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Darryl D'Bonneau "Don't turn your back" (Marlon D. & George Mena Remix)(JellyBean Soul Records CD Promo)

In 1996, JellyBean Soul released the Jellybean Benitez and Hex Hector produced cover of the 1982 classic from Frontline Orchestra, performed by the one and only Darryl D'Bonneau. Now the song gets remixed by the team of Marlon D. and George Mena who turn out an incredible sexy package of mixes, with each and every one of them spreading an uplifting vibe through the funk drenched, bouncy groove that is enriched with old-school horns, masterly performed keys courtesy of George Mena and of course Darryl D'Bonneaus's heartfelt vocal, with the result being a modern interpretation of classic Disco-Funk that is absolutely resistless. The 1996 mixes are included in the package as well.

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H&H present Groove Delivers featuring Cazza "I believe" (Beat Monkey Records CD Promo)

Beat Monkey Records strike hard this week with none less than three slammin' releases. The first of the three is the soulful "I believe" by the Groove Delivers featuring a passionate gospel flavored vocal courtesy of Cazza alongside melodic keys over a smooth yet captivating, funk drenched backing. H&H SoulSurvivors completely turn things around on their remix, giving the track a relentless old-school Disco-Funk vibe. Don't miss this uplifting Gospel House anthem!!

Leo Cuenca "Ven a mi fiesta" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

French DJ, producer and remixer Leo Cuenca presents a lovely Latin house production titled "Ven a mi fiesta" featuring soulful female vocals alongside great horns, sweet keys and lovely guitars over a smoothly stormin' groove. The dub is slightly intensifying the vibe with a strengthened groove, while Christian Alvarez adds even more energy and funky flavors to turn out a peak time dub. Mystery & Matt Early soften the vibe on their mixes to give the track a soulful laidback feel, while Stereo Mutants give the track a deep tribal-ish outfit with a funky twist.

Mustafa "Vem pra sambar" (Blockheadz Records CD Promo)

Mustafa blesses us with another beautiful Latin production titled "Vem pra sambar" featuring vocalist Cleber, with the original version being a laidback Bossa styled down tempo affair. Louis Subsole's interpretation is on a chill out tip, kicking off in a broken beat way before turning into a smooth house groover. Kiko Navarro turns out a fierce yet soulful reworking that makes use of a sweet percussion enriched backing, while Hedi Benromdan serves a more laidback take featuring a marvelous piano and lovely guitars over a smoothly groovin' backdrop.

Alton Miller "Together" (Seed Records CD Promo)

Seed Records follow up the soulful yet infectious original mixes of Alton Miller's "Together" with a massive remix package that takes the track to the next level. Trinidadiandeep gives the track his trademark USG style treatment full of dramatic synths over a deeply rumblin' groove, while Jonny Montana goes all laidback on his remix loaded with beautiful melodies over a smooth groove. Ezel takes the track to deeper grounds, reworking it into a mesmerizing soul-tech affair. Lastly Jersey Soul (aka Big Logan and Dave Lalla) contribute a soulful New Jersey styled interpretation featuring sweet keys by John Crockett to the package.

Dr Drummer featuring M-Scilla "Nosso mundo reloaded" (Pino Music Records CD Promo)

The beautiful Latin House track "Nosso mundo" by Dr Drummer returns in a brand new version that is set to bring sun to your heart and the dance floor thanks to the feel good vibe created by the Brazilian flavored backing that has an undeniable organic touch to it, coupled with sultry vocals courtesy of M-Scilla and a wonderful jazz-funky instrumentation.

DJ Aphreme featuring Rainy Payne "Your eyes" (Consortium Muzik Records CD Promo)

The latest adventure presented by Consortium Muzik is courtesy of DJ Aphreme who presents the poetry of Rainy Payne. His original production is a deeply thumpin' affair featuring warm melodic keys and a wicked organ ride that perfectly accompany Rainy Payne's spoken words. Next is Jonny Montana who keeps the vibe deep while giving the track a groovier, jazzed-up feeling. Lastly wee see Abicah Soul adding his magic touch to the track the way only he can do, resulting in a deep hypnotic affair featuring his distinct synths and strings.

Lawrence Collins "Another sky" (Beat Monkey Records CD Promo)

"Another sky" is the production work of Klangfrequenz, featuring Lawrence Collins who contributes an outstanding vocal in a very unique style (for instance think of Sting to get an idea what to expect), something seldom these times in dance music. The original version is a deep affair on a slight techy edge, with the atmospheric chords creating an irresistible mystic vibe. H&H SoulSurvivors give the track a deeply bumpin' feel, using lush keys to give the track a warmer, more melodic feel.

Grantorino "Ice cream" (Nu Deep Music Records CD Promo)

With "Ice cream", Grantorino aka Mr. Fuzz and DJ Rico present a resistless track featuring Brazilian flavored, sexy female vocals over a funk soaking, deeply rumblin' groove that is enriched with moody synths. The 'Mr. Fuzz Paradise Dub' is smoother and warmer, featuring melodic chords over a percussion enriched groove, while Steve Paradise goes as deep it gets with heavily thumpin' beats leading the way for the vocals and laidback keys.

Steven Stone featuring Sibylle "Can U feel it" (MoD Records CD Promo)

This wonderful laidback production by Swiss DJ and producer Steven Stone was initially featured on the "WMC '08 Sampler", now the full release complete with slammin' remixes is just around the corner. The original version of "Can U feel it" features a sensitive vocal by Sibylle and a beautiful jazzy sax over a smooth funktified groove, while MoD fire things up on their remix using a deeply thumpin' groove enriched with a jazzy piano and phat synths. On the dub, MoD drop most of the vocals to let the synths do the talking. Lastly Deep Josh's interpretation adds some more funkiness to the track, with the chords and synths creating a mesmerizing feel.

H&H SoulSurvivors & Dewey Cioffi featuring Tonni Smith "Too many nights" (Beat Monkey Records CD Promo)

The Gospel anthem "Too many nights" which features a heartfelt vocal courtesy of Tonni Smith returns with brand new sizzling remixes courtesy of DC Productions. There are two versions to choose from, both guaranteed to take any dance floor by storm thanks to their energetic, uplifting vibe. While the main remix is all about a fiercely stompin' groove that is enriched with wicked synths, the alternate remix goes deeper with a thumpin' backing serving as playground for the vocals and moody chords.

Sharon Pass & Greg Gibbs "Call my name" (Peppermint Jam Records CD Promo)

Originally out in 2003 on Ruff N' Tuff Records, "Call my name" brings two shining vocal talents together: Sharon Pass and Greg Gibbs who you might both remember from their appearances on various Silk Entertainment releases (most notably "The word is love" by Voices of Life which features Sharon Pass). This release features brand new remixes courtesy of Richard Earnshaw who turns out another one of his distinct bumpin' interpretations, with the catchy synths together with the vocals creating a hypnotic feel. The other remixes included in the package by Shik Stylko and Syke & Sugarstarr are destined for the main rooms with their tougher commercial sounding.

Amorhouse & Fabio Tosti featuring Addati Band "Let you go" (Music Plan Records CD Promo)

On "Let you go", Amorhouse and Fabio Tosti team up with Addati Band to serve a hypnotizing track built around a fiercely stormin' groove that is topped with sexy female vocals, classic strings and captivating synths that altogether will send the crowd into a frenzy. Fabio Tosti's 'Club Mix' is a deeply thumpin' affair featuring a very effective piano hook, while his 'Under Club Mix' is a gritty, slightly electronic affair featuring dramatic synths.

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