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Exclusive Preview: Soul Basics "City lite" (Unsigned CD-R)

Soul Basics is a production team from the UK, their music is based around jazz and soulful orientated sounds, with some tech and latin flavors. Out of the available tracks, we've choosen "City lite" for a review, a fantastic jazz house track featuring a great instrumentation and arrangement that comes in two flavors. The 'Calypsoul Mix' is driven by sweet percussion and a smooth groove that make this version the choice for late nite and early morning play, while the 'NY Groove' is based on a stompin' groove and features additional keys, creating a more powerful vibe suitable for any other occasion. At this time, their productions are unsiged, but it is only a matter of time until they get picked up by a label. 

Feet & Leo Cuenca "Something going on" (Feet Records CD Promo)

The french duo of Feet & Leo Cuenca present a beauty with "Something going on" that features a marvellous vocal performance by Sophie Delila. "Something going on" is based on a powerful funked-up groove, having a latinesque jazzy feeling to it, with a touch of disco flavors shining trough. The 'Bossa Mix' beats the expectations its name creates, spreading a fantastic laidback vibe on a true bossa nova tip, featuring additional vocals. The dub uses a tougher groove underneath the latin instrumentation, letting the guitar take the center spot and do the talk.

More Reviews

Patrick Green featuring Will Barns "Shades" (CD-R)
Patrick Green featuring Nimba Burr "Qua tanka" (CD-R)

After blessing us with the soulful production "Butterflies" just a few weeks ago, Patrick Green has more soulful gems ready to drop. "Shades" is a groovy track full of warm harmonies created by melodic keys that are placed over a smoothly stormin' groove, with a male spoken word enriching the track. "Qua tanka" features Nimba Burr who comes from Nimba country, Liberia (West Africa). We've presented you the original house version back in March 2005 on our WMC preview mixshow, now here we have a new broken beat styled interpretation of it that lets the instrumentation and vocals shine in a pleasant new light.

Shaun Escoffery "I heard it through the grapevine" (Terrence Parker Detroit Soul Mixes)(Oyster Music Records 12" Promo)

Detroit's Terrence Parker takes on Shaun Escoffery's cover version of the Marvin Gaye classic, giving it a funky makeover that keeps it soulful all the way, featuring an ace piano line alongside the passionate vocal performance by Shaun Escoffery, all layered nicely over heavily groovin' backing track. The package lets you choose between vocal, instrumental and radio versions.

DSF "Guilty chords" (CD-R)

DSF from Greece has blessed us in the past with some great productions, now he returns with his first production for 2006. "Guilty chords" is on a smooth and deep tip, featuring sweet percussion algonside wonderful keys and chords that give the track a very melodic and harmonic feeling, letting it spread a mellow and laidback vibe that will take you on a journey into soulful dance music.

Dawn Tallman "What U gonna do (with my lovin' ?)" (Deep 203 Records CD Promo)

DJ Juan Coon is behind the latest offering from Dawn Tallman to be released on Deep 203 in early february. "What U gonna do (with my lovin' ?)" is a fierce garage production featuring the soulful and emotional voice of Dawn Tallman over a deeply stormin' groove that is enriched with sweet percussion and harmonic keys that create an uplifting feeling. A great production with a melody that won't get out of your mind.

Overjoyd "Welcome to the real world" / "Follow the vibe" (Remixes)(ZooGroove Stereo Records 12")

"Follow the vibe" was released about ten years ago on Klub Zoo Records, now it returns with new mixes by Bobby & Steve & James Ratcliff who turn out a set of groovy mixes on a soulful tip, flavored with a slice of funkiness and a lovely organ solo. Big Moses takes on "Welcome to the real world", giving it an irresistible feeling by using a deeply stormin' groove that is topped with warm melodic keys.

Joseph Davis "Love affair" (Home Records 12")

New Jersey based producer Joe Flame returns for the new year with the soulful track "Love affair" featuring a sultry vocal performance by Joseph Davis over a deeply stormin' bassline groove that is enhanced with melodic keys. Trackheadz (aka Nick Holder & Kaje) deliver a great remix that comes on a true late night tip, featuring a deeply kicking' groove alongside warm electronic keys.

