv Records 12")

Sonar Kollektiv present something really special here with Norman Weeks' "Hold on", a rare and highly saught after feel-good funky disco/boogie classic with uplifting vocals that is running for around 14 minutes, offering many fantastic breaks - and you wouldn't believe it has been produced in the early 80's if we wouldn't tell you so. Dixon provides an excellent edit perfect for the dancefloors. The release also features the bonus track "I wanna sing", a laidback jazz track perfect for loungin'. Digital downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Classic Reviews

Chante Moore "This time" (Frankie Knuckles Remixes)(MCA Records 12" Promo, 1995)

Legendary remixes by Frankie Knuckles of this beautiful song, with the promo 12" offering a nice selection of mixes including an instrumental that did not make it onto the commercial release.

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