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Dolls Combers "Floating Vibes EP" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

The Dolls Combers have impressed us in recent months with their remixes, now they present the "Floating Vibes EP" which is nothing less than a masterpiece. First up is the magnificent "Dreaming of you" featuring the sublime voice of Nicole Dawn and a beautiful piano over a deep laidback groove. "Back to love" is an uplifting and groovy affair featuring passionate vocals by Alec Sun Drae alongside wonderful jazzy keys (an instrumental is also included in the package). "Summer morning" is pure bliss on a mid tempo tip, intoxicating with its mellow jazzy melodies from beginning till the end. Lastly "Jazzy keys" is a delightful broken beat styled jazz house gem that make you feel you witness the Dolls Combers jamming.

Random Soul "Liftin' me higher" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Australia's Random Soul (aka Yogi & Husky) are sure to make a big impact with their feel good anthem "Liftin' me higher", with the uplifting vocal performance being courtesy of Yogi himself. The 'Original Vocal' is all about a funked-up groove, sexy guitar, phat organ ride and the vocals altogether resulting in a Gospel house gem. The funky vibes are tightened on the 'Random Soul Dub', while the 'Yogi & Husky Synthy Dub' replaces the organ with lush synths for a more electronic feel. Central Avenue rework the track into a smoothly stompin' affair filled with wicked keys and classic horns, while Soularis' take is on a soulful stormin' tip featuring melodic keys and lovely horns alongside a great guitar. Guido Craveiro relaxes the vibe on his groovy Balearic flavored version, while the Dharma Project toughens things on their electronic interpretation.

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Dub Shine "Can you see it now" (Quark Records CD Promo)

Behind Dub Shine is Delon Scott Williamson who presents "Can you see it now", a laidback track featuring sultry male spoken words over a deeply thumpin' backing that is enriched with a wicked guitar-riff and phat spaced-out synths that give the track a melodic soul-tech feel. The 'Progressive Mix' is a tougher affair on a more minimal tip that is spreading a hypnotizing vibe.

Andy Tamashi "The Other Side EP" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

CyberJamz Records bless us with another massive release, this time courtesy of Andy Tamashi who presents the three track "The Other Side EP". "Deep in you" kicks off with an old-school Chicago House flavored groove, with a beautiful guitar and melodic chords letting the track ooze with a deep soulful feel. "Zodiac" is pure deepness on a moody edge thanks to the freaky synths and deeply groovin' backing used, while "Chicago's warehouse" is a deeply stompin' track featuring captivating old-school tinged synths.

JoMar "New experience" (Deep'N'Sound Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla and Marcelo Cruz are teaming up as JoMar to present "New experience", a journey into spiritual deep house music. The 'Main Mix' is built around a funktified groove that is enriched with sweet percussion elements and jazzy keys guaranteed to create a mesmerizing vibe. The 'Smooth Mix' relaxes the groove somewhat and gives the track a deeper feel while keeping the overall vibe jazzy and hypnotizing.

Lenny Fontana & Joi Cardwell "Make it alright" (2008 Remixes)(Stalwart Records CD Promo)

Two years ago, house music legends Lenny Fontana and Joi Cardwell teamed up to deliver "Make it alright", now this vocal anthem returns in brand new remixes. Richard Earnshaw reworks the track into a soulful yet fiercely bouncin' Disco-Funk flavored affair, while Central Avenue take the track to deeper grounds, turning it into a hypnotizing affair while keeping the soulful feel alive. Dalminjo contribute two mixes to the package: their '2006 Booty Mix' is a beautifully instrumentated, groovy interpretation that gets fired up on the '2008 Remix' with an intensified groove and tasty twists. Lastly Staffan Thorsell & Georg Neufeld deliver a deeply rumblin' tribal tinged dub that is absolutely irresistible.

Ray Paxon featuring Freda Goodlett & Sybille "Music is my shelter" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

With "Music is my shelter", Swiss producer Ray Paxon makes his debut on Purple Music. The original production is a soulful affair on a classic tip featuring heartfelt vocals by Sybille and Freda Goodlett over a smooth funk drenched backing that is enriched with beautiful keys and chords. The 'Reprise Club Mix' is a great alteration with a beautiful intro, while the 'Vocal Dub' drops most of the vocal to put the emphasis on the music. For a deeper, hypnotizing experience check the 'Dub Mix'. Panevino supply the remixes which turn the track into a peak time favorite thanks to the fiercely stormin' groove and dramatics strings used that create a relentless feeling.

Joe Rizla featuring Natasha Koss "Just one night" (Gene King Remix)(Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

Joe Rizla's beautiful "Just one night" which features a sweet vocal courtesy of Natasha Koss gets remixed by Gene King into a groovy affair built around a smoothly bouncin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and warm melodic keys and synths. The 'Dub Mix' strips the vocals and is slightly deeper thanks to a thumpin' backdrop used.

Digital Disco "Prove my love EP" (Barcoda Records CD Promo)

Barcoda presents a release for all those in love with the timeless Disco sounds combined with resistless four-to-the-floor grooves. "Prove my love" comes in two versions, with Leisure Groove & DJ Zumo using a funk soaked backing groove and cleverly applied effects to create a captivating feel, while the Soulspinners smooth down the vibe for a more relaxed feel. "Systems underground" is spiced with all sorts of Disco flavors and effects, making it a peak time favorite.

Exclusive Preview: Physics "Holding on" (Ospina Oscar P Remix)(Seamless Records CD-R)

Unreleased pressure here, with Oscar P taking on Physics' "Holding on" and turning the track into a dance floor heater, with the sexy female vocals backed with a smooth yet fierce, deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with warm melodic synths and chords altogether creating a mesmerizing feel.

Kemal featuring Maiya "I surrender" (Purple Music Records CD Promo)

On "I surrender", Kemal once more proves why he is regarded as one of the top producers of deep house music at the moment. Featuring the passionate vocals of Maiya, "I surrender" is a resistless production guaranteed to take dance floors by storm thanks to the fierce groove and mesmerizing keys and synths. The 'Underground Mix' goes deeper and puts the synths center stage fore a more dramatic feel, while the 'Dub Mix' goes even deeper to further intensify the vibe to the climax.

Exclusive Preview: Maxwell "No one" (Mr. Mama DNY Remix)(CD-R)

Italy's Mr. Mama delivering serious hotness here with his interpretation of Maxwell's "No one". He is going as deep as it gets, using thumpin' beats and sweet percussion alongside melodic chords and lush synths (which accompany Maxwell's passionate vocal perfectly) to let the track spread a relentless feel on the dance floor.

Exclusive Preview: Regisford vs ToT "Places and Spaces I mash" (CD-R)

Timmy Regisford's album "Places and Spaces in Time" has only been released in Japan so far (back in April of this year on Apt. International), and there is no sign of a release outside of Japan yet. The album features a total of ten tracks, its an adventure into the deep and sometimes techy side of Timmy Regisford. Now ToT (aka The Other Timmy) serves his own take of the album titled "Places and Spaces I mash", taking each of the ten tracks to the next level by mashing them up, for example "Tim's house" with the timeless Chicago house classic "7 ways to jack" by Hercules, "Tiger" with "In the morning" by Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham, "Romance" with "Never no more lonely" by Fingers Inc or "Kalang" with "Baya" by Afromento. These mash-up are guaranteed to cause a frenzy on the dance floor.

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