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Suges featuring Limore "Without me" (Soulstream Records CD Promo)

Suges featuring Limore - Without me "Without me" was produced by Adam 'Suges' Sugar back in 2004 but got rejected by the label which originally commissioned the song as they thought its to dark and morose. Thanks to Soulstream Records the song finally sees the light of the day, with Suges remastering the entire piece and adding some touches to it, keeping the overall feel on a dark and moody old school tip, with Limore's sensitive vocals, gentle piano and lush atmospheric melodies intensifying the feel to the max for a hypnotic journey. The remixes are courtesy of Martino Lozej who further deepens the vibe and gives the track an even darker actually tougher touch. Simply outstanding, one not to be missed.

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Exclusive Preview: Toto "Georgy Porgy" (CJ Giovanni Remix)(CD-R)

Toto's "Georgy porgy" (from the self titled 1986 debut album) gets a welcome makeover for the dance floor by CJ Giovanni who keeps the vibe of the original alive while transforming the song into an uplifting up-tempo four-to-the-floor thumper.

Exclusive Preview: Michael Jackson "Don't stop til you get enough" (Alex Dimitri South Soul Retouch)(CD-R)

Alex Dimitri presents his rework of Michael Jackson's "Don't stop til you get enough" (from the 1979 album "Off the wall"), staying respectful to the timeless original while turning the song into a relentlessly stompin' funked soaked feel good dance floor anthem.

Exclusive Preview: Baaba Maal "International" (Serge Negri Remix)(Palm Pictures Records CD-R)

World music scene legend Baaba Maal released his new album "Television" this summer, and to celebrate the release a remix contest was launched for the album track "International" (the contest closed just a few days ago on October 22). Serge Negri submitted a wonderful remix on a laidback yet fierce tip, using a deeply groovin' backdrop for the captivating African vocals and chants, jazzy saxophone and gorgeous keys, with the result being absolutely resistless.

Exclusive Preview: Soul Oasis featuring Princess Tam Tam "The deep dance" (GVA Sessions Unreleased Mix)(CyberJamz Records CD-R)

In the summer of 2007, Sammy Rock launched the CyberJamz label and the very first release of the label was "The deep dance" by Soul Oasis featuring Princess Tam Tam. Now CyberJamz are about to unleash the unreleased 'GVA Sessions Mix' by The Groove Victim, a remorselessly thumpin' deep rework that combines the sexy spoken words by Princess Tam Tam with contaminous keys and chords.

Exclusive Preview: Weysa Dya "Deep house meditation" (DJ Aakmael Unreleased Mix)(CyberJamz Records CD-R)

Here we have more unreleased pressure from the CyberJamz label, and this one is definitely for the lovers of real deep house. DJ Aakmael delivers a luscious remix of the infectious spoken word track "Deep house meditation" by Weysa Dya that takes the track as deep as it gets, with an intriguing piano and lush chords accompanying the vocals to create an irresistible feel.

The Groove Victim "Foul Tracks EP Vol. 2 - Jersey Bound" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Jay Brown aka The Groove Victim follows up his previous underground favorites "The Nothing EP" and "Foul Tracks EP - Memoirs from the Bay" in style with another massive release titled "Foul Tracks EP Vol. 2 - Jersey Bound". Four slammin' tracks can be found in this release, and compared to his previous outings they are somewhat tougher yet still soulful and deep, with his beloved mesmerizing old school touch shining through on all of them.

Various "Deepy Grooves - Volume 2" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

While the first volume of "Deepy Grooves" included ten tracks, this second volume takes it to the next level with a total of 18 tracks to choose from, many of them exclusive to this compilation, being previously unreleased. You get fresh sounds from the likes of Phoenix Lo, Steve Paradise, Alex Garcia, Georg Neufeld, Nu Larisa Soul, Spiritual Blessings or Mr. Fuzz to just name a few. Also included are tracks from Jeremias Santiago, Joseph and Henry Maldonado which got licensed from Next Dimension Music. Its really hard to pick a favorite out of this delicious selection full of luxurious deep house gems, this is truly something "pour le connaisseur".

Pablo "Love love love" (iMusic Underground Records CD  Promo)

Pablo McFee has been around for quite some time now, being involved in projects such as Q-Rius "Peace & love" and "Spread love" or Da Boss "I'm so in luv with you", and he also worked with the likes of Zoo Experience or Jimi Polo. Now he's back with the Glenn Gregory produced "Love love love", a truly soulful house track featuring heartfelt vocals by Pablo McFee alongside classy synth hooks and gentle jazzy piano, all nicely arranged over a deeply stormin' underground-ish groove.

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