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Fuzion presents Arnold Jarvis "Justified love" (Fuzion Records CD Promo)

What a way for George Mena and Franke Estevez to open up the new year!! "Justified love" features the incredible voice of Arnold Jarvis and is the follow up to their successful collaboration on "Beautiful love" released on Diaspora Records in 2004. With "Justified love", George Mena & Franke Estevez deliver an oustanding production that features an emotional and soulful vocal performance by Arnold Jarvis over a smoothly stormin' groove that is augmented with orchestral elements and harmonic keys, creating an irresistible vibe that won't get out of your head. Instrumental and a heavily groovin' dub version are also included in this release that should be placed on top of your shopping list.

Moses McClean featuring Rob Burns "Share love" (SoulStar Records CD Promo)

Mitch Moses and Vince McClean return with "Share love" that features singer Rob Burns who turns out an uplifting vocal performance. The original version is based around a fierce and deeply stompin' groove that is enriched with wicked keys. Kicking off the remixes is Brent Laurence who takes it deep on his take, using a bass-heavy groove and laminar keys to create a moody late nite vibe, while Italy's Harley & Muscle go for a subtle interpretation that is full of soulful vibes. Lastly there is the remix by Suges that is a powered up affair perfect for peaktime play with its phat groove.

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Exclusive Review: Julian Jabre "Swimming places" (John DP Broken Beat Edit)(CD-R)

"Swimming places" by french producer Julian Jabre is huge in the clubs at the moment and will be soon be released by Defected Records. Here we have a special edit by John DP who uses the unmistakable keys from the original and underlays them with a percussion loaded broken beat groove that creates an irresistible vibe.

Rasmus Faber featuring Melo "Come with me" (FarPlane Records 12")

For "Come with me", Rasmus Faber teams up with longtime partner Melo who provides the vocal part on this production which also features a wonderful cello played by Anna Landberg. This is a heavy-weight track featuring a great instrumentation that give it a true live feeling. The dub features an additional guitar and is extremely groovy, while Reel People turn it into a broken beat affair. Also included is a lovely cello interlude coming on a laidback tip.

Miss Patty "Get over it" (SOLE Channel Music Records 12")

Reelsoul's (aka William Rodriguez & Stephen Romero) debut for SOLE Channel Music is a warm and melodic late night house production with a superb piano line, wicked keys and the soulful vocals by Miss Patty layered over a deeply stormin groove. Mr. V replaces the main vocals with an ad-libbed spoken word rendition that is underlinded with a simple and groovy backing featuring deeply rumblin' beats and jazzy keys. Beat edits of both versions are included that invite to play around.

Summerheadz vs Stevie Wonder "From the bottom of my heart" (Bootleg 12")

Stevie Wonder sees his "From the bottom of my heart" reworked by Summerheadz into a funky house track that is spreading an uplifting and sunny feeling through the bumpin' groove. The flipside features "Helicopters" from the Tarantualaz (Piers Penfold & Toni Economides) which is basically the backing track from the Stevie Wonder reworking, enriched with spacey keys.

Joseph Davis "Daddy's groove (cats in the cradle)" (Soulshine Records 12")

This is a rework of the 1974 classic by Harry Chapin that is coming your way on a mellow and laidback tip, spreading a feel good vibe through the smooth broken beeat groove that is topped with a slick vocal performance, warm melodic keys and a wonderful spanish guitar.

Dennis Ferrer featuring Kenny Bobien "Grateful" (Fanatix Remix)(Sfere Records 12")

This uplifting production by Dennis Ferrer featuring a gospel-ish vocal performance by the legendary Kenny Bobien gets reworked by Fanatix who turn out an irresistibly bumpin' reworking featuring all the trademarks Fanatix are renowned for: wicked keys, beautiful arrangement, groovy beats. Their dub is a stripped down affair featuring extra keys and comes on an enhanced groovy tip. Also included are bonus beats.

Monique Bingham "Poor people" (Symple Soul Records 12")

"Poor people" is produced by the never sleeping Quentin Harris who takes the unmistakable enchanting voice of Monique Bingham (who wrote the song) to another level. The main vocal is an epic garage track featuring dreamy keys, sublime strings and shuffling beats that is getting more hypnotizing the longer it lasts (the running time is around 11 minutes). The 'Levee Cut Dub' is a chunkier affair, stripping down the vocals and featuring additional loops that enfoce the hypnotic vibe while the 'Saxy Dub' is all about a dubbed out take of the saxophone.

Mr. A.L.I. featuring Carla Prather "That feeling" (NiteLifeCollective Records 12")

Jere McAlister & Vick Lavender are behind this production that features Carla Prather on vocals. The original version is a deep and souful groover that is spreading a mellow feeling through the melodic instrumentation. But what generates the real interest in this release are the Jere McAlister 'Throwback' mixes that bring back the classic jack house vibe from the past that even includes some hip-house elements.

Exclusive Review: Watefall "Look to me" (Unsigned CD-R)

"Look to me" is produced by Franco Martinelli and is available for licensing. The 'Blue Deep Underground Mix' is a groovy affair driven by deeply stormin' beats and a funky bassline that are topped with jazzy keys and female chants that give the track a late nite feeling, while the 'Lets Go Dancing Mix' is the choice for peaktime play with its driving stompin' groove and the wicked keys.

KM "Afrikarina" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Behind the initials KM is Kid Massive who presents a track taking you on a ride into afro house territory in its original form that is on a bumpin' tip. Nathan G. is giving the track a groovier feeling by using thumpin' beats and melodic keys alongside a jazzy flute. Together with the Rhythm Slaves, Kid Massive delivers a soul drenched version that is features an incredible jazzy piano line and sweet percussion. The package is closed down with the 'Main Room Mix', a pumped-up version with a tougher edge.

Layers of Sound featuring Melissa D "Thinking of you" (Double Shock Records CD Promo)

"Thinking of you" by the Layers of Sound features Melissa D on vocals over an irresistible funky house groove. Simon Grey is heating things up on his take, addings all kinds of additional instrumentation and turning out a latinesque workout that comes with wonderful breaks and twists and turns, taking it to the next level. Marque One delivers a driving electronic interpretatoin while newcomer Noiseburst delivers a laidback version.

The Police "Wrapped around your finger" (Mr. Cubanix Edit)(CD-R)

Mr. Cubanix takes on this Police classic from 1983, taking it straight to the dancefloor by adding extra keys and a stompin' four-to-the-floor groove underneath the original music that gives this reworking an irresistible stormin' feeling that keeps the magic of the original synth lines and Sting's vocals alive.

Jamie Lewis presents "My girlfriend is out of town 2" (Purple Music Records CD)

Image Jamie Lewis presents the follow up to the very successful first volume in this mix series that was released in june 2005. Like its predecessor, the mix is a blend of current hits as well as upcoming tracks and exclusives that can be heard here for the first time. Kicking off soulfully with "It's over" by Michael Watford, the mix takes you into the heat of a night at a club as time progresses and things get more energetic with tracks like the Jazz'N'Groove remix of "Be thankful" by Michael Watford or "Swimming places" by Julian Jabre.


Classic Reviews

Joe Smooth featuring Anthony Thomas "Goin' down" (DJ International Records 12", 1987)

Joe Smooth will always be remembered for the timeless "Promised land" (one of the all time greatest house music tracks), but he was responsible for many more club classics like "Goin' down", an absolutely irresistible track featuring an incredible piano line.

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