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Studio Apartment featuring Terrance Downs "We are lonely" (KingStreet Records 12")

Japan's Studio Apartment team up with Terrance Downs, the vocalist from Ananda Project, for the beautiful "We are lonely". In its original form, it features deep & silky lyrics over smoothly stormin' latin beats and beautiful piano riffs that together with sweet percussion create an irresistible soulful vibe, with spoken words adding an extra kick to the song. Quentin Harris is responsible for the remixes that that use organic tribal beats and his trademark synth and organ chords on the vocal version while the dub is on a darker vibe, giving the song a tougher dimension.

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FM Groove featuring Dee Holloway "Say it" (Part 2)(Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Look-At-You come up with a nice gift for all music lovers in form of these additional Layabouts remixes of "Say it". Their ' Alternate Vocal Mix' is smoothing things down a bit and features an extra guitar solo, while their dub is a wonderful broken beat interpration on a jazz-funk tip. Lastly there is the 'Alternate Reprise', a beatless affair bringing the soulful instrumentation and sweet vocals to full effect, creating a laidback and mellow feeling. A perfect addition to the first set of mixes not to be missed.

Skyy "High" (Kenny Dope Remixes)(Plaza Records 12")

Randy Muller is bringing back another classic from his massive back catalogue that got remixed by Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales. The mixes include a lovely boogie-house reworking featuring the signatrue Masters at Work sound (available as vocal and dub versions) as well as a subtle reworking of the disco-funk vibes of the original. Also included is a bonus version featuring vocals by Carolyn Harding that will get a full 12" release soon.

Nikos "Angels" / Afro Jesus "Bring on the spirit" (Under My Skin Records CD Promo)

Under My Skin Records have this great two tracker ready to drop soon. Nikos presents "Angels", a deep and laidback afro house track featuring warm laminiar keys, sweet guitar and an emotional male vocal chant over smoothly stormin' beats. "Bring on the spirit" by Afro Jesus is a more powerful afro house track based on a tribal-ish beat that is topped with male vocal chants and a jazzy flute solo. Both tracks are spreading an irresistible feeling through their infectious groove and vibes.

Anane featuring Mr V / Blvd East & Louie 'Lou' Gorbea "Let me love you / Luv 4 money" / Louie Vega featuring Mr. V "V gets jazzy" (Remixes)(Vega Records 12")

This latest rlelease on Vega Records is an interesting double-header that is kicked off with a mash-up edit by Jask who combines elements from "Let me love you" by Anane featuring Mr. V and "Luv 4 money" by Blvd East & Louie Gorbea into one bumpin' house track. The flip side features remixes of "V gets jazzy" by Louie Vega featuring Mr. V courtesy of Todd Terry that feature his classic trademark sounds and bytes.

Ambrosia "Don't worry" (Shelter Records 12")

This is actually a cover version of the Stevie Wonder classic "Don't worry 'bout a thing" produced by Quentin Harris that is sung by the incomparable Ambrosia. The production features the signature sounds and elements from Quentin Harris, with Timmy Regisford providing a slightly deeper rendition that is better fitting to the song.

Leela James "My joy" (Restricted Access Records 12")

For once, it is Timmy Regisford and not Quentin Harris recreating a beautiful downtempo soul production for the dancefloors on this bootleg label. Featuring shaking beats, epic synthisized strings and wicked keys, these reworkings of Leela James' "My joy" are on a delightful mellow tip that keeps it soulful all over. Check the flip side for the full bliss of the instrumentation.

Exclusive Review: Moto Project featuring Vaillant "You know what" (CD Promo)

Here we have an exclusive preview coming from France. "You know what" is an uplifting production feauturing wicked spoken male words reminiscent of Barry White alongside female vocals that are layered over a smoothly stompin' groove that is enriched with lovely guitars and warm keys that give the track a melodic feeling. Hopefully this track will be released soon.

Night Connection "Take me home" (MultiTrax Music Records 12" Test Pressing)

"Take me home" is produced by Tony Carrasco in association with Sandro Sierra & Dj Paolino. This is an uplifting production featuring the sultry voice of Tylee Timpson over a smoothly thompin' groove on the 'Soulful Mix' that comes complete with melodic keys. The 'Clubful Mix' uses a deeply stormin' groove togeghter with a lovely guitar and organ ride to create a more laidback feeling. Lastly there is the 'Electroful Mix' which is more like a dub version, featuring electronic keys over a deeply stompin' groove.

SUMO "Lost track" (HEYA Hifi CD Promo)

As you might probably know, in a late november night burglars broke into SUMO's studio and managed to steal a lot of equpiment as well as major parts of SUMO's upcoming artist album. However, Alf & Combo found a CD-R of one the tracks that they recently finished that now sees the light of the day under the name "Lost track". It is a driving track on an electronic tip featuring wicked keys and drums that create an irresistible feeling, emphasing SUMO's distinct sense for killer productions.

Exclusive Review: Lil' Kim "Lighters up" (JohnDP Re-Edit)(CD-R)

Lil' Kim's recent chart hit "Lighters up" got reworked by John DP into a deeply thumpin' four-to-the-floor anthm that is set to keep the crowd on the dancefloor movin' thanks to the simple but effective piano line and wicked vocal that creates an irresistible vibe.

Classic Reviews

Five Star "Can't wait another minute" (M&M Remix)(RCA Records 12", 1986)

M&M aka John Morales & Sergio Munzibai with an outstanding remix package, probably one of the best they ever did.

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