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UPZ "Rok da funk" (Camio Records CD Promo)

"Rok da funk" marks United People of Zion's first release on Camio Records, with a rap and spoken words provided Rasu of DKP. The track is inspired by the 70's funk by the likes of P-Funk or Sly & The Family Stone, with reminiscence to Bootsy Collins to be found in the inspirational vocal performance by Rasu. The 'Original Mix' is raw and deep funk with a sexy edge, featuring great horns and a jazzy piano while the 'Phunky Mix' is a souful house jam full of funky flavors like slap bass and funky guitar. Not to be missed is the UPZ' demo mix, a great alternate funk version. The package includes two phat remixes, with Reelsoul delivering a fantastic interpretation that features wonderful keys and great moog synths over a truly deep'n'funktified groove. On a different vibe comes the NJ Project (aka Nick Moss & Johnny Montana) reworking that turns the track into a laidback affair with its marvellous flute, jazzy piano and saxophone solos that are arranged beautifully over a smooth yet deep groove.

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Milton Cardona "Ebioso" (Un-Restricted Access Records 12")

Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris team up for this rewoking of Milton Cardona's "Ebioso" that was originally released in 1994 on the "Bembe" longplayer. The track has been given a very natural, organic makeover that features complex percussion and a wonderful organ solo alongside the original afro-cuban vocals. The instrumental is on a more stripped back approach.

Exclusiv Preview: Larry P. Rauson "Larry sound" (CD-R)

After bringing you "Singing" last week, this week we have "Larry sound" by the legendary Larry P. Rauson for you to be discovered. Yet again, Larry P. Rauson is taking us back in time with this track that is on a moody vibe featuring wicked keys over deeply thumpin' tribalistic beats that create an irresistible feeling. This is pure underground dance music we used to dance to some long time ago...

Various "Unreleased Projects" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)

SoulFuric open up their vaults and unleash two tracks which were long overdue. First up is "Sol y mos" by 4 Siders, a laidback and sensual production that features a lovley latin vibe. Brian Tappert provides a lovely edit that emphasis the beats while staying true to the original. The Masterbuilders make their debut on Soulfuric with "Blend", an uplifting production on a powerful yet soulful tip that is spreading a laidback jazzy vibe with smooth vocals, here coming your way in a nice Jazz'N'Groove reworking.

Twisted Rhythm featuring Christian De Angelo "Latin soul" (Solid Soul Records CD Promo)

Stewart Milne and Martin Murphy are Twisted Rhythm who present "Latin soul", a heavily thumpin' production that features a lovely latin guitar and jazzy piano that add latinesque flavors to the track, with Christian De Angelo providing the vocals. The dub is the choice for peaktime play as the tweaked guitar and breakdowns create a fired up, more intense feeling on the dancefloor.

Fresh 27 featuring Robina "Butterfly" (Richard Earnshaw RE-Touch)(Double Shock Records CD Promo)

As if the previously mixes were not enough to choose frome, there is now a brand new reworking courtesy of Richard Earnshaw added to the package. It is a great addition as it takes the remix by Elektro Organik to the next level, spicing the organic funktified groove up with fiercely groovin' beats and thus creating an irresistible interpretation that will keep your feet moving.

Matteo Ionescu featuring Brent St. Clair "Stand up" (MAP Dance Records CD Promo)

"Stand up" is a stormin' track featuring an emotional vocal performance by Brent St. Clair over a deeply pounding groove that is enriched with a funked-up,bubblin' bassline and harmonic keys, featuring cleverly inserted breaks and build-ups. Central Avenue's reworking turns the track into a funk drenched feel-good thumper with catchy keys that together with the vocals create an uplifting feeling.

Central Avenue "Do for love" (MAP Dance Records CD Promo)

Central Avenue present their debut for MAP Dance with "Do for love", an uplifting production featuring soulful male vocals, great horns, lovely guitar and melodic keys over a thumpin' backing groove that has a touch of disco-funk in its original form. MoD provide thr remix, firing things up on their take that is built around a percussion enriched funky house groove and features wicked keys on top.

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