Diephuis "Deeproots EP" on AfraZoo Records CD Promo)

Diephuis - Deeproots EP Diephuis (aka Marty and BjazZ) present the not to be missed "Deeproots EP" featuring four massive Afro flavored deep house tracks, all of them oozing with deep'n'soulful yet contaminous percussion enriched grooves and luscious atmospheric melodies, not to forget the jazzy ingredients and authentic African chants to be found on some of the tracks.

Chicago's own Uncle Milty launches the digital version of his Whitebeard label which some of you might remember from its vinyl days at the beginning of the millennium. The first release is the Disco-Funk-tastic "Fall in love" by Andre Harris built around a solid stompin' 4/4 groove and featuring some ultra cool samples. Check the 'Inate Soul Mix' for its beautiful melodies. The second release on the label is "Get down with it" by Mark Grant, a primetime funky monster gem guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy thanks to the stormin' groove, wicked synth hooks and clever samples (both Whitebeard Records CD Promo).

Alf Tumble  presents "Let me start", a deep tech-soul track built around heavy beats and captivating rhythms, with the phat synth and spaced-out melodies creating a mesmerizing vibe. Also included is the bonus track "When I whistle", an infectious deep house track with an Afro touch that can't deny its Disco influences (think of the Patrick Cowley remix of "I feel love" to get an idea)(Menthol Records CD Promo). "Nordic dawn" by iBo aka Jose Ibora is a classy production featuring cool vocal chants alongside warm keys and lush synth melodies over a smoothly stompin' backdrop. The package features remixes by Marco Fedez & Dani Sandoval (both a groovy sax rework and a deep tech-soul version), H&H SoulSurvivors (gorgeous jazzy take on a laidback tip) and Freaky Disco (outer-space tech-Disco)(Beat Monkey Records CD Promo).

With "10 Years of Statra - Volume 2", Statra Records continues to celebrate the ten years anniversary re-launch. Included are the magnificent Charles Webster rendition of the deep house classic "Round & round" by Alexi Delano and singer Robert Manos, the funky yet dreamy mid-tempo groover "Camillos night bar" by Broza Fragg, Aqua Bassino's vibey afro-house interpretation of Jeff Sharel's "Time condition" and finally "Subway" by Jussi Pekka, a deep hypnotic tech-house track featuring seductive vocals and contagious synth melodies (Statra Records CD Promo). "Luv' inside" by the team of Aqua Bassino & Manuel Perez is on a lovely deep yet groovy deep, spreading a feel good vibe through the uplifting melodies and sultry spoken words. Manuel Perez gives the track a lovely tech-soul touch, while DJ Mourad twists the track into a somewhat obscure electronic thumper. Lastly Raph Dumas goes for a spacey interpretation featuring absorbing synths (Lace Records CD Promo).

Karol XVII & MB Valence present "House me", a driving deep house cut featuring a cool vocal sample and contaminous keys over a sligthly tribal-ish backing. Hipp-E takes the track to deep techy grounds with a funky edge, while Jevne serves a groovy late night rework (OneThirty Records CD Promo). "Step one" by Luke Alan is a deep mesmerizing affair featuring gorgeous melodies and a gentle piano coming in half way through to take you on a dreamy journey. Toka Project's remix turns the track into a moody dance floor bouncer with an electro-funk touch, while Subsky gives the track a deep yet cosmic old school feel. Finally Neil G gives the track a darker yet hypnotic sounding (SOWAT Music Records CD Promo).

The "Feeling Free EP" by Finest Wear (aka Mr. Cenzo and Luke Sawyer) includes three wonderful minimal-ish deep house tracks built around dubby backdrops and light yet captivating spacey synth melodies, altogether taking you on a dreamy travel to late night deep house grounds (Deepology Digital Records CD Promo). "On point" by Boddhi Satva is a pulsating deep house gem making use of a bass heavy backing and contagious keys and chords, with the 'Rampage Mix' further deepening the vibe, while the 'Psychic Mix' adds a mystical ambient-ish touch to the track (Shack Music Records CD Promo).

Plusgroove present the "Subway Khronicles", a release featuring tracks destined to take dance floors by storm. "Tribes of Puerto Rico" is a relentless percussion fueled tribal stomper featuring a slick guitar riff, while the deep "Something in my life" is irresistibly thumpin' and features mesmerizing synth hooks and lush melodies. Last but not least the deeply groovin' "Red ring" relaxes the vibe for a summery late night feel (Jakdat Records CD Promo).

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