Angie Stone "I wasn't kidding" (Underground Access Records 12")

Scott Wozniak and Timmy Regisford team up for an uplifting reworking of Angie Stone's "I wasn't kidding" that features a marvellous piano line and wicked cosmic keys over a driving groove that makes use of fierce beats and a funky bassline, creating a feel good vibe every time it will get played.

Alton Miller & Boddhi Satva "Prelude to a Motion" (ATAL Records CD Promo)

Detroit house veteran Alton Miller teams up with newcomer Boddhi Satva who is from Central Africa for the diversified "Prelude to a Motion" release. First up is "Don't stop" featuring vocals from Okako, a groovy track on a laidback tip featuring male vocals and a sweet female background chorus alongside melodic keays and smooth percussion. Next up is the afrro house track "African people" featuring Sai Sai Mouss that comes in three versions to choose from. "The revenge" features a lovely saxophone by Sapuca Marcello over a rumblin' backing track, while "I'm coming" is driven by a kicking beat and features wicked keys. A versatile release not to be missed to check out.

Exclusive Preview: Marcellous Pittmann "Obsession" (FXHE Records CD Promo)

This upcoming release on FXHE Records (that should be out in time for the Winter Music Conference) is courtesy of Marcellous Pittmann (member of Three Chairs), with OMAR-S responsible for the mixing. "Obsession" is deep and moody, spreading a true Detroit house feeling through its soundscape that is exposing the roots. The track builds and builds throughout its entirety, always keeping it real and underground.

Kelis "Bossy" (Redsoul Edit)(CD-R)
Pharrell "Angel" (Redsoul Edit)(CD-R)

Here we've got two brand new and extremly hot edits by Redsoul that should be available soon. Both edits keep the vibe and flavors of the original alive while taking them straight to the dancefloor by adding extra instrumentation and some nice twists and turns.

Colette "Didn't mean to turn you on" (OM Records 12")

The timeless Cherrelle classic (written by the legendary Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) gets covered by Colette, coming in a nice selection of flavors. First up is Kaskade who goes for a bumpin' interpretation with laminar keys. Chuck Love's interpretation features a thumpin' groove and great jazzy saxophone, having a funky edge to it. The flipside features mixes from Justin Martin (vocal and dub) that turn the track into a dirty house groover with electrofied keys and deeply rumblin' beats.

Franck Roger & Olivier Portal featuring Chris Wonder "Me, myself & I" (C&M Edit)(CD-R)

This special edit by C&M is based on the just released Jon Cutler remix that features creamy synth lines, stellar percussion and spacey effects over shuffling beats alongside the smooth and soulful vocal performance by Chris Wonder. C&M take these ingredients and add a stompin' groove underneath that gives this track a much more powerful outfit while keeping it soulful.

Pussycat Dolls "Stik with U" (Groove Junkies Soulectro Mix)(A&M Records CD Promo)

The Groove Junkies are in a great mood at the moment with their latest production "Just groovin'" devastating both dancefloors and charts all over the world, and this remix of "Stik with U" is guaranteed to follow up this suscess thanks to the irresistible vibe it is spreading through the stompin' funktified groove that is enriched with wickey keys and the sweet vocals from the Pussycat Dolls.

Juke Joint "Call of the wild" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Juke Joint (aka DJ Dealer & DJ Sense) present one of their strongest productions to date with "Call of the wild" that features vocals from Charles Dockins, a track that can only be described as being absolutely irresistible with its smooth yet powerful tribal groove, rumbling bass, afro chants and wicked keys. Panevino provide the remixes that feature a toughened groove while having an electro touch created by the new set of keys.

2 DJs AT WORK "Free your mind" (Glamour Records CD Promo)

DJ Frankie Frank and DJ N-Joy deliver a feel-good record with their latest production titled "Free your mind" that is is a full-on stompin' house track driven by a catchy (some might say it is cheesy) piano line and features vocals courtesy of Candy C. The 'Acid Dub Mix' is on a tribalish tip and features - you guessed it - acidic keys. For those who like the piano, there is the 'DJs Pianopella Tool Mix' included.

Classic Reviews

Lidell Townsell "Nu nu" (Clubhouse Records 12", 1991)

A true underground hit in the beginning that got a crossover hit, later picked up by Mercury Records who captialised on it.

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