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Exclusive Preview: MKDVJC "Twisted" (Code Red Records CD-R)

"Twisted" is produced by the team of Master Kev, David 'Vibes' Tobon and John Crockett who bring us a track that is set to dominate the dancefloors in the coming months. What starts off with a simple yet very effective house beat, turns into an absolutely resistless floor shaker with slammin' drums and incredibly hot synth lines that create an irresistible athmosphere. Listen to it and let yourself be taken away into the outer space of dance music.

Raw Artistic Soul "Miami theme" / "Fela Brasil" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)

Raw Artistic Soul follow up the list of successful releases on GoGo Music with this wonderful EP that features the incredible "Miami theme", a brass and guitar fueled instrumental track on jazz-funk tip that already gots lots of attention when it was included on the "Spring Collection 06". Now the story continues with two wonderful new mixes: Roberto De Carlo turns the track into a soulful house stomper that emphasis the jazz-funky elements of the production, while Ralf Gum delivers a crowd pleaser with his 'Sax Lick Dub' that brings the saxophone to full effect over an irresistibly bouncing backing groove that is enriched with wicked keys. Also included is "Fela Brasil", one of the highlights of Raw Artistic Soul's first album "What about love". This new version adds a whole new dimension to the song, giving it an uplifting summery feeling.

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Lots of japanese stuff in this weeks update - you might want to check Juno as they usually have many of these releases available, although they are more expensive (not to say really expensive) compared to releases from other countries.

Mink "Remix" (Avex Japan Records 12")

This 12" features a selection of lovely remixes of the Korean pop sensation Mink. Kicking of is the Darryl James reworking of "Glory of life", a New York styled house affair with warm jazzy keys and a lovely flute over a bumpin' groove. Next is Bayaka's 'Piano Mix' of "Beautiful" that features a great piano line and classical strings over a sweet broken beat flavored groove. The second mix of "Beautiful" is courtesy of Jazztronik who turn it into stormin' house track. The last track (sorry, not title as it is written in japanese) is mixed by Yukihiro Fukutomi who delivers a smooth and melodic drum'n'bass interpretation on a downtempo tip.

Studio Apartment featuring Kenny Bobien "Isn't she lovely" (Remix)(New World Records 12")
Studio Apartment featuring Joi Cardwell "Love is the answer" (Remix)(New World Records 12")

Here are two 12" offering remixes of two tracks from Studio Apartment's "People to people" longplayer. "Isn't she lovely" features the incomparable Kenny Bobien on vocals and gets a spiritual makeover by DJ Oji who delivers both vocal and instrumental versions. Massanori Morita, one half of Studio Apartment delivers a wonderful piano driven re-edit. "Love is the anser" features the sweet voice of Joi Cardwell and comes in a phat uplifting remix by Reel People as well an extended album version.

Soulhead "Sparkle train" / "You can do that" (Sony Japan Records 12")
Soulhead "XXX" / "Pray" (Sony Japan Records 12")

All four tracks to be found on these two 12" are lifted from the recently released "Crystallized" longplayer by Soulhead. Mike De Clive takes on "Sparkle train", delivering a killer remix featuring lovely keys and phat beats. Reel People take on "You can do that", turning out a brilliant broken beat remix. "XXX" feautures Koda Kumi and gets remixed by Sa-Ra who come up with a sweet downtempo broken beat affair. Lastly there is Kenny Dope reworking "Pray" into deeply thumpin' 4/4 house track with phat beats.

Daishi Dance featuring Lori Fine "Let life loose" (New World Records 12")

"Let life loose" is a great uplifting production that features melodic keys and sensual vocals by Lori Fine over a fierce, percussion enriched backing groove that is spreading a feel good vibe. Studio Apartment provide the remix, spicing it up with additional instrumentation while keeping the vibe of the original alive.

Roland Clark "Simple things" (Shelter Records 12")

The original demo by Roland Clark is a touching beatless song featuring a wondeful spanish guitar alongside sweet percussions and harmonic keys that is given the makeover by Quentin Harris and Kenny Dope. Both stay close to the spirit of the original, by adding their own signature sounds and arrangements and thereby retaining the heart and soul of the song.

Exclusive Preview: John Crockett featuring Natalie "Be my only" (CD-R)

John Crockett, one half of Working Underneath, returns with "Be my only", a wonderful production that features the beautiful voice of Natalie. The 'Jersey Mix' is classic vocal house based on a deeply thumpin' groove that is topped with melodic keys alongside a jazzy beautiful piano line. The 'Twirlspace Mix' comes on a different vibe, using a stormin' percussion enriched groove as base for the passionate vocals, jazzy piano and spaced out synth lines.

