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SoulBasics "The Phusion EP" (SoulTonic Mono Records CD Promo)

In january of this year, we brought you an exclusive review of the bands "City lite" (that has been released by SoulFunk Digital in the meantime). Now more of the bands marvellous productions are to be released by SoulTonic Mono Records. "The Phusion EP" brings you four tracks, all showcasing the bands love for jazz and soulful orientated sounds, presented in various flavors. Kicking off is the mellow "Jazzelle" that features sweet female chants over a warm laidback backing groove. Next is "Bonilla", a piece of exquisite jazz-funk grooves not to be missed. This is followed by "Drop Chicago", a lovely afterhours track with wicked keys. Closing down the EP is "Nite tine", a deep and fierce track featuring wonderful laminar keys and a great jazzy piano line. This EP is a perfect choice for those chilled and laidback moments.

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Steal Vybe & Rhythm Slaves "Essence of life" (Steal Vybe Music Records CD Promo)

Steal Vybe and the Rhythm Slaves present "Essence of life", a brilliant musical collaboration. The release features a nice selection of mixes: the ones from Steal Vybe (vocal and instrumental) are on a very musical tip, featuring warm keys and a lovely guitar alongside sweet vocal over a deeply stormin' groove.The Rhythm Slaves present a funky affair with an electro touch, that is reworked by Kid Massive into a stompin' affair with spaced-out keys that give it a melodic feeling.

Luisito Quintero featuring Francis Mbappe "Gbagada, gbagada, gbogodo, gbogodo" (Vega Records 12")

Luisito Quintero presents this wonderful rework of the Fela Kuti gem that features singer Francis Mbappe, now finally getting a full 12" release. Louie Vega presents an Elements of Life styled afro-house track that is extended into an incredible 12 minute version on the a-side that allows the spirit and music of the original to show throughout. The flip features a 'Roots Mutes' version that lets the keys and percussion do most of the talk. Closing down the package are handy bonus beats.

Ontanio Ocasio featuring Manchild Black "Spirit rise" (Tribal Winds Records 12")

After releasing two strong productions by guest producers, label head Antonio Ocasio returns with a strong offering. "Spirit rise" is a balearic house winner featuring wonderful spaced out keys, a jazzy piano line and beautiful vocals by Manchild Black over a backing of latinesque beats and percussion that create an irresistible feeling. The instrumental lets the keys and piano do the talk. Bonus Beats are also included. Digital downloads are available at Dancetracks Digital.

Exclusive Preview: Serge Negri "Spoonfed" (Demo CD-R)

DJ and producer Serge Negri presents his latest production, a wicked track that is set to rock the dancefloors whenever it gets played. "`??" features deeply stompin' beats and an even deeper rumblin' bassline that serve as playground for the sweet percussion and various layers of melodic keys that give the track a warm and harmonic feeling, while the backing groove adds an old-school flavor to it.

Ron Trent "Love to the world" (Future Vision Records 12")

Ron Trent got legend status thanks to his incomparable and unforgettable releases on the Prescription and Clairaudience labels (as well as many others). With "Love to the world", he presents a track that takes us back to the time of the aforementioned labels, featuring a superb bassline augmented with a brilliant synth solo, background piano lines, cowbell percussion that alltogether create an transcendental vibe that moves you to new cosmic heights.

Audiowhores featuring Pete Simpson "Not going back" (Unreleased Mixes)(Tempogroove Records CD Promo)

The first release form Tempogroove Records gets a second package of mixes that are set to extend its success story. Switerland's Roberto de Carlo keeps the soul of the original alive, but adds his own vibe to it that gives the song a bit more of a laidback feeling and the horns a more prominent place. DJ Meme delivers a fired up dub version of his remix that is perfect for peak time play. Also included are two acapellas (voals and adlibs).

Soul Food featuring Mirka Cespedes "Motion" (Bumpin' City Records CD Promo)

Behind Soul Food are Italy's Franco Martinelli & Massimo Sottino who team up with Mirka Cespedes who provides a passionate and powerful vocal performance. The original is a classic house groover featuring wicked keys, great organ solo and a storming groove that create an uplifting feeling. The 'Blue Deep Remix' is smoothing it down a bit, while keeping the lovely instrumentation intact. The dub is a tougher affair, featuring electronic keys over a heavily stompin' beat and a great breakdown in the middle.

UPZ "12 Tribes EP" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

UPZ aka United People of Zion present their debut for Look-At-You, a hot four track EP that showcases two songs. First up is "Prayer 4 me" that features a sensual vocal by Tony G over a driving but soulful backing groove that features great funky elements and wicked keys alongside a marvellous trumpet solo. Juke Joint provide the remix, turning it into a peak time affair that uses the vocals in a hypnotic way. Second is "Mr. Manna", a voodoo house track featuring a tribalesque vocal courtesy of haitian Patrick G alongside an irresistible guitar, calypso drums and awicked afro beats. The dub strips most of the vocals, letting the music do the talk.

Milton Jackson vs Funky Transport "A mystery of hate" (Club Snafu Records CD Promo)

With "A mystery of hate", Milton Jackson and Funky Transport present a great tech house track that combines that incomparable bassline from the Fingers Inc. classic "Mystery of love" with moody techy keys that are reminiscent of good old Detroit, and they also add some vocal samples. The result is an irresistible peaktime track with a cool old-school flavor that will make you want some more.

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