May J "My girls" (Sony Japan Records 12")

The flipside of this 12" features the r&b original versions of "My girls" and "Million wayz", while the a-side holds the Studio Apartment remixes of "My girls" that use beats and drums similar to Louie Vega's remix of DJ Gregory's smash "Elle" that are enriched with melodic keys and the sexy vocals by May J to create a feel good vibe.

Exclusive Preview: Luther Vandross "Shine" (Geoffrey C's Mix)(CD-R)

Geoffrey C is renowned for his fantastic reworkings of r&b and soul tracks, and with his latest offering he continues that tradition. He takes on "Shine" by Luther Vandross, reworking the song into an uplifting and groovy four-to-the-floor stomper that features a wonderful piano riff that harmonizes perfectly with Luther Vandross' incomparable voice.

Exclusive Preview: GQ "Happy feeling" (Mr. Cubanix Edit)(CD-R)

Mr. Cubanix yet again delivers a beautiful reworking of a classic from back in the days, this tame taking on a disco-funk classic by GQ titled "Happy feeling". He treats the classic with the necessary respect in order to keep the original flavors and vibes alive, while updating the track for todays dancefloors by adding a stormin' 4/4 house groove.

Freakquence LAB featuring Dinho Alves "Criola boa" (White Lotus Club Records CD Promo)

"Criola boa" is a cool brasil house production featuring singer Dinho Alves who delivers a sexy and sensual vocal performance over a wonderfully instrumented backing music that includes great horns, a funky bassline, lovely guitar and melodic keys. "Criola boa" is spreading a mellow and laidback vibe, with a beautifually jazzy dub included on the release that is perfect to chill.

Exclusive Preview: Maurizio Baiocchi "Moonsun-moonmix" (CD-R)

Italian producer and DJ Maurizio Baiocchi comes correct with his latest production "Moonsun-moonmix", a steadily groovin' track that features sweet percussion, wicked keys and sexyy latinesque female vocals. The track is spreading a laidback feelin' that is perfect for after hours or early morning play.

SoulBasics "Mesmerised" (CD-R)

In june, we gave you a sneak tip on the forthcoming SoulBasics production "Mesmerised", a funked-up production with a beautiful instrumentation that includes a funky bassline, lovely guitar riff, melodic keys and an incredible jazzy piano alongside a sensual and passionate voal performance by Juned. Now the package is completed and also includes an instrumental as well as an irresistible dub that takes the track to a deeper level and features laminar keys and a jazzy piano.

djB "WeLoveHouse@Zouk EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

This is the debut release for djB, one of the residents of the world famous Zouk club in Singapore. He presents an EP full of tracks that will please all the clubbing people with their infectious grooves and keys. From the electronic "After midnight" over the tribalistic "Don't sleep" to "Flight the clash yo!", it's all about bringing feel good vibes to the dancefloors all over the world.

Exclusive Preview: Ramir "Umeus" (CD-R)

Rasmir Mantree returns to Spirit of House with a wicked production that features a deeply thumpin' groove and and warm melodic keys alongside male vocals and some crazy synth lines that give this track that little something special that differentiates the good from the bad.

DJ Karizma "Kaytronik EP" (Hustle Music Records CD Promo)

Baltimore's DJ Karizma delivers a hot two track EP here that is destined to take the underground house dancefloors by storm. Both "Tech this out" and "Darqness" are on a deep and minimal tip but mange to keep it soulful. While "Tech this out" is all about a deeply rumblin' groove and irresistible keys, its the broken beats and incredibly deep bassline on "Darqness" that will get the crowd jumpin'.

Haldo "My brazil" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The release of one of my favorite tracks from this years Winter Music Conference is just around the corner - time to do a review of the full release. The main version of Haldo's "My brazil" is a wonderful instrumental track featuring a marvellous instrumentation that has a latinesque edge to it, including an outstanding organ solo, while the 'Haldo vs Jacko Dub Edit' gives the track an underground vibe with its deeply stormin' groove and irresistible keys. The added rock guitar add some extra spice to it.

Brazilian Kiss "Energia" (MapDance Records CD Promo)

Yves Cheminade and Michael 'Mr. Mike' Hall are responsible for this lovely latin house production that feautures brazilian vocals over a smoothly stompin' backin groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and a melodic instrumentation. DJ Lazz delivers the mix of choice for the bigger rooms with its phat beats, irresistible drums and electro. The second reworking is courtesy of Matthias Menck's who gives it groovy outfit.